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  • rip old friend

  • RIP you beautiful besterd, hope you'll make a new account or something :c

  • Hello, I used your MOD. Can you help me solve this problem? This is the link to the post…-under-the-rabbit-s-ear./

  • hola lo siento por tomar su tiempo, pero voy a usar un mod y no puedo añadirlo a mi equipo .. no se abre en el que tengo de salvar lo que necesito ?? En

    • English lad speak bloody english. I can't speak portugese and won't bother to use translate if you won't either.

  • Hi, the link you posted about Bardock Face + Headband Mod in Bardock Face + Headband Mod is broken. Can you fix it? please

    • Will try, gimme a few minutes.

  • hoi sgat

  • ok gimme a sec you said the discord i have no mic though

  • Hey Brad, I cant find you in discord, i dnt know why. This is my user anyway: Rufian#2222

  • Could you help me with a mod?

  • bahhhhh

  • I've made a search about your work, amazing job man!

  • Hey yo do you know how to swap dogis?

  • How ya doing brad, i gave me a link to a goku black mod, i have already done the work but i cant seem to figure out which (in-game) items they are. Any help would be greatly appreciated

    • I already figured it out thank you for the mod tho. Also I would like to make a request, would it be possible if u can make me an updated ssj arua and kaioken arua please, I had found a thread on it but they don’t work anymore. Thanks in advance and keep up your great work.

    • The Great Saiyaman Dogi for males and females.

    • Sure. I'll notify you when i get around it.

  • Thanks, I created the site is getting good, it is in Brazilian Portuguese Language, just joining all mod and help. an Excellent Idea for others to create a website with other languages. I really liked your Mod too.

    • Thank you, and thats a great idea of creating that site. I'm sure it will become a great success.

  • Hey my dude i just have a little question, why did you left DBOG Discord coz someone said were too corrupted? o.O

    • Nothing is corrupted. There is nothing wrong with the dbo community.

  • and wats the code for the dragon stick lvl58

  • wats the code for the panther stick cuz i wanna switch mine one for that one

  • Hey gogeta

  • Help: Lord I am very fan of dragon ball and everything, and I would like to play this game but I register and nothing, I have Dragon Ball Online Global downloaded but when I create all my account and I am going to get to play nothing that grabs says the name of user does not exist

  • Akame-sama Meets Kale! <3