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    As I said, I would like get them from events or any rare drop from hard instances. But I guess that the cash shop wont be epty. So the cool ones, should be in cash shop, but sellable in the auction house like it was in the past.

    I think is a good idea. But get the tokens from dungeons bosses/world bosses, could be very easy to spam and probably, the easy bosses, will have like 5-10 people waiting for the respawn... So I think that will be better get the tokens from dungeons like UD/TMQ and also CCDB (maybe making usefull the old useless score in tmq) because are little harder to spam, and there won't be the respawn problem. Ofcourse, you must set limitations like: if the boss is over 5 level less, you won't get tokens. Etc..

    Also a cool system to get tokens could be a daily quest system for every level: a quest there where you can get like 20 tokens per day for example.

    Also agree with the item rotation in the token shop. Maybe set some perma item like the basic ones like brown skill reset, and others with a period rotation.

    Well I wouldn't like if cd base goes to 10 mins. It should be "earned" with the gear. In retail, you already had like 18 mins in transformations cd with cd gear. It was nice. But sometimes was a problem come again in normal form then transform again (see an ulti who has to buff, or a giant after 10 mins has to wait 10 mins more). So sometimes was boring wait that cd, specially when a whole party had to wait it. SSJ was already the best transformation because it can use all the skills and if you don't die, you hadn't any reason to turn in normal form again (farmed in ssj like 4 hours no stop).

    Thanks for the response. For the crits, I see where you are coming from and agree partly. I would rather they increase the normal damage, reduce the crit damage (would take some balancing for pvp/pve), and have the ability of 100% anti-crit. This would balance things a lot more I think. However, if the damage doesn't change then there is a big balance issue especially if we are able to get 100% anti-crit (I believe the max at close was ~89% (sk)). I guess it would really just be for the fighter class (and somewhat for SM's too). Fighters rely on damage to win (crit). Fighters would stand little to no chance against sks, dendes, pokos, ults...well most classes if they could achieve 100% anti-crit without the damage changing as well. But I think we are more or less on the same page when it comes to crits.

    As for a cap on cool down, yes it would be fun to be able to have 0 second cool down (I assume this is what you mean?) But that would create even more balance problems then the crit situation. However I do wish for a return to CD being a percentage instead of the weird formula the changed it to. Attack speed, I think, should definitely be capped only because it made the game too easy and more 1-dimensional. I don't know if that should be at 70%, I suppose that would be something needed to be tested and sorted out in beta. But the game shouldn't be too easy don't you agree?

    As for the anti- bleed, confuse, ect, if you're talking 5v5 pvp then sure, it's not quite as unbalanced. But in 1v1 I think that is a problem. Even if a debuff lasted only .5 seconds it would still be useful as a part of strategy. But if you take away the ability of a plasma to confuse for even just a second or crane's ability to bleed for at least a very short time, that's a huge part of their strategy. And that goes for other classes as well. To take it away 100%, to me, takes away from the balance of the game/classes. I don't feel as strong on this particular part. IMO, if it remains the same, it will not be anywhere near as unbalanced as the crit situation but if you add a cap of even 90% I think it would make a big difference and balance the game much more. Even see more diverse Budokai's.

    Well with 89% anticrit you still keep crits easy and not 1/10 like it should be, but atleast 1/5 so it was useless.... don t forget that you can reach 89% only on sk, and you have to sacrifice high lp% bonus... so it could be balanced... the true thing to cap was reflect,if you put it at 30% cap both, melee and energy, it could be ok. Cos a sk in solo buffs has around 20k lp, if base dmg is 5-6k and crit 10-12 with 2-3 hits you kill him... and for a tank class is ok resist to 2-3 hits I think.. a dende will be almost 1 shotted if crit, but not for sure, coz dende has 12-13k lp and he can heal in 1 skill so it s balanced.. bolt strike? You miss 1/5 to a fighter and a sword can kd you, so neither sk can 1 hit I think, so like this all have chance.

    About the cd, yes I like cd 0 too. In pve ofc.. in pvp wasn t really good, needed some balance. But was good even like was in last patch. Cd 100=cd 70%. That means that a guy with cd 70 had like cd45-50%, a guy with 100cd had 70% effective And was fair.

