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    Everything gets deleted.

    Every item you have will be gone.

    All your token points will be gone. And i think there won't be Token Shop anymore. Not sure if i got that info right tho.

    All the skills you got from Dragonball wishes will be gone (which is no big deal).

    Cashers get their points back after wipe.

    You keep your character the way it looks now (hair/face etc.) and the Charater name. It gets reverted back to lvl 1.

    We get to keep passive skilles like dash/guard i think. And flight. But only if your character is lvl 30+ now on the current live server (not test server!!!)

    If i'm wrong with something, anyone who knows da right wae, correct me,

    So when is this wip gonna start on what day?

    and if you have many characters with that are above level 30 they each of them get a lvl 30 plus item or only 1 for per account?

    No one knows when the Wipe will happen. It'll happen when Client Test Server is over and bug/mistake free. Check the Threads and you'll see the progress. Or better, download it and go test too (if you aren't testing already).

    Every Character that is 30+ will get the lvl up item. It's per Character, not account. If i'm not mistaken, we might get other stuff too. Been told in another Thread that they plan on making a special gift box that will contain that lvl up item + other little things. Not clear on what else it might contain. It's in planning as far as i know. So not sure if it will actually happen.

    hmm ok but will there be more wipes in future ?

    well, they said that this will be the last wipe. No more Wipes after this one" That's the statement. Going with that, no, there won't be another Wipe,

    Problem is: they can't see the Future xD. After POB they also said no more Wipe. Then the Game got raped and we'll need to wipe it for the new client. What if ppl have success again pulling off their crap and turn the game bad again? With the statement they made it just means no matter what bad things happen that damage the game itself, we won't wipe. That's just killing the game.

    But i also understand why they made that statement. Wiping is annoying and also means defeat. It's been said that the Staff will be more aggressive in new Client to make sure certain players don't ruin the game for others just because the easiest game ever is still too hard to those trash ppl. Hope they actually pull that one off 100%.

    some idiots votet for a wipe, if the new client version comes and now we are fvckt

    "some idiots" have more common sense than you and many others. You and ppl against wipe still don't see the problems of this game.

    DaFeLa if you wanna know on why ppl voted for another wipe, go read the Threads that were made about the Wipe. Especiallyy on the official Wipe Poll Thread. It's many pages tho so it's much to read. Would understand if you wouldn't wanna do it xD

    In short: Game got f*cked by certain kind of players. And it all started at lvl 29 cap (right after POB wipe). From there it kept on going and soon enough it was clear (to some players that could see the problems) we'd need a nother wipe.

    Also new Client was announced with many changes so wiping the Game for new Client was the best choice/option. Can't carry the problems around all the time.

    One thing is sure: DBOG needs heavy work on Class balance! None of that one class standing out more than the rest bullsh*t!!!

    Back then it was mostly SK/Fighter. Then Karma and now a damn support class like Ulti, which is the most f*cked up one i've seen so far. Ulti can literally do anything right now making other classes look like trash lmao.

    Throw the classes back to what they were meant for and do changes from there to make sure they are equal.

    Roles: Tank, DPS and Support. Make the classes that are meant to shine in theiir fields f*cking shine. Then you put them all into a pot and change things here and there to make them equal for PvP.

    Ofc i know it's easy for me to write this cuz it's actually massive work to do, but it needs to be done. Been too damn long man. Can't believe we still have no proper class balance....

    I think it's a good suggestion to give Dragon Ball 2.0 a release date, so we'll be informed and the remaining players will not leave, as they'll know when to play again so as not to forget the game.

    Well then let me tell you that your thought is wrong af xD

    As Supreme wrote, it will most likely end up in ppl overreacting and go crazy.


    If Daneos gives no Release Date (which is the right decision) ppl go mad.

    If he gives out a Release Date but fails to deliver it, due to new sudden bugs that will delay the Release, ppl go mad.

