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    Hi everyone, this is a new guild coming to DBOR. We hope to get mature and respectful members that are active.

    We have experienced players from DBO that are more than willing to help you out.

    Our Jr Masters are (Usama) and Obey.

    Message me if you want to apply, I have to rework the whole site.


    1.You can either join ingame or you can send a membership on the forums with your name and class you will play as in DBOG. If you do not put your class you will be ignored. Either the jrs above or me(Takaroku will accept the offer)

    2.After the game is launched you have to wait until you hit the level cap to join.

    3.Must be willing to do PVP and PVE.

    What we have to offer

    1.We will participate in PVP( Tournaments, Dojo Wars & Scramble, CC Rank ) and PVE (TMQ's, Ultimate Dungeons, Red Pants Dungeons, and CC Dungeons).

    2.We hope to have much fun and be the best guild.

    3.We will also have giveaways, guild photos, and guild tournaments just to pass the time.

    4.We also have Discord, so if you want to chat on their with us, you're more than welcome. You have to be in the guild to join it of course.

    5.We also have a Youtube page -->

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    Actually Kakarot has proven in his streams that Chef has more damage but lacks everything else. Less reliable basically.


    If you do not talk about what you think about why it should have been erased, a nice answer will arrive, so try harder, and without being sarcastic, 52% vs 48% and 5 days left, it's totally even, it's an approximate half, in Regarding the information, those who vote wipe, most are people who use the forum and cash payment in the game, not so the users who have never paid and who are not using the forum often

    Sorry to butt in but the "no wipe" side has people that made multiple accounts to vote. We are up by almost half with legit votes.

    So this game require that all us lvl our pjs a lot of times? xd when other guys will use a bug or some third sofware, will be neccesary other and other wipe xd is logic

    Look at Supreme's comment, and sorry I can barely understand you. Daneos has said that he will remove multi client, and there will be some sort of hack prevention set in place hopefully.

    First : the votes (not wiping data and wiping just items) are more than the votes with the wipe

    Second : Dont be selfish here , if you are ready to start all over again , there is people that dont have time for that you know ? , i have a job , friends and plenty other things , i dont have time to start all over again , think about all hours spend on the game , LEARN TO VALUE YOUR TIME

    Thank you !

    This is an mmo. All of them require your time, game is already one of the easiest mmos in existance. The only thing that makes it somewhat, if at all challenging, is upgrading and brown boxes but those are both rng.

    It's funny that most people that don't want a wipe are the people that multi cliented, bugged, or have done little to nothing in the game. The damage has already been done, the only way to not have a wipe is to ban and prevent the abusers from ever doing this again. Need some type of hack prevention set in place in order for that to happen. I doubt Daneos has that figured out yet so it seems hopeless atm.

    We need the broken option back, even with buggers they won't have such an easy time upgrading to +15 without any effort. Don't know if you could duplicate items back in retail but you can sure as hell say there weren't even no where near as many high upgraded compared to this. You may want to deny it all you want but we need a broken option.

    I honestly just want a fresh, clean restart. If I get CP back, great. If not, that's fine. I just want the game to get as clean as possible before we hit lvl 70 client.

    I have this mentality honestly, some people might want their cp back but there's not going to be any point of having it back since you can't profit off it. Just get what you need and leave. Also screw the wagu machine.

    - marriage system between all classes, genders and races and creating events such as married Budokai only etc. (just because I'd love to see hilarious pairings such as Dende with a Majin etc.)

    Yeah man don’t get too offended by the responses. It’s just that we want the game back and this sounds silly to most of us because the game in its current state would never have this. Even if it did it would take like 3-5 years with all the things we need fixed and implemented in dbog.

    Hes actually saying that:

    - Even with the possibility of new security, the cashers, no lives, and the “good” will have godly gear again and the ones you consider bad players will stay bad. So basically whatever Daneos does, it will happen again and that everytime it does happen, you (wipe supporters i presume he’s talking about) will ask for Wipe until it goes your way. A wipe just slows them down (according to him).

    Ok I've come to the conclusion that you have your head up your ass and any further comments from you should be ignored.

    This would be a nice thing to do, if they duplicate gear or bug it, instant ban.

    Should have a system set in place to check these type of things, if it's even possible.

    The one that is being selfish here is you. Think as a normal player for one second. Would you come back after 5+ wipes?

    Personally, i dont want a wipe, but i feel that coming for some reason, a lot of people in the community is talking about it, so i made an idea to do it in a better way.

    Talking about the gear, atleast there has to be a wipe for the lv 60+ items, because they are not supposed to be in the game atm. And the current one is going to be outdated in the coming lv 70 meta.

    Hell yeah lel, game was fun back in the day. Always will be fun. You just have to not be dumb enough too play a broken game or just literally have nothing else better to do so you play it lol. If you don't like the game, don't play it. Don't invest in a game going downhill unless you see promise in it or just rich I guess. The thing is, this is a revive of a dead mmo, give it some time.