    About the anticonfusion etc, I think noone like start a fight and be locked all the time without moving neither 1 time. If you waste 3 accessories slots, you already get an handicap, and all stun classes have a lot of methods to lock you. Plasma has 2 different kind of confuse, and you can defend only 1 of them. Karma has terrible skill lock and kd... turtle can sleep you and kd slow etc... so maybe they should add any status defend stat xD not cap them xD

    if crit doesn't get fixed and you will still 1 hit people, ofcourse NOT. What' s the point of playing a game like that? everyone likes to 1 hit people, but it' s unbalanced. Will be better increase the normal dmg and make crits x2 dmg and not x10 lol (if now you do 3k to a sk base dmg, after the fix you do 5k, 10k with crit). Personally, I don t like the caps. With a cap you lose in customization. I only would make really REALLY hard get high stats like anticrit/speed/cd. But if someone reachs 100% anticrit, why he should get 30k again if he got bad luck? or a guy who got after 1000 attempts cd 26 earings, he should have the same result of a guy with cd 18 earings? Yes, if you get cd 26, you can use a slot for something else, but I don t like it. I usually like to go full stats set depending by the situations. And again for the speed, why a guy who got 26%x2 att speed should have the same speed of a guy with 15-18%? maybe can reduce the dmg a little and make even harder get those stats, but cap at 70% will kill the speed... Sorry if I went OT.. About the stun, bleed and confuse, if was already nice as it was. No cap because if you go full antibleed/confuse etc, you won't become unbalanced, but you will only resist to one of these debuffs. And you will waste 3-4 accessory slot, so it was balanced.

    I think that the normal quest could suk, since in the game there already are tons of them. So I will vote for a new kind of weeklies/daylies quests, with special reward or any kind Of token (if is possible). This kind of quest, at level 70, will add something more to the endgame so will have sense.. maybe special tokens for stones, mounts etc.. other idea should be (I always write this xD) a special mode weekly for the tmq for the cap (ex. Tmq 3 very hard mode lev 70) with special drops, since I think that the tmqs are the heart of dbo and should have more relevance at the cap. But first let the alpha come out xP

    This video shows that equipment won't break it will just reset to "0". There is no need to make a thread about it.

    That is only a demo video... The true system will have to be completed yet. This system has high success rate, and fail card downgrades of 1, that will make the upgrade system even much harder then it was... I think that they mainly have to fix the % in the 3 cards (making em 33,3% each one) and let fail without downgrade.

    We should make a thread with the choose aboutlose or no lose item if break. As I have seen in this topic, almost all agree in no losing the item. But with a dedicated thread we can seewhat people want better.

    If you remove the break, to balce the system like it was, I think that the % have to be lower
    8>9 25%
    9>10 20%
    10>11 10%
    11 > 12 6%
    12 > 13 3%
    13 > 14 2%
    14 > 15 1%
    or something like that, maybe lower xD coz to get +13 with old upgrade, you needed tons of stones with the risk of break too after that. I remember with kid gloves I successed to +15 after 200-300 stones. Each time I bough 50x stones, and I got +15 after months...

    Or we could use a system of zeni gold sink. Where there is no break card, though we set a zeni upgrade price. So if you +5 item you want +6 it'll cost you say 500,000 zeni. Price of upgrade may be depended on level of the item, rarity of the item. Then zeni price will increase per +rank. Which will make it costly to upgrade it'll be harder to upgrade. Doing this will keep the market balance. Since if no item breaks from upgrading then good items will be more in high volume. So the function alone could drive the economy of the game. So player who are full geared have a reason to farm more gear to sell to other players. To get zeni to try to upgrade. Chance of failing sitll applies.

    This isn't a bad idea, will remove the luck factor, and if you balance the price, could be ok. But this will completely remove the upgrade stones, and idk how it will incide in the economy. Like this, the zenies will go lose in the server, with the stones, there were the trade and the recicle with the other players balancing the economy.

    I'm for item not breaking. It'll make it easier in term of not having to start all over. Though I think NTL having that item breaking function is to have more item to sell/cash in with. Buying yourself a white stone can keep your item from breaking. So basically pay to win, well we all know DBO was pay to win. money event item op~, anyways I believe upgrading items to max should be the hardest thing so people have goals. Though In my opinion having an item you work hard for or payed for break. It's just to cruel, There's no reason why we can't just reset the rank of the item back to zero. That won't make it easier to upgrade. It'll just make it better for player to keep their item for regular usage.

    Though if enough of you disagree and want item to break. We can find a solution in between. Like Instead of item breaking, item will get reset to 0 and also lose some base stats. like if it stats were str. 175,atksp 175. You pick break card, stats of item will decrease randomly by 1-5.

