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    Makes no sense to discuss this at this point. Especially with you.

    People who play this game, know this Forum exists. It's literally the official Forum for the Game. If ppl didn't make an account on here, it's their own fault. You wanna keep up with News about the Game? Check Forums, or Discord. But Votes and sh*t are made on the Forum! Not our fault if ppl failed to do this little step ahead of time. That is no excuse!!! Their own fault!!!

    This damn thing has been discussed in the Poll Thread about wipe. Go read al the pages. You didn't read them yet so your attempt to discuss/argue on that matter is pure bullsh*t. Just go f*cking read the official Poll Thread. Everything you write, is there. And ppl who wanted Wipe explained a lot of times on why it's needed. Wipe is happening. Deal with it. It's set. It's a lot of Pages, but still, go read everything. The entire Thread! Maybe then you will understand a little.

    @Mods: Please just lock this Thread. It's useless cuz the Thread creator lacks information! Keeps on repeating what has been said multiple times in the other Threads about the Wipe, especially the official Poll Thread.

    I correct, a part of the community, I am also part of it and I do not think the same, I think I have the same right to be heard.

    And that's why a wipe is wrong? xD Cuz you are not for a Wipe?. Alright then, call the wipe off. He is not for a wipe. Let's keep the trash game going with all the crap. Bruuuuhhh,

    Grow up. That's how fair votings work. One half wins and the other ones loses. Just because ppl against wipe lost doesn't mean the other side, that wanted a wipe, is wrong. It was a fair vote. And Wipe won. Deal with it.

    Have you even checked the poll Thread. And the other Threads about the WIpe? So many pages with discussions. And here you are, writing what everyone against wipe wrote. You literally wasted your time writing "your thoughts" that are the same as many others who don't like the wipe. We saw all the reasonings from ppl that don't want a wipe. Poor reasonings...all of them.

    The game was already in a bad state. The New Client and all the changes the game will get on it, is the perfect chance for a wipe. That's why we voted. And most votes were for "Yes, Wipe".

    End of the Story. No room to discuss this. It's clearly what the majority of the Community wants. Can't say it's a mistake on this one. (Wrote "on this one" cuz the majority is not always right when it comes to this damn toxic community, but in case of the Wipe, it was 100% the right decision).

    Ofc you can go on and keep discussing. After all you are free to state your opinion. It's just a waste of time cuz literally no one here really cares about this. It's through. It will happen. Nothing more to discuss....

    People must understand this project wouldnt exist if daneos didnt start it.. Be gratefull more cry less..He even made everything free in the game unlike taiwan version which it was way more pay to win than dbog.. This community Will only be happy if daneos give them full gear +15..

    I bet my Life that even after you give them that stuff, they will still find things to complain about xD

    Most of the ppl in this Community can't play games right. They need it to be super easy in order to put in some effort. And that effort is nothing cuz the game is too damn easy xD. If ppl would've played KR lvl 55 cap, damn...can't even imagine how this Forum would look like lmao. A little example: Imagine you have no flight. And you are a F2P player so a scooter with that speed orb is also out of question. Now imagine questing like that at lvl 46-55. Forced to run through yellow/red map...and Fearland...imagine it!!!

    What i'm saying is: DBO was an easy game. DBOG is even easier compared to the original game and yet ppl find it too difficult here and there hahahahahaha ....

    I don't really mind the wipe that much but what about skill that we used the dragon balls to wish for? when I hit lvl 40 again will I be able to equip my super saiyan skill and HTB 2 skill right away or do I have to waste time getting the dragon balls all over again? kind of annoying if we lose skills we already earned from grinding for dragon balls.

    All gone. It's not a big deal since DB Hunt is everyday covering all the time zones. It's no real struggle to farm them. Even if you happen to play a class that can't AoE well, you can still get them. Absolutely no need to keep the wish skills.

    Rules and restrictions will be severely enforced after wipe as that has been a contributor to why we are in such state right now. Players who should of been banned and removed from the game have been given second chances and this will no longer be a option after wipe, As everyone by now should know after 3/4 years? right and wrong...

    F*ck yea! That's what this Project here needs!

    Ofc ppl will still try to do crap as we post here. They already build plans on how to do it etc. but if the DBOG Staff really makes sure that they will 100% be more aggressive about keeping an eye on this Community, those ppl shouldn't have a good chance.

    Since it's been said that there will be no more wipes no matter what happens, the Staff has to pull off what you wrote Syren

    Wipe sucks, yes, but if the game ends up the same again, after a certain amount of time, to the point where no Update can fix this crap, this game is doomed. So kill it with fire before it spreads is the right thing to do. No excuses or apologies via Ticket.

    You do crap = you're out. Done.

    This. When I voted for the wipe, I knew what the trade off was going to be. Yeah I spent loads of hours farming to craft and upgrade to get my gear into a decent shape, but if I'm to lose that so that we'd stop having so many freaken +15 users, buggers, and such so be it.

    Well my dude. Looks like Upgrade System will get changed and Daneos wrote in another Thread that broke option is completely gone. Not sure how Daneos' new Upgrade System will look like but after reading that, i have a bad feeling. And when i mentioned this, another dude replied that it's nor problem having high upgraded stuff as standards xD FML. People dunno how games work.

