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  • Hello, I really love this game, but my game account was blocked due to a mistake. I really understand my mistake. I hope to get a chance to mend my ways, just once. I hope it can help me lift the blockade. Thank you. Closed account number llllh2008

  • Hello my character bugged in game please see my ticket i am need help !! Thanks ID:RealizeLoveTsuM

  • yo dude fix your dang game several months no dang updates, i have a $2000 gaming pc and i lag i call bull. fix your crap. i have spoken to people research this game and seen where you are a very very lazy developer who doesn't do crap to properly take care of his game. 6 months or more no updates regularly and no bi weekly hot patches and no monthly hot patches i play and have played games that have and do have multiple hot patches regularly to fix and take care of problems. solve your crap or im gone your a lazy game developer with no real dedication to the people who plan your game and actually pay your bills and support you with our money.

  • Yo dude, Freddy here. What the hell happened to the server?

  • Syren, please, if you could give me access to the test server, it would be amazing, my name is BlackWinrow, please.

  • can you help me?, when i chose a channel and i enter to it, the game turns in blackscreen, is a server problem, or something i can do?

  • Syren please if you could give me access to the test server it would be amazing since I want to upload some videos to my channel my name is fireaxe please

    • It is not up to me, All accounts which have been active are randomly chosen for selection. We are closing up on the 300 Capacity mark as well so not many more people will be added.

  • okay so I just installed dbog today (because I thought it would not be dead since I saw lots of videos about it) and is there a way I could join your server I mainly just wanna beat all bosses and I love dragonball but If I need to request access to it can you notify me about how to do so also I would like to know if the server is for the public or not ?

    • To request access for New Client Test Phase you must apply here: Development Access Request Leave ur In game character name. However we are closing in on the capacity so if you make the next list remains to be seen.

  • go to my Ticket System

  • un no hay fecha ? y es cierto que abra reinicio?

  • Syren qu puedes decir me actualmente sobre el dbo ????? que planes hay

    • En este momento, el enfoque principal es hacer que el Nuevo Cliente esté en funcionamiento y sea lanzado a la comunidad. Aparte de eso, todo lo demás está en espera

  • please unblock my account

  • ticket ID:1903858

  • look my ticket pls

  • hello, need help with a ticket, id:1903836

  • hi,

    just a question about the rules, today i went to my usual spot to farm and hunt dragonballs, there was an other user on the spot, he told me to leave, that he will report me for breaking the rules, and that i would be banned.

    did i do anything wrong? is this the way your comunity works? claiming spots and threatening users? i had no problem him being where i am. is it considdered stealing a spot, if that exists ?



    • Nobody can own a spot to farm. Its a MMO every single player is free to go where they likes and no report will be taken seriously if someone does report. In future just ignore kids like that as they have no say/power over who gets banned. You did nothing wrong.

    • ok thx :)

  • Hello ,I need help my account.I already Submission a Ticket Support ,hope help me Ticket ID:1803605

  • not even toxic ;P

  • Congrats bud

  • Congrats

  • Code
    1. what needs to be done to achieve 61lvl ?
    • Hello,

      Currently Level 60 is the Level cap, Therefore you can not go passed level 60 until the cap is raised.

    • thx

  • I have my adult quest bugged.

    • Check your ticket please.

  • Why is my account xiaoyaogg0 banned by GM? I did not use the third party plug-in. There is no offline transaction. GM, please give me an answer. I only opened the game accelerator dolphins in China. Without using transmission, I hate plug-ins.Please help me lift the ban.

    • Wait for your Ticket to be responded to by GM

    • Please help me check, I have not used any plug-ins and offline transactions I only have 32 levels, how can use plug-ins, thank you

  • My lvl 60 Fighter acc named cernunnos has been blocked for no reason, i want to now why and if anyone can unblock it ?

    • You have been answered already in your ticket by Hardlock.

    • yes it is, all problens are solved, thx for all staff members !

  • can you help me out when i try to install dbog i am unable to open the installer what do i do

  • The account has been blocked.

    Reason: using third party software

    Protest: there is no violation record.

    I hope to investigate immediately. I think this is a wrong report.

  • Look at my ticket, please.