    As I have seen in the topic, Almost everyone here want remove the break system. And that's good, we all have the right to keep our farmed items. If you lose the stats point will be the same of losing the item. The main topic is if keep the downgrade or not. I personally prefer keeping it maybe reducing it a little. Someone wants remove the break card and decrease the success % To avoid lose your progress. I could like that only if that % will be reduced by a lot like 2-3% success after +10... if people will get full +15, after 1-2 months, they will quit the game in my opinion..

    i can remove the breaking , but make u fail 999 times at +10 if u want breaking that much its the same result , u ll get stuck at that point but atleast i dont take ur CC item or legend ..

    but first of all why u guys dont like to upgrade system to be fair?

    First, as I said I hate the upgrade for the broken card. But it was also the thing that gave the fun. Ofc if you remove the broken card and decrease the success rate under the 2-3% it will give almost the same result in balance, and will remove the feel of losing your progress. This will completely change all the upgrade system, but that's a good thing. Good balance, without getting mad. But this will happen only if you consider that the stones will have the same price. I think that if the success rate will be so low, the price of the upgrade stones, will decrease too, and maybe buy 999 u70 red, will be easy.

    Didn't read that message, this is also good. The only things that I don't agree are:
    1-The pure success rate should be 33% each result, since we are going to use a pure.
    2-Break with a white will downgrade only by 1 or max 2, To give the sense in using them... This isn't easy, because whites are expansive, and a downgrade of 1-2 after +10, is already a pain in the ass. If you downgrade of 6, is almost the same that you lose your weapon.

    I'm one of the guys who literally hates the broken card. But I don't want to remove it. Yes, it suks, but that was also the reason because there were only few people with perfect gear. If you completely remove the card, first or later, almost all will get 15. Like this, you can buy 50 blue, and you'll get +15 almost for sure -.- I vote for this: the max downgrade will be -3, NO LOSE WEAPON (that was really bad because how you play if you lose your best weap?), and if you break with whites it should always be -1. Fails, should be +0 as it was. Fix the %!! It wasn't for sure 33% each card. And maybe increase the pure drop %... Like this it should be ok And balanced. Everyone could prefer remove the downgrade, but isn't balanced, and in my opinion, people has to be "scary" when is going to upgrade :P even we are going to cry, that give the fun to the game! XD

    Ps: in aion too there is the downgrade, even if there, the upgrade is much easier till +10.

    You didn't get my point now. For me there isn't a problem with buffer. I can play a lot of class, since I like almost all... the problem is when PEOPLE finds boring the buffer. I found good the dps in all classes, because all can do good dmg keeping his main role. Most people doesn't like classes with crazy low dmg (look dw,chef). So they'll get bored.
    did you like more before speed, when the game was 80% humans 10% nameks and 10% majins? I personally prefered with speed when it was 40% humans 30% nameks and 30% majin. Maybe the % isn't perfect, but in my exp in the game was something like that. But that is. Your thread asks 1 answer for 2 options, so it's subjective.

    And again, no sk can't hold aggro vs fighter/sword crits if you spam them. If the sk has all his provokes (pve build) and axe +12, strong single target dps will get the aggro If doesn't reduce the dmg.

    Well you said before dps was a slot in your best five no speed team... If the sk is skilled you can spam crit as much as you want since he can keep always the aggro with right gear or you can directly tank with sword

    Anyway you have enough sp to have both single target skills and aoe skill in your build, it's possible even without speed

    Ultimate without speed can support, aoe with kid buu or tank bosses easly

    no ulti can't tank with skills, maybe with kidbu, but not good like with speed.. and support is needed only in some boss (5 minutes per hour)... kidbu is limited A LOT for the cd cap and usually (for buffs, if someone die, if you support for example) you have to turn in normal form and wait a lot.. and no, even with pve dedicated build, a tank can't keep the aggro if you spam 120k crits.... It is tested by far... and if you wanna tank with a sm geared, that means that you have the slot for speed team too xD

    As I remember fighter and sm before the speed were ignored a lot in pve. Single target dps were good only to steal the sk's aggro vs boss, and pretty useless in aoe kills. I remember that to go at the 70 floor, fighters had to use the low speed to keep the aggro under 100%... that s because if they use 1 needle, the sk's taunts were useless... what is the utility of a single target dps, if he has to stop his dps? Speed also redisigned the buffer role. With normal team, ulti can only stand and look the team do all... sometimes at boss use support skills, but that's all. Kidbu is limited for the cd cap. And if buffer will be a boring class, there will be few buffers in the game, that means less pve team in the game coz nobuffer=noteam. With speed, buffer can dps and tank too. About the cc mode, I agree that it has to be very hard, but hard, doesn't mean impossible to do for time limits... and it was already hard... if you ever went in cc150, you could understand it. Need an organized team, and all people has to do the right thing. 1 error, all fail. and to get the gear you have to spam it a lot of times. Maybe if the game won't crash like in the past, and they add a cc 116 or 121 ticket, I could also like the speed cap mode. But in the past I got teams there where we went 5 times and 1 member each time got the crash at 110+ floor in 1 week.. and this sux really... It isn't like crash in bid4 that was already bad...

