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    Idk what you're talking about , most mobs in this game are easy to kill , never seen a low level player struggle on any super.

    Other people with no brains have to speak? They just want their class buffed to be the most op class to oneshot everything. Crane is not made for that. Yet everyone thinks that a class with damage over time should oneshot people. Great idea!

    Totally agree. Cranes should't one shot with 1k slashes, as Sendoku said , crane is good , if you know how to play the class is more than enough to beat an Sk.

    SK ball online

    Nop , use right equips and it won't be "Sk ball online" as you say , probably you are one of the guys who want fighter to one shot with +0 weapons right? I'm not a pro at this game , but one thing i know for sure, skill beats the class.

    Sorry but the server is for everyone to play. That's being a little over dramatic and is not true.

    You are misinterpreting the point EsDeath is trying to make. I'll kindly give you a further explanation as to why the server was changed to North America and how this decision came about:

    • Server Statistics, indicate that most of Dragon Ball Online Global's player base reside America. This indeed was a deciding factor, but not the only one, as to why the server should be hosted in North America.
    • North America, is one one of the most central locations for all players around the world to have the best and optimal ping so that it is fair for all members of the community. Europe was proven to be an insufficient for the rest of the world. Yes, it did benefit European players to play on a server that was located in Europe, but other members of the community it did not.
    • When deciding a location, players from Europe were also considered. Most players from Europe only had a ping increase of 60ms - 80ms at the most (depending on where you live in Europe), which was a small increase that is barley noticeable. This is a minor difference in terms of performance, especially in a MMO game such as Dragon Ball Online.
    • Dragon Ball Online, the official retail servers were originally located in Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong. The community back then accepted this, and were able to still play and compete with the local/native players in both PVE and PVP. There were players from North America, Europe, and even Oceania, who were still able to compete with the native players and lag was not that noticeable or made that much of a great impact.
    • Making two servers (one for North America and one for Europe) is not a viable option. There are times for the day where both servers will have inactive moments (appear dead), and it would just divide/split the community apart. It would also require a lot of effort to run which would also complicate matters.

    In the end, it was decided for the server to be hosted in North America as a region, with the goal in mind to be fair for all players.

    Thank you :) , but my intention was not to be dramatic , just to point out that Esdeath responses were not optimal. She could've given some information instead of making it sound like some people matter and some don't.

    And you want american players to die from lag and not play? Koreans? Chinese? Brazilians? Australians?

    Only Canada and NA will have a good ping while the others will be 90ms or above.

    You saying it like "f*ck Europe players" instead of making a post cooling people off, telling them some information , thats the issue here.

    Yes, again, all characters are nerfed, only Shadow Knight's not.. this classe now is absurdely strong in defence and atack ( bleed too ) Poor humans.. This calculation.... Urgh.. Fail

    What about use the right gear to beat him ? I don't understand how you call this a nerf , when this is how it should be , let everyone with +0 1shot people with +10-12 because thats how is right.