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    question: how does the item works ? if i have a namek lv 30 can i create another character and transfer my item to that and level up that character? or is it binded to that character?

    Dev server has unlimited 10kk CP as of right now. It's testing.

    -Beka, DBO G Team

    Really I can understand it , maybe will be cause my bad english but I speak about anything and you about other thing. Google traductor ......

    She is saying that they have 10k cp to test it out and see what players will think about the cash shop.

    i do agree on the change since humans have ssj and kaio to use and farm, and they can use it one after another,since other's classes ultimate skill is not so usefull pve kaio would be pretty much appreciated.(no kid buu is not that usefull compared to a spin)

    Im not complaining that there are no more boxes.This is not my personal vendetta.

    This is the truth. TheProdige good for you man. But you are talking to a different period.Back then boxes used to drop from wagu machine and were 50 in one go. Right now that is not happening.You cant see it yet because the boxes havent reached the point where you dont see anymore, but if this situation will keep going. WE wont see any boxes even at 2kk on any shop trust me.I also have 30 boxes from trades(small trades) but then again i got them from when boxes were everywhere,right now i havent got 1 box(beside the boss event).

    And the boss event is completly bs.Let's be honest its like Daneos is throwing a bone from time to time to community.

    You can't get enough boxes to have any impact,but you can get enough so that you wont complain .

    Only Marketing here nothing more. Props to MewRen for seeing trough.

    feels like im talking to walls.


    im out,

    i dont really think you can tank with poko early on,so i think a real tank is a must atleast in the early stages

    i already said my opinion. Other people are just hating at this point.

    They are like'' oh no that guy will get even more boxes ,let's stop him from doing that he will become op''--Without realising, that the respective person will STILL get their boxes .And without realising they STILL have 0 boxes.Bringing more boxes into the game is a must,as players who work hard don't ever touch the boxes just because of their price right now(2kk?) and because if you want to stay relevant to the game you have to farm TMQ/ud/cc not farming 1-2 brown boxes a day and spending alof of coins and money for it btw.

    So if a casher will have 1000 boxes i will have 200 of them which is ok. Because right now cashers have 200 boxes and we have NONE.

    I am self-centered because I main a human fighter and Im trying to view things from the perspective of someone who mains a Majin? You guys are only thinking about yourselves. This thread proves how democracy can stagnate positive progress. GG making a poll where obviously Majin's have no chance of winning.

    what do i have to gain from this

    enlighten me im really curious.

    i tought i told you. i main sk. im good at everything . no debate.

    I will quote Azonic for you:

    No one is being forced, recruit people that actually main Majins, they exist and the update is for them.

    I do see your very self-centered point really, I do, but you are making a storm in a glass of water because you can't let go of old habits (leaving buffers out).

    god i cant.

    You are proving yourself wrong with everything you do and can't even realise.

    Self centered ? i am an SK trying to help fellow humans(dw and plasma) to get their place in a fkin party

    MEANWHILE you are quoting a player who just said.'' update for majins '' god dammit is it that hard to realise ?do you not see who is self centered ???

    This poll have no sense until we have here more human/selfish players and every of them want buff himself with his own buffer and go, also they know if buffer is must have in party, here will be 1 spot less for dps - quick math, let majin players have some fun with thier buffers in this game.

    Only these things should be changed:

    1- If buffer buffed you inside CC you should not insta losing his buffs if he get dc, so it can let players finish at least the floor.

    2- when you spam UD/TMQ the buffs should not dissapear when you enter again until you have buffer in party.

    plz dont be toxic in this post calling people opinions and efforts non sense,

    am really tierd to have to skip posts made by brainless people.

    You might be wrong or right now keep in mind others have opinions too.

    Now if HUMANS are 99% playerbase . Let them choose.Because nevertheless is the player base.

    I'll want you to see if humans leave the game how you will play with your dear majin friends.

    Im Namekian so just saying this.Don't be racist if you dont get it your way.

    If people want to take alts to be afk thats their decision, if you LFG I am pretty sure you could get an actual player to tag along, which is the main purpose of the update.

