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  • Fak-ing german bastardo, join sometime discord!

    PS: I had to edit this way, it won't let me use "true" words.,,

  • You have access lmao.

    Development Access Request

    You are there, click this shit.



  • I just wanted to inform you that our contract might be terminated soon, since we can not pay you with MEAT anymore. You ate everything we have in our guild bank soo I hope you will find next "VICTIM".

    PS: Get on discord sometime, you peace of shit! You can access it via browser too.

  • Die Kyros! DIE!
    Send me euros soo I can be rich!

    PS: I will send you tons of meat soo you can die with smile on your face!

  • hqdefault.jpg

    I collected 7 straw hats, summoned THE KAIDO and wished THE Kyros back...

    • You read One Piece Manga too? and watch One Piece?

      Damn, this looks good. Just read the last 15 chapters. Can't believe this.

      I always wait for 10 chapters and then read them all at once. Now i have to wait 10 more weeks xD

    • Nah I don't read, youtube spoil it for me.... CURSE YOU YOUTUBE!!!!

  • Something is wrong here...

  • Be my new mentor!!!!! I''LL DO ANYTHING......ANYTHING!!!!!!

  • I earned a like from the one and only Sum! Be my senpai and teach me your ways of awesomeness!!! *^*

    Jokes aside, imma big fan xD. Hope i can meet you in game someday.

  • Where is this Fearland you spoke of? lol

    • Can be entered trough talking to an NPC near the docks in the red map, also knows as Mushroom Rock South. It was a level 53~58 are if i recall it correctly. It has been ages since i last visited that place as well.

  • lol love the comment.. Im new to DBOG, Just wondering if you could hook me up with someone who is on in PW for an invite.. tried to send a few /w but didn't seem like Ice or Kaze were online (ingame is Fumafu if you need it)

    • If you are ingame try to reach Iceman (capital i) or lceman ( small L). He's the Guild Leader.

      If you can't reach him, which can happen cuz he is lazy xD, try reaching ingame Rybo or his other char Rethestius. Also try contacting AjxD . Or just write into the Guild Thread. You'll get contacted. AAaaand you need to go on Guild Discord too and make an introduction there.

      You'll find all info there...

    • thank you so much :)

  • HEY! You there! Caught yo ass stalking me!

    There is nothing here. You read this cuz you were curious on why i am so awesome :D