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  • weeeeeeeeee

    • weeee? better mrrrrrrr

  • what is your oppinion if global changes the states from the 2 buffs spritual defense boost and physical defense bost to times 2 and delete the decreas states. that would be so nice u dont think so? but for fairness it shouldnt be able to use both buffs at the same time

    • i think using the buffs at the same time is not fair because it would make turtle quite op but changing the buffs would be fair

    • yeah sure not at the same time it was like this and its still like that

  • joo astiin

  • i am sure u know much. Is that right that daneos doesnt have the rights to bring new stuff to the game?

    • so this is not true Daneos can implement new stuff to the game because the firm that owned dbo gave it away but im not sure i might be wrong i think nobody knows the state of the game better than Daneos himself everyone just speculates

  • new follower :) i have a question i reported some bugs and the admins saw this. What now?

    • well now we wait for Daneos to make it a priority cuz he has alot of bugs to work for

    • ok thx

  • I wish Gohan was much stronger in super like he was in dbo cell saga :(

  • I wish Gohan was much stronger in super like he was in dbo cell saga :(

    • do u know clash with cam? u look like him

    • who?lemme search him

    • ok so i dont really resemble him but close

    • yeah a bit haha

    • ty for liking my opinion