    Not giving out a Release Date is 100% the right thing to do. Especially for a Community like this lmao.

    bruh...i am well aware on how ppl think about the wipe on both sides. You tell me to open my mind but it's you who is still trying to argue cuz he refuses to accept a full wipe. You are fighting against 100% wipe.

    Saying that it's useless to wipe when it comes to certain little things, such as dragonbuffs, is dumb. Not saying you are dumb, just the way you use it to argue against 100% wipe is dumb xD

    If new players also start at New Client they'll be left out on that "keep dragonbuffs" (example) thing cuz they maybe didn't get them atm on the current client. Instead of having the advantage of "i played at the right time" i'd rather have a fresh start equally for everyone. To be fair, chances are low for brand new players but still better to wipe those buffs too. People having lvl 30+ atm will have the passive skills, so be happy that Daneos made that decision. Could see you use that against 100% wipe if it wasn't offered by Daneos. Daneos gave out a little gesture and ppl are still not happy lmao. If i were in his position i would do complete 100% wipe, including Character delete.

    In my opinion a true Wipe (100%) would've been better. But oh well, ppl wanna keep their character names....

    Wipe is Wipe. No need to discuss the little things (on what to not wipe). Cuz usually when a wipe happens, everything gets deleted.

    Yes yes ok ok.

    The point is that we don't need to wipe "work", only what's really broken.

    I don't see reason to wipe lvl, dragon buffs, popo accessories or things you just can't get by cheating. (unlike cc rings, +15s and zeni)

    I'm not against wiping, specially if you guys says it's soooo important. Still I don't see point on wiping what doesn't need to be wiped. Looks like it's only to call it a "fresh start", but it's unnecessary and it betrays our trust.

    Wipe means everything gets deleted. Everything your Character has + the Character itself = gone.

    But Daneos sets them back to lvl 1 this time so ppl can keep their Names. Everything else being gone is right.

    You can easily get Dragonbuffs again. DB hunt is not that hard even if you play a 1on1 class. Just gotta know da wae xD

    Makes no sense to discuss it tbh. Fresh start for everyone. Also the thing about wiping and keeping Characters at current lvl being a bad decision has been discussed.

    Result: Main Farm spots will be full. Even if they add 5 more channels, it will be madness for a long time (60-70 + gearing up + farming for money/items). You can have 20 channels and still not solve that problem. 20x good farm spots for a lot of lvl 60 characters...bruh,,,

    This Wipe discussion is through. Seriously makes no sense to keep talking about it. We gotta wait until test on new client is done and then we go play once again. Hopefully with better results. End :D

    Feels like you guys developed RL trust issues because of this wipe thing. Damn. xD

    Guys, the game got f*cked hard. So hard, no Update would be able to fix it. You tell me you seriously think that a Game, that is in such state, shouldn't get wiped? Are you ok with those ppl that bot the crap out of the game, duplicate crap etc. having an easier time cuz they can't even play the easiest game ever normally? The damage done was too great. Wipe is the only solution for that.

    Ofc back then when they said no more wipes they didn't know the future. But many ppl saw at 29 cap already that thing started wrong. Up to 55 cap it was 100% clear that we would need another Wipe lol. And since Daneos was planning on changing a lot of things, the wipe option was the best choice. Yes, they said no more wipe after this one too. But to me that's dumb.

    Cool thing is that they said the Staff will be (finally) more aggressive towards ppl that do crap things. None of that second chance thing. You do crap, *boom*, account gone. That's what this game also needs. But saying they won't wipe after the upcoming wipe was kinda dumb. Yes, we know the Team will watch out more this time but still, you never know what certain ppl will come up with.

    I just hope they will 100% do what they said about watching over the game more...

    Just accept the wipe. It sucks, we all know that. But it's the right thing to do in this situation.

    Alright, but will my completed quests still be there? Or will I have to redo them all? And I assume all your clothes and whatnot will be gone too?