    Max you didn't get me, with speed 4/5 party is ALWAYS the same (dende, ultimate, karma, poko), with no speed you can have your personal best five but isn't a must (except 2/5 dende and ultimate). Look for example kinswkk cc150 run no speed, he didn't used your personal best five... there is more variety

    Anyway complete dungeons just auto attacking doesn't make any sense...

    PS: imo was easier to find a party for a karma/poko without speed than for a fighter/sm with speed

    mmm not really, karma/poko before the speed were like chef/dw... maybe someone got the karma for pvp, but pokos were really few. And swords were still a lot in the game In the last months. I agree with you that was hard find a party, but the sword wasn't useless if it had a dedicate pve build. And don't look kin (he was tank, speed dps single target and aoe all in 1) or his team xD as you can see he ALWAYS had a team with his sword, with or without speed. He wasn't a normal player. He had all +15 sets in his sword and 6-7 accounts with +15 weapons and he can tank with all races cc150 bosses. His friends were like him.. they had cc150 gears too, and to get it they did cc150 thousands times (thousands times with speed to get it)... Is normal that their team was different from "my" favorite best 5... but if there isn't no speed, 90% of people will use this setup.. and the races without a role will become more. Yes attack speed is only autoattack, but I would like do cc150 with skill 1-2times max.. after those, spam it for the gear, would be a pain in the ass... for a speed team +10 weapons, it was sometimes over 4 hours (not mentions in those 4 hours how many crashes we got) with ticket 91.... and was enough... for a "normal" team +10 (don't know if with +10 will be possible) it will get maybe over 5-6, so guys with a work won't be able to do it... and make a group could be even harder then it already was...

    Ps: you can confirm me that before the speed, find a role for a sm in pve was already hard... in my opinion, it was harder then in the last part. Because in normal team is always prefered the aoe dps to the single target one. So for that too you need a pve dedicated build to get a team. With o without a speed team, people will always prefer a tank class if you try to go as a tank. And sm doesn't have neither 1 group buff. So your difficult finding teams wasn't related to the speed I think... since you don't have to waste sp, with the speed you can keep the single target dmg, and add energy attacks to be a really good aoe in the floors... better then this? The perfect dps... without speed you have to choose 1 role...

    Nope DW wasnt better. SK could not only replace DW in 100% DW as tank but also had better AoE dmg (Violent Slice and Self Destruction Wave vs DW's Energy Siege). So why I mainly played DW? Just because I could spend less money on armor and farm as long as I wanted thanks to Dragon's Punishment.

    DW wasnt even better than SK in speed parties (DW was inferior to SK in every aspect). Why? Talking about CC SK could aggro almost all mobs by dashing to center and casting Deception while DW had to dash through whole level to gather mobs (DW's Powerful Roar was some kind of easteregg not provoke) and than deal more AoE dmg than DW (look what I replied to MaxJr). Well now lets go through any BID ex. Kraken. At the entrance you had to defeat 2 groups of mobs. SK done this better than DW for the same reason I mentioned talking about CC. Next you had to kill Kraken. Honestly I didnt saw any difference in tanking Kraken as DW or SK. Oh wait there was tho it happened to me only once but still I got one shoted by Kraken's crit (he dealt 17k dmg LINK to 17k crit).

    I meant in speed party. And dw is better in speed party because it is a safer tank coz his defense/lp buffs are very good. the sk had the anticrit buff, but in pve first or later you'll get a crit, and you have to resist it and for that you need lp and defense. This, talking about tank BOSS. Anyways this difference is really low and not important. In some point is subjective... Not enough relevant to choose a dw as a class. As I said once, choose a dw was almost no sense coz there was the sk... But the clue of my message, was about the speed. because about dw vs sk, we ALL (maybe even the guys who never played the game) know who was the best choose, since the dw were 1-2% of the game population :P