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    MaxJr Yes sorry I meant with kid buu. But if party is good and none die, with cd gear I don't think there is much time left between buffs duration and kid buu cd. With sm I had less than 20 min cd for ssj, maybe a buffer can reach 30 min more or less or you can use 2 ultimates like in old no speed parties... normal ultimate can also tank mobs floors

    Yes sk can keep aggro with deception and right gear you only need to be careful if he got stunned I tested many times lol

    Btw if you think ultimate would be boring choose another class, why every class have to be a dps? everyone should keep their role and try to improve with gear, experience etc. There were a lot of ultimates before speed update so I don't see the problem

    and if you wanna tank with a sm geared, that means that you have the slot for speed team too

    No because usally in a good speed party one between poko/ultimate/karma can already tank, so the 5th slot is for crane or sk/dw because it's a safer tank than sword

    As I remember fighter and sm before the speed were ignored a lot in pve. Single target dps were good only to steal the sk's aggro vs boss, and pretty useless in aoe kills. I remember that to go at the 70 floor, fighters had to use the low speed to keep the aggro under 100%... that s because if they use 1 needle, the sk's taunts were useless... what is the utility of a single target dps, if he has to stop his dps? Speed also redisigned the buffer role. With normal team, ulti can only stand and look the team do all... sometimes at boss use support skills, but that's all. Kidbu is limited for the cd cap. And if buffer will be a boring class, there will be few buffers in the game, that means less pve team in the game coz nobuffer=noteam. With speed, buffer can dps and tank too. About the cc mode, I agree that it has to be very hard, but hard, doesn't mean impossible to do for time limits... and it was already hard... if you ever went in cc150, you could understand it. Need an organized team, and all people has to do the right thing. 1 error, all fail. and to get the gear you have to spam it a lot of times. Maybe if the game won't crash like in the past, and they add a cc 116 or 121 ticket, I could also like the speed cap mode. But in the past I got teams there where we went 5 times and 1 member each time got the crash at 110+ floor in 1 week.. and this sux really... It isn't like crash in bid4 that was already bad...

    Well you said before dps was a slot in your best five no speed team... If the sk is skilled you can spam crit as much as you want since he can keep always the aggro with right gear or you can directly tank with sword

    Anyway you have enough sp to have both single target skills and aoe skill in your build, it's possible even without speed

    Ultimate without speed can support, aoe with kid buu or tank bosses easly

    mmm not really, karma/poko before the speed were like chef/dw... maybe someone got the karma for pvp, but pokos were really few. And swords were still a lot in the game In the last months. I agree with you that was hard find a party, but the sword wasn't useless if it had a dedicate pve build. And don't look kin (he was tank, speed dps single target and aoe all in 1) or his team xD as you can see he ALWAYS had a team with his sword, with or without speed. He wasn't a normal player. He had all +15 sets in his sword and 6-7 accounts with +15 weapons and he can tank with all races cc150 bosses. His friends were like him.. they had cc150 gears too, and to get it they did cc150 thousands times (thousands times with speed to get it)... Is normal that their team was different from "my" favorite best 5... but if there isn't no speed, 90% of people will use this setup.. and the races without a role will become more. Yes attack speed is only autoattack, but I would like do cc150 with skill 1-2times max.. after those, spam it for the gear, would be a pain in the ass... for a speed team +10 weapons, it was sometimes over 4 hours (not mentions in those 4 hours how many crashes we got) with ticket 91.... and was enough... for a "normal" team +10 (don't know if with +10 will be possible) it will get maybe over 5-6, so guys with a work won't be able to do it... and make a group could be even harder then it already was...

    Ps: you can confirm me that before the speed, find a role for a sm in pve was already hard... in my opinion, it was harder then in the last part. Because in normal team is always prefered the aoe dps to the single target one. So for that too you need a pve dedicated build to get a team. With o without a speed team, people will always prefer a tank class if you try to go as a tank. And sm doesn't have neither 1 group buff. So your difficult finding teams wasn't related to the speed I think... since you don't have to waste sp, with the speed you can keep the single target dmg, and add energy attacks to be a really good aoe in the floors... better then this? The perfect dps... without speed you have to choose 1 role...

