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    Simply no.

    have u forgotten how many people voted for no? More than 400 compared to more than 700 and i guess one reason those 400 mainly disagreed was the time spent on leveling hence the 30 up reward was announced in advance so no thank you.

    I agree with SHEEN . We'll get the wipe and the game gets a new chance. It's been said that there will be Anti-Bot sytsem, i just hope it works out well. Cuz if bots appear again, or worse, if chinese players can duplicate items again, then the wipe was for nothing. I think that would be the time where i would quit tbh cuz it'll 100% end in the mess we have now again.

    The Staff has to be more active, more present this time. I know it sucks for them and they all have characters and wanna play the game too or have a busy enough RL, but they are in the Staff for a reason. If they can't even do what they are meant to do, why being in the Staff then?

    Those chinese players who exploit/bug their way through, use bots or duplicate items will try all of that again. There is actually a good chance that they will try even harder this time cuz they are pissed about the Wipe. Pretty sure they already prepare their sh*t as i'm writing this by having internet meetings xD Those suckers are the main reason why we have to Wipe. They ruined it for everyone and will attempt it again. It sounds racist, i know but it's known that Chinese gamers often use hacks or whatever in games cuz of whatever reason. I'd say they simply suck. Pretty sure they woud play a game like Pokemon on an PC Emulator rather than on a real GameBoy cuz they can use hacks on the Emulator hahahahaha :D

    mate its racist and "its known ......" provide no proof, just stick with "cheaters" , on the other hand why i believe Chinese cheaters stand out so much is because of their name being so distinct in fact how do you even know if they were Chinese , Koreans or Japanese ? they have similar letters and in my opinion a lot of people dont distinguish between them. you may have more English speaking cheaters but you wouldnt know and count because they havent got their name in Chinese, Korean, Japanese looking letters.

    stick with something that can apply to all. peace.

    i guess you didnt clearly understand what i said .

    hello, i think i can relate to what you say and i believe you are being honest .

    how about everyone getting their current level back of the time of announcement of this poll instead of "level 30 up" ? along with buffs ?

    promise is a promise the leader of the project announced no more wipes its wise& just to try to stick to your words especially if you are in control of a project with so many people involved in it, even the people in favor of a wipe even if not all a lot of them wont have to trust any more promises given and with no justice and trust nothing lasts.( if it was really necessary it could've been approached better)

    i can understand why might Daneos think of a wipe along with alot of players but it could've been approached better than this, Daneos himself should have been the one making this thread along with big apology and list the reasons why he thinks that this wipe is necessary even though he promised not to do so anymore also listen to the reasonable reasons that the people against the wipe would like to get to be content , "the least is keeping character levels & buffs" i mean i can understand why deleting all items helps but how the hell resetting those helps in anyway?

    the community doesnt need to be divided offer solutions for those who doesnt want a wipe for real and logical reasons and instead of breaking the faith in you of half of your community you can instead unite them by taking simple actions whilst performing the wipe.

    that if Daneos really needed to do a wipe but if he is doing this only because he is listening to a handful number of his community who wants a wipe hence the poll to vote , still he should take in the consideration of his promise and still listen to the reasonable reasons of both sides and perform a wipe that makes both sides content

    i have voted for yes but i dont want that to be selfish( to have equal grounds with everyone once again) and on account of all the hours spent by those who disagree, people like hsperer have some very real logical reasons so i believe with a complete wipe (except keeping character level and buffs) will make both sides mostly content.

    just one thing wipe everything without deleting character levels i believe this woulnt hurt nor bore people to the point of giving this game up.

    this kind of wipe is acceptable too

    i just updated this thread and like i said before game need item wipe when new client come for fresh start, leave just empty characters with lvl.

    Also today i was in game and again game is full of +15.

    i second this suggestion there should only be a wipe for the items gained+zeni but keeping the character level as it is.

    For as long as I can remember a lot of people said Ultimate wasn't meant for PVP but now a lot has changed hasn't it? Just because you think that the class is weak because you can't do some things others can doesn't mean that class is weak.

    Why are u still here!? Get the hell out of this thread already explained what why how not and why should so just shut up please already

    Appreciated. The Thread you linked was when hardly anything worked, So that video was the real basic end of Crane. Since then so many things have changed and as you mentioned Thousand Slashes was one of them. When this skill was nerfed it was mostly due to there being no counter to it aka Burn Defense. I do think the dmg should be changed now it is fixed because vs Classes like Karma you can not afford to spend time stacking multiple DOTs As you do not have time to do so. I do believe Crane vs Karma is a very hard fight and some could say impossible vs a good Karma like Flundaa for example. However i do believe there is a way Crane could beat Karma it just needs to be found. The real problem is Shout skill the animation is to long and can hop through basically any attack. Me and other members of staff will practice this match up so we can see what needs to be changed to make it 'Balanced'.

    How does moving poison to somewhere else or on double gut buster hurt in anyway, its not even close to instant stuns??! Also logically dot master doesnt have all kind of dots i think im repeating this since last year .

    Also 1k slashes should have been fixed a long time ago and ive heard its going to be fixed for the reason u mentioned but where are we now i guess its long forgotten.

    That plus agile armour modification could give a chance against karmas . And these chsnges are neccessity one of the many reasons is to give them a chance in budokai prelims and not having dojo seed the only way to get a pass a qualification!

    will i sound rude if i said u dont belong to this thread?

    Stop with ur sugar coated "good crane" giving newbies false hope to try this class.

    I think we have already answered and reasoned with what u try to argue with.

    from what u state and pros almost look like the cons i didnt get how u surmised that this class was fine.

    Again, a terrible suggestion, giving a class that has "Sleep" an instant form of CC will overpower it to the point of being ridiculous. No one would stand a chance.

    Please dont poke your nose out of no where , there has been 2 threads over this recently both over 6 pages so of you want to know WHY and HOW it doesnt make this class op go read them and please unless you have played this class dont even bother discussing it with us thank you.