    Daneos should tell us right now what this Upgrade System will be like lmao...So watch out about "so many +15"...

    Ofc Hardlock told me a while back in another Thread that the goal is to make it not easy. But plans change xD

    I know the vote was made, but next time when someone decides to do something, think about the consequences at least. We could have been close to having 70 out already by now. Now, we don't even know what is happening.

    We did think about the consequences. The state of the game when the poll was made was already bad. People used exploits and bugs and sh*t in order to have a nice easy as easy f*cking game lma. Like how big of a noob do you have to be xD

    Then we had a big Bot problem with which ppl also f*cked the game. Game got too easy in general. Like players having 1k+ boxes...that's hella wrong if you ask me. You literally just box your way through the game.

    The damage done to the game can't be fixed with updates at this point. A wipe was the only logical way. Ofc you could say that the timing was bad. But screw it. It's better letting ppl know now instead of having them put more time and effort just to lose it all lol.

    They know what's coming. So it's good.

    Maybe go read the Threads that were made regarding wipe? I'd understand if you wouldn't want to. It's a lot xD

    You don't understant that are people that spent over 200 hours in this game. And all that time is now a meaningless thing, that's why a lot of people are upset about

    And you don't understand that even if you have over 200 hours, if the game sucks everything is worth sh*t. Everything you've done and everything you own means nothing if the Game is trash. Game got f*cked thanks to ppl who can't play an easy game like DBO without exploits. And they f*cked it so hard, no Update would be able to fix it.

    Since new Client will be out, with the game having a lot of changes, a wipe is the best option to start new. No need to discuss this. It's been discussed a lot. The official Poll also speaks Volumes. It's done. Deal with it.

    Broken option dont exist anymore, thatswhy it only shows fail.

    I've fixed the error message when broken appears.

    Reading this, i really wonder what the Upgrade System will be like. Break Option was already removed on here cuz without white stone, hitting break only meant going back to +0. Now even that is gone? Dang. Really hope you know what you're doing with that one. If stone drop stays the same, high upgraded items will be standard. They will mean nothing. To me that would be a fun Server instead of a regular Private Server of original DBO.

    That's why i asked in another Thread for more Information regarding this new Upgrade System. I don't have a good feel about it...and after reading this, oh boi...xD

    The best answer to this question is to not give an answer. People go cray cray if something unexpected happens that results in more trouble to fix. And to do that will require more time....

    It's good to take the time. We don'T wanna see them rush and have the same damn problems at the end again. They should take as much time as they need.

    no more wipes will happend

    daneos said he didnt want the wipe personally

    he only do it because of the community and he will not do another wipe even if the community want it

    whis is dumb to say atm since he doesn't know what might happen in the future. Personally i don't wanna see a wipe in the Future again. Just hope the game won't get f*cked hard...cuz if it happens again, i'm pretty sure DBOG will die. No more wipe whatever happens you know? xD

    In my opinion, this is not important lol. As Quvades wrote, pet skills have NPC teleport which is useful too. Actually, it's better. Dende and Fighter have to check if someone is in a village and then teleport. With using NPC teleport pet skill, you can get to any village you want. Easy. And we also have the Party/Guild teleport/summon skill....

    And turning them into a passive skill is also not needed. If you are a Dende or Fighter and want IT, use SP. You don't need to do so tho cuz Pet skills. Party Members or the entire guild can be summoned. Just don't skill IT then. No need to change something that works perfectly fine the way it is. It's working so don't change it...And if you come up with "DB feeling", screw that. It's not a valid reason lol.

    Wait so you're telling me if I buy the lvl 30 boost for 2 characters they won't get removed?

    I thought ALL characters were getting wiped?

    All characters will be set back to lvl 1 and ppl keep their character names.Ofc all items etc., everything you own, will be deleted. People who donated for Cash Points get them back again. If you have a Character at lvl 30+ now, those characters will get a lvl up 30 item after the wipe. Every Character, not just one account.

    So if you have like 4 characters and all of them are lvl 30 or more, all those characters will have that lvl up 30 item after the wipe.

    und in dbo war es schon immer so das man 2ten account zum buffen gemacht hat auch zu offi server zeiten xD

    Tja, und das war pure scheiße, finde ich jedenfalls so. In einem MMORPG Spiel sollte man mit anderen spielen. Wenn die Balance zwischen den Klassen hier wenigstens halbwegs ok wären, würden andere auch Support Klassen wie Heiler und Buffer als Main char benutzen. Ich weiß noch wie einfach es damals war, auf KR Server eine Party zu finden. Und jede Party war verschieden. Man hat mit jeder Klasse gezockt. Da durch Updates einige Klassen geschrottet wurden, haben einige mit diesem Multiclient schrott angefangen.