    Now youre playing the victim, lol. Is that what you think thats going to happen if you require to take a buffer with you on group activities? Its going to flip the tables completely and Majins will leave humans out of dungeons? No, I obviously don't want those statistics either.

    I am very aware that most people that enjoy the franchise would go for saiyans first, I main one myself, but that doesn't mean that I should completely push aside other classes for my own sake, I believe we should aim for equality not simply focus on humans because thats what most people play.


    Exactly what we want.

    How come Uti is MOST WANTED(not wanted just forced) class in the game( alongside dende but let that for another thread),and he is alos good at altmost everything and still STILL you guys cant see that there are discriminated classes that wont have a place in a dungeon based on this change.

    EXAMPLE time;

    Dark Warrior- can't do pvp or pve because there is a buffer in his place playing mario while buffing a few times .

    Fighter- yes good for pvp,but then again ulti is also good for pvp, so why is ulti mandatory for pve(dungeons etc) and fighter is not even close?

    SM- same category.

    Plasma- can deal some serious dmg,but is not really wanted in speed parties,and now not even wanted in crit party. WHY? you have to take MAJIN WITH YOU.

    i could go on but i guess you got a little bit of my point right ?

    Now all i want is equality.

    Im plaing SK( good in everything ) so im not taking any sides.

    Little do you know about balancing.

    Lets say 60% of the server mains humans, 30% namekians and 10% majins, you want to give players reason to go for majin, the update was implemented exactly because of those statistics. That's balancing things out. Some people will like it some won't.

    I can't believe you guys can't see it that way, all because a few extra minutes inside an instance.

    that's forcing people to play something they dont want.

    They are already op as fk and nobody plays them.Why? can you go ssj on majin? NO

    I would personaly switch to majin if it looked like the fit majin and not fat one.i've made a thread about it.

    But these are facts.People rn just create majin's as alt char(now everyone has to do it) and use it in a dungeon as a 5-th player.

    Be honest.Do you really see more majin mains nowdays ?? compared prior to the update? cuz i certainly not.

    Even tho people right now are creating alot of classes i still dont see more majin mains than in POB or even tw.

    Why force someone to play something they dont want ? Because this is basicaly forcing people.

    Guys im a f2p but you people are so delusional.

    You think there is something stopping him from doing everything you said ?>

    Making brown boxes will just let f2p taste a bit of them 2,via buying from them.

    He is still getting more boxes than you will ever dream,is just if they are on sale or more at the cash shop,we will get some 2.

    Stop being so self centred and hating when you are basicaly punching your own face without realising.

    Really? Avoiding to truly answer with arguments?


    clearly you dont have the necessary intelect to actually understeand what just i said.

    using a meme to provoke me when im doing the right thing(keeping the discussion at its base theme),while you are just derivating from the subject.

    Pm me in private and i'll give you the arguments you are asking for.

    Dende is not good, Dende is a MUST in all of those stated above ... Well following that argument, let's all classes get their own healing skills ._. Jesus Buffers can buff, you need heals to do a dungeon? Get a Dende. You need buffs to do a dungeon? Get a buffer. As simply as that. Really good idea to remove buffs that is not yours when entering a dungeon, stop making Buffer an slave class that everyone would have just to stand outside a dungeon. For the record, the damage of buffers is still good (you can't compare the damage of a buffer to a turtle, it's ridiculous) So saying that you get buffed and the buffer does nothing else, easy, just get another buffer to supply that demand, a buffer that besides buff will attack, taunt, even get some random healing there and there, and removing some curse.

    Same applies for Dende, and in most cases for tanks ._. where are you're complainings about them?

    what you just did is called ''Diverting''.

    Its like instead of saying your opinion about buffer, you just changed the course of the discussion and directed it towards other classes.

    In pshycology people use ''Diverting'' when they want to avoid being in the wrong.Meaning you avoid a discussion unfavorable to you by directing it to another topic.

    I won't respond as here we talk about the buffer's problem not dende's not sk's.