    SM were a lot because people like humans not because they were good and always picked up in pve... I know he had great gear but isn't that the point, for example imo that isn't the best five and you have more choice than speed where 4 slots are always set... even karma/poko aren't useless without speed, karma have useful buffs and kid buu, poko have buffs, can help heal and as you said can save a cc run. Yes was hard to find a team for them just like was hard for a fighter/sm but weren't useless

    For a sm was easier to find a party before speed update because there still was the dps role, after update every class was dps even dende... also because 4 slots weren't always set and the fifth one in speed party is always a crane, a turtle or a sk/dw if poko/karma/ultimate have bad gear and can't tank... with speed you find a party as sm/fighter only if friends invite you even if you have top gear

    About cc150, it's the hardest dungeon and it have to be like that, only few parties should be able to achieve it

    EDIT: they can also add an higher cc floor ticket than 91

    @Kiera I used speed up (with speed dogi and boots) against turtle sometimes XD

    I voted for the original speed cap 100%. Ofcourse, the cap 70 will bring more fun in the short dungeons like bid4. But that's all. cc 150 will be a no-end istance. And if no speed, who will keep for pve the karma or the poko? Karma has good dmg, but it is single target, and are better fighter, sm, sk etc... poko has an op buff, nice heals but isn t a buffer, neither an healer, he can save the whole party in cc, but will be boring to play for sure. With the speed all classes were good in pve, in hk (was almost impossible get 100% speed for ever) the only classes with real problems getting a team were dw, chef and plasma a little. So in my opinion, a good move could be boost those 3 classes, (something like bring back the cd 30 for plasma and give to the chef a speed buff not accumulable with the karma's one, for example). The best thing could be balance the dmg of the speed team, with the normal skill team, giving us 2 options, but even in this way, the speed team will be safer because you can keep the aggro under 100% easier :P But even if you cap the the speed, people will prefer the standard team and will plays with the best five (ulti, dende, turtle, sk and a dps) so the main problem isn't solved. The only result will be delete karmas and pokos from the pve.

    Max you didn't get me, with speed 4/5 party is ALWAYS the same (dende, ultimate, karma, poko), with no speed you can have your personal best five but isn't a must (except 2/5 dende and ultimate). Look for example kinswkk cc150 run no speed, he didn't used your personal best five... there is more variety

    Anyway complete dungeons just auto attacking doesn't make any sense...

    PS: imo was easier to find a party for a karma/poko without speed than for a fighter/sm with speed

    Wouldn't it be better to use Attack damage sword? I'm pretty sure after using Kidney shot twice you wouldn't be able to use SS or WFF while the enemy is KDed

    Well when he is knocked down you have always the same time, kidney shot doesn't last much when spammed but with rp duration wasn't really bad. You can always change your weapons while the opponent is knocked down if kidney shot becomes useless. I personally always used attack damage weapons because hadn't time for 2 attacks

    SparkingX Yeah I meant exactly lp%+reflect counter. Against every class, except sk, was better a crit strategy for me. Maybe even vs sk but you needed a top ping for a perfect combo, with an error you was dead or almost...

    Crit% on weapons was good if you had a ping good enough to use both ss and then mss while your opponent was stunned or while he was kd. You could crit with ss and kd with mss

    People have to realise that bleeding wasn't the major problem vs sk. Base damage, steal life, curse, hellzone grenade (based on success) and 4 stuns were too much. All of this with massive defences, lp and the the highest anticrit possible (89%)

    They have been a broken class in every cap, no matter the balance. And it's funny that usually who defends sks was an sk ingame lol

    Fighter, karma and female turtle were broken classes too

    #RealTalk it's not that hard to counter kd strategy

    here is ur video tanking bid4 xD

    the memories...

    Muh not really... what about other classes then? 4/5 party is always the same (dende, ultima, karma, poko), with no speed there was more variety...

    Anyway I remember in 55-60 lvl cap there were chinese players who played speed party and they were pretty good XD (50% cap)

    Nady93 This for pve:

    BadPicollo I was talking about my SM not him and I was in tw server. I know for sure the first times he tanked until cc150 he hadn't any +15 item, just used the cash shop pots that increase defence