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    I don't think it's a scam you agreed on buying or selling him things not his fault that you don't know the prices in most mmorpgs same thing happens all the time. I'm not saying that he could just go around doing it, but come on if I can't buy things for cheap and sell em expensive I won't ever be able to make money in the game. Well that's at least the way I make money in most mmorpgs lol.

    Not a scam? If it's not a scam then I guess hacking is legal now. The guy literally just robbed him. If you watch the video you can see this.

    while im sympathetic to what happened to you i just hope naming and shaming isnt allowed in the forums later on when the game is in its definite version.

    most mmo forums dont allow it and for a good reason,just creates drama and more drama,simplest way to take care of scammers is taking a screenshot and sending it with a report over to the moderators but posting the name in the forums? yeah nothing good can come out of that.

    I get where you're coming from, but as of right now since no punishments are coming out I think this guy just wanted to let everyone know to watch out for this scammer. :D

    That's not what I meant, I ABSOLUTELY dont want them to release new maps now ahahah there's still a lot to do for a stable version, I wanted to know more about those maps that's it :)

    There is nothing to know about them really, although I did hear on a DBO stream that they were supposed to continue the map and level cap with these new parts of the maps. Hopefully in the future when the game is mostly bug free we will see some new content added in.

    I'm not a kid, and I don't know what happened between you guys. I don't even read this entire topic, but damn, stop the whining. You are a f***ing crying baby, what is worst than kids 14-16. Just go play and have fun.

    Basically, we disagreed with his opinion and saw through him. He's just a troll attempting to get a reaction out of people for laughs. It's some sort of weird fetish, I know, we're all kind of disturbed too. Anyways, he made some stupid thread about banning duel clienting, and we called him out on it. It actually was a stupid thread, you should go and read it.

    EDIT: By the way GoldenBlaster, you're already breaking the rule that says: "Respect staff members".

    You also get dogi and mount if i remember well so It's worth in my opinion and not that wrong bringing them back.

    There's a reason they were removed... Founder was so people could play the game early and test even worse bugs than there was in Pre Open Beta. Those perks are for people who paid and tested the game before POB was even out. So no, there is no point to bring them back.

    Troll detected. I think this guy just made a forum account just to troll people. Cya kid, enjoy the block.

    I think the only one missing brain cells here is you... You still don't have a clue what you're talking about. I know, it's hard to accept the fact that people have different opinions than you. But that's just how life works, little man.

    Go back to school :)
    (edit) ow i wonder what reason bandai had? WHY did they gave up explain me please? Since you know stuff plz do so...

    Ow and 15 words : Private Server (beta)

    I'm really sorry but I can't understand what you said. I think you need to use a better translator, Google Translate isn't working well for you.

    No no no no no nooo!!!! How many times do people have to say it!!! Founder pack was only for before Pre Open Beta!!! They are useless now except for the forum tag!!!

    This is racist, relly? the only language you can speak in this fu*** forum is in english? Come on are u kidding me, i understand but the half of people who play the game are from Spain or America.

    The forum rules say what the forum rules say. In the main forums, you can only post in English. That's why there is a whole Spanish Community board. Not racist at all, it's just annoying when everyone is speaking different languages all in one forums.

    its a well known fact that blizzard doesnt do anything unless you run a private server with their latest expansion,you can bet they will be taking action against those p servers running legion,older expansions? beh not so much,they dont even bother.
    and about the incomplete part,well not sure what you talking about,tried a p.server of wotlk and everything was there,just look around at all the p.servers that you have,and im not talking about new ones either,one server that i know of has been going on for 5 years and change so if blizzard hasnt done anything to them in those five years i doubt it will happen now.

    I said this to someone else on another thread, this GoldenBlaster kid just doesn't want to be wrong. He just might be the savior of the DBOG forums. He knows everything and is right about everything. Hahaha. But in all seriousness, I think it's best to leave him alone and think he's right, since that doesn't happen often for him.

    Dude... Bandai doesn't care about this game, I doubt they would file a lawsuit. They gave up on it for a reason, they don't want to lose time over a game they threw in the dust.

    Pre Open Beta was released June 2015? What? Last time I remembered it released this year... In July... Ah wait nvm. I just saw your join date, which was 3 days ago. That explains why you have no idea what you're talking about. If I knew you were a new player I wouldn't have insulted you like that. Sorry to ruin your game experience for you buddy, I know it must be hard to be wrong, so that's why you're in denial. Have a good day, and don't forget to enjoy the game buddy! ;)

    See, do you not know what spam is?Spam is unwanted, spam is often of the same reacquiring thing "send the same message indiscriminately to (a large numbers of Internet users)"

    No, you are not smart, in fact your post made you less intelligent
    My posts had likes, showing people enjoyed it, no matter the number of likes. Each post was on different days

    Please, just stop embarrassing yourself, right now Im going to stop talking to you specifically in any thread, simply because of your attitude.
    I will no longer give you the attention your for some reason craving, I have no idea why you want to prove me wrong, or how I offended you, but enough is enough. Please also do not "quote" me or tag me in your messages. Thank you and good bye.

    You know you've won when the other person has to quit the argument... Bahahahaha yes your stupid memes are unwanted by 80% of the community and nobody besides you and the other meme spammers think it's funny. Just because someone clicked a like button doesn't mean they enjoyed it, maybe they felt bad for you because you got no likes on such an unfunny meme... Bahahahhaa

    You assume, and I don't "meme spam" on posts, I rarely post now.
    You seem to like showing a negative attitude towards everything, you relate to the meme posts and purposely ignore the educated posts just so you can "feel" smarter :L

    But thats k
    You do you, and I do me


    Yeah I guess you don't meme spam on posts... Hahahahahaha.. I don't need to make myself feel smarter, I most definitely am smarter.