    Ich finds gut das es nun weg ist für den neuen Clienten. Klar, einige werden versuchen Sandbox zu nutzen, aber die kann man leicht ausfindig machen wenn Daneos es wirklich zu 100% ernst meint, diesen Leuten einfach einen Bann geben und fertig. Wenn man das Spiel nicht ohne Multiclient spielen kann, sollte man vllt. ein anderes Spiel zocken. Außerdem macht euch halt zwei Characters. Eins für PvP und eins für PvE anstatt mit einem Character alles zu machen. Fighter z.B sind scheisse in PvE. Leute nutzen Multiclient um sich selbst als Buffer zu buffen damit sie PvE farmen kö 'ner PvP Klasse. Einfach PvE Klasse machen und gut ist.

    With PVM I agree. AA damage is too broken making the skill usage (dmg) useless.

    Hell yea. Atk speed needs a cap or something so it's not so OP anymore. Dunno if you read on what i suggested on that matter but here it is:

    Cap atk speed low so it's not really worth it to go on atk speed. Can still be used but not as OP as using skills.

    Turn Poko and Karma speed buff into self buff only. Together with Fighters, those 3 are the only one to get more speed.

    Increase general DMG of Poko (skills) a little cuz they suck. Their summon pets need a little rework too to be more useful.

    Rework Boss/Ultra/Hero Mobs in all Dungeons and sh*t. Like lower LP a little, lower defense a little etc. so they can be taken down by using skills.

    This would make sure that every class can get invited to any Party for any Dungeon. Ofc you'll need to rework some classes so they can deal a little more DMG with their skills. Best example would be Plasma. Really weak compared to other classes. But gotta be careful with the boosts. Could affect PvP too...and i'm sure no one would want to see a Plasma nuke everyone in Budo (since ppl only care about the class they play...)

    private servers should be easier

    Why? You can keep the same difficulty and do little changes here and there. Also DBO was an Easy game from the start. DBOG already got way too easy compared to the original Game.

    would have minimum value for a sale and a rate of the total value to be consumed by the game

    this really already exists with the option of giving gifts, but it needed to be someone reliable to buy or sell

    Yea i'm still against this. You want CP? Donate. Helps the Server. You can't donate? Farm ingame, get rich and buy stuff from players who donated to get CP. That's how it works. In my opinion, this worked really good so far.

    gear final = ccbd

    these are just accessories

    The Changes i wrote to prevent ppl from going on ATK speed only can easily be made. Literally just some rework. If ppl would truly want this game to be good, it would've been done a long time ago...Juts shows that a majority of ppl in this community don't give a single f*ck about class balance as long as they have it good and easy for their own crap.

    Final Gear is CCBD, yes. But not everyone is going for that. For the most ppl the lvl 70 crafted stuff is enough. Together with end game accessory you are powerful enough. So i wouldn't say "these are just accessories". It's end game stuff after all. And for that, a player should have to work for it.

    DBOG itself is already so easy, it's ridiculous. Should be made harder here and there so the game lives a little longer. After a certain amount of time, ppl have everything they need and stay around at Korin Plat. And then they say the game is boring. Well duuuh, if you get everything you want easy and fast, it's a lame game lol.

    I will give my opinion on all of this real quick and short. Thrilled to see what others will write xD

    Nope. lmao. It's a wipe. A wipe on an easy game. Play the easy game. Easy.

    Budokai and better prize...meh. Wouldn't hurt i guess...depending on what prize exactly. People would just get more aggressive about Budo so i see no real harm unless ppl want too much as a "better prize". We can deal with ppl getting more toxic i guess...

    Auction System with CP to Zeni and backwards...i'll go with no. People who want CP should simply donate. Also what would the ratio from Zeni to CP be like? Cuz some F2P ppl can pull off getting rich. Nvm tho since i don't want this anyways.

    being able to sell Endgame Drops: F*ck no. It's endgame sh*t. Go do the Dungeon and earn that stuff. If we could have an Update that would give atk speed a low cap to the point it's not worth it anymore, do some class balances,rework the LP/DEF/DMG of Boss/Ultra Mobs, all classes could go into Dungeons.

    Launcher fix thing: Yea, why not. Would actually be helpful at little problems.

    If you played actively so far, you got chances. That's for sure. I also wrote down my Character name but didn't read the part of playing actively xD

    I haven't played actively since November lmao. Since then i went ingame about 5x and only for like 10 mins. So i don't see a chance of getting to test with others and find the bugs. But it's ok. I don't have too much time atm to test anyways. It's a big amount of work, as you can see from the Bug Threads. Even some regular things don't work right. You don't just get access and go play over there. If you get access, you gotta put a lot of time into it to find every bug/problem that exists atm.

    Just wait and play DBOG i guess. Help out new ppl maybe? Cuz that's what i did the last time i logged in. Helped 3 parties with just UD1 run tho cuz they were new to the game and couldn't find anyone who was willing to help them. I feel sorry for those ppl. Can't go into Dungeons to quest cuz no one is willing to help xD

    By "new Marine dude" i literally meant that. A dude who is new so he can be used as a spy. Was not aimed for your Forum activity. Who the f*ck judges ppl on their posts and likes on here anyways lmao xD Would have to be the dumbest being around here...

    Once again, sorry but i had to post that. Also it'll get attention to your Thread. Hope you'll find some ppl^^