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    Hi everyone, this is a new guild coming to DBOR. We hope to get mature and respectful members that are active.

    We have experienced players from DBO that are more than willing to help you out.

    Our Jr Masters are (Usama) and Obey.

    Message me if you want to apply, I have to rework the whole site.


    1.You can either join ingame or you can send a membership on the forums with your name and class you will play as in DBOG. If you do not put your class you will be ignored. Either the jrs above or me(Takaroku will accept the offer)

    2.After the game is launched you have to wait until you hit the level cap to join.

    3.Must be willing to do PVP and PVE.

    What we have to offer

    1.We will participate in PVP( Tournaments, Dojo Wars & Scramble, CC Rank ) and PVE (TMQ's, Ultimate Dungeons, Red Pants Dungeons, and CC Dungeons).

    2.We hope to have much fun and be the best guild.

    3.We will also have giveaways, guild photos, and guild tournaments just to pass the time.

    4.We also have Discord, so if you want to chat on their with us, you're more than welcome. You have to be in the guild to join it of course.

    5.We also have a Youtube page -->

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    Actually Kakarot has proven in his streams that Chef has more damage but lacks everything else. Less reliable basically.

    All the rewards are from the actual client, not the test client. Think this should be pretty obvious. Idk if lvl 70 will be released during the test client though, kinda spoils you.

    Stop bsing, it was dead way before the thread of a wipe came up.

    I don’t know about you, but I found leveling so fun by myself. Don’t get me wrong or call me selfish, but in my past experience (TW/POB) I used to level by myself. When I played this game in 2017, just leveling by myself + the soundtrack just reminded me of the good old times back in retail and I don’t know, it’s quite fascinating. However, I can quest with friends if I want to.. which is also fascinating.

    I was the same way with leveling by myself, just took my time and went with the flow back in the day. Wasn’t rushing like how I was this time. Kinda took away from the enjoyment but trynna be competitive ya know

    these sound like a bunch of nobodies who are mad that they are losing there +14 and =15 gear and thought that 70 cap was going to be a cake walk cause they can't put in real time and quest the game and enjoy it. They rather power lvl and spam for gear to make budaki and any pvp part of this game not fun. so a wipe is necessary so that all these hackers and players that exploited to have a head start in the new 70 can't ruin the new cap.

    Now do you see why I didn’t play as much :^


    If you do not talk about what you think about why it should have been erased, a nice answer will arrive, so try harder, and without being sarcastic, 52% vs 48% and 5 days left, it's totally even, it's an approximate half, in Regarding the information, those who vote wipe, most are people who use the forum and cash payment in the game, not so the users who have never paid and who are not using the forum often

    Sorry to butt in but the "no wipe" side has people that made multiple accounts to vote. We are up by almost half with legit votes.