    No. If you use the lvl Up item, all quests will pop up at once, meaning starter map+ korin map will be full of quests. But you will have all the passive skills like RP charge,dash etc.. Just need a character lvl 30+ right now! And yes, everything you own atm will be gone. You only keep your Character (the look like hair,face etc.) since it will be reverted back to lvl 1.

    Well the best at maintaining SSJ is Spiritualist. So either Turtle or Crane. Mostly ppl go for Turtle. Crane is a little more complicated if you have no information. Turtle build is easier. Also you have Super and Giant Kamehameha. Makes a fanboys heart go Super Saiyan xD

    You know what, Forget get it. Go post in dead Threads Mr.Logic. You are right and i am wrong. Never saw you post here up until now. Don't even know if you are up to date or not but i don't care. Enjoy whatever you're doing here. Hope the mods just close down the Threads that you pull up again, although it makes no sense at this point. But then again, that's just my Logic...not your superior logic.

    Ain't nobody got time for dat.

    DBO was always a grinding game. You'd do well to not forget that. Nobody would be against an open PvP Channel outside of Scramble. But it still won't do crap. At first yes, later, nope. Can't compare it to other games cuz this is not other games, it's DBO xD

    No one will say anything if Daneos decides to add an extra Channel for open world PvP. It will simply be there and still not change a single sh*t. End.

    You take this too far talking about how in DB it was all about fighting stronger ppl hahahahaha. You can test out your skills in Plat, regular Duel or Ranked too, using a friend (or how it has been done so far, Multiclient with yourself lmao). Don't really need open PvP for that crap.

    One of the main reasons game is boring as hell.

    Even if you do Open World PvP in form of an extra Channel, it will be like Plat at Korin. People will most likely stand at Kokkara Village entry in safe zone, step out to attack and run back....just like Plat at Korin. Go do your PvP there. Or do ranked battles.

    There was also a suggestion to change the Platform near Cell Ring into the new Plat for PvP since it's bigger. WOuld also be dope.

    Ofc Daneos could make a new Channel for Open PvP but i highly doubt ppl will actively use it. Only ppl into PvP will be mainly there. Rest will join from time to time. Ain't no fun if you wanna farm there and someone with better gear comes by to kll you.

    Lack of PvP is not the real problem of this Game.

    Hey ppl who are reading this, especially Staff members xD

    I have a little suggetion about this Wipe Reward that we will get- It's been said that everyone having a Character lvl 30+ will get that LvL30 UP! item. Ofc a lot of ppl like that cuz they can go straight to lvl 30 (cuz apparently lvl 1-30 is hard to do...) but could we maybe do what i'm about to suggest? Won't hurt anyone...

    How about giving out a special Event coin for after the Wipe instead of the lvl 30 item? Ofc it would be the same requirements as the lvl 30 item. Only for characters that are lvl 30+. With that said coin, we could choose between two rewards at that Event NPC. The one being the LvL 30 UP Item. And the other one 1x z32 (permanent).

    We all know that not everyone wants the lvl 30 item. Ofc most of the players want that. And with my suggestion they can still get it. But what about the rest? Tbh, i myself would want 1x z32 instead of a lvl up item. 1-30 is really easy anyways, so i will normally quest my way up. Pretty sure a lot of others will do it too.

    Yes, i could just ignore the lvl up gift and still keep questing my way up but for ppl like me, that z32 would be more useful and helpful while questing up. I will need that for as long as i play. The lvl up item is used once and gone...

    I know it actually makes no sense to suggest this. As i said, i could just ignore the lvl up item and play normally. But it would be nice to give some useful help for ppl like me. And i think 1x z32 (permanent) would be the best option.

    Let me know what you think 8o

    Edit: Oh and about that reward for rushing to lvl 70 as fast as about forgetting about that? The reward will either be special dogis or a pack of a few items items (boxes,stones,dogi balls etc.) I'd say scew that reward. Don't make ppl rush to max lvl. Atm we have nothing after lvl 70. It'll get boring again. Give that stuff to the Founders instead! What they got so far was really bad, especially the dogi lmao.