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    Always worth leveling PvP characters because that's where the game is fun.

    What you're talking about is not an issue of balance, it was an issue of damage.

    At some point in pre-open beta, the damage calculation scaled very poorly, with people doing 100k crits to mobs and even sometimes to players when they have +15 weapons.

    Also, for a great deal of POB, defense didn't calculate into the damage calculation, so you found DWs one shotting Zombies in papaya with Energy Siege with 8000+ damage.

    You're most likely talking about one of those time periods.

    to be honest, I don't think this is a suggestion. This must be done! They don't have much of a choice.

    1. Fixing Duration Increase RP and Cooldown RP (they pictures are switched, whoever did it must have forgotten how the 2 rp effects looked like and didn't bother to fix it later).

    2. All updates need to be put in.

    3. Both the actual skill tree ingame and skill calculator: change MA range to 28m, it's the only ski that has green glowing range and for absolutely no reason. It has always been 28 meters.

    4. Skill changes need new pictures when necessary. ( DW foc passive still has the ep picture when it should be different )

    nice topic steal btw. Cake made an entire post about this and said that a poll is unnecessary. In that, he is right. The animation exists and thus should be added.

    As for Giant Namek, if you bug the form it is visible that the animation of a dash also exists for them, you can simply make it a 12m dash instead of 18m like the regualr dashes.

    People need to recognize that those forms are for the most part un-usable. And good job Cake on the post... You guys should give credits where it's due.

    It actually is kinda working as a zeni sink I dont know if you ever crafted, sounds like you just joined in yesterday.

    My statement still stands, the stats should stay as it is.

    Btw go work on your guides.

    1- No need to insult me on something you clearly don't have any idea on.

    2- Please be mature when arguing; either make a good statement backed with evidence or simply don't talk at all. I'm not here to insult you, you came to me and decided to be rude. Ouh and as for my guide, I've updated that three times over the 55 Cap, if you're so good go make your own lovely guides or tell me what mistakes I did on mine, I've personally talked to more Dendes than probably anyone has in this server and all of them state that my guide is very good.

    3- I'm going to say this one more time and this time I'm adding another example:

    --- These stats are both robbery and useless. This idea of Zeni sink you have seems out of shape. If a boxed item gets a high stat, their prices are insanely high, while other items remain trashed. If you want a better future for this game, making zeni and earning it should be balanced. You can't strike the jackpot and have enough money to buy you an entire set just because of one shirt or so. (As I said as well, level 55 16~18 con sells for 10 times less than 19~21 con).

    Let me give you this example: "You purchased a special edition of a video game that promised to give you a roulette of DLC Characters, where you can earn only 1 out of 5 different DLC characters. You spin the wheel and you earn the character, but the character seems to be un-selectable in the character select screen. You basically paid for Special Edition (which let's say costed you $5 more than the regular game) and you didn't get ANY benefit at all." Would you file a complaint about the company robbing and lying to you? You answer that. I've crafted exactly 76 level 55 Shoes and got 9 shoes where Defense rate is the dominant stat (over 250 Defense rate + random stats). Now, instead of craft, let's say you boxed your legendary TMQ Shoes 20 times and ended up getting 3~4 defense rate shoes. Let me point it out again, Defense rate has 0 application in the game's mechanics what so ever (same goes to other stats I've mentioned, but non of them is as useless as Defense rate). In my opinion, that's like buying the character and being lied to and not getting anything instead, let me know your point of view.

    Or rather, you're probably going to try and insult me somehow, very ineffectively yet again, so just stop tagging me if you may :D



    making it harder to achieve items = zeni sink? I don't know what to say.

    Makes buying gear a need? Okay, non cashers.

    It won't be as easy as you think it is. I'm starting to think you believe that removing these stats from possibilities makes Brown Boxes = Silver Boxes.

    Preventing inflation is the same thing as zeni sinking in the case you're speaking of. Having terrible items is not zeni sink nor preventing inflation... That's why 19-21 con crafted rare armor goes for 10 times the amount a 17 con crafted rare jacket. If we could hit those stats more often, then zeni would sink.

    You may dislike the stats, but the reason those stats are their is to give boxing and crafting some variety, without those, people will only make good gear. From a developers point of view, the reason is the game have to be longevity and provide the server with resources to stay alive.

    How come you never came up with this reason?

    I already did, the reason they came up with these stats was because they were later replaced by better ones but they decided to keep what they have in place cuz why not. You're bascially telling me that it's better that it is difficult for everyone so the game can be getting more cash, not really sir. 20-30 stats is enough variety, I didn't state ep% eng sol str and such other stats because those will be the variety. What I have in my list are lousy excuses for stats. They are all copies of better stats we already have, which is both trash and inconvenient. I have yet to play a game that has 2 stats that do 1 thing but one being 4 times better. That's why they're stats, there should only be one of them.

    As for always getting good stats, that's completely false. Now you gamble on getting probably useful stats rather than completely waste your money on stats that have literally 0 use in the game. Stats like defense rate have no application in the game's mechanics whatsoever atm. That's robbing people in my opinion, idk about yours.

    Perhaps removing the incredibly useless stats from the game would be the way to go at it.

    The randomness of crafting is somewhat similar to the randomness of Boxing, they both revolve around the exact same concept. I crafted a Max Defense Rate Rare level 55 armor and a very high Energy Defense level 55 rare armor. That is incredibly stupid in my opinion, no one uses those stats, they may as well stop existing. I have yet to see someone upgrading a defense rate jacket or even wearing one to begin with... only reason I can think of doing that would be to troll.

    Here is a list of those stats:

    - "Increases LP/EP regeneration by X" (Mini version of "I can sit on the ground and recover" ?)
    - "X LP/EP recovered when you are hit" (Baby LP and EP % regen)

    - "Increases Defense Rate by X" You clearly negated all effects that this could do, and either way no one even uses it.

    - "Increases max LP/EP by X" You have Con and Eng for that reason.

    - "X Poison/Abdominal/Bleeding/Burn Defense" No one will ever wear those when you have % Duration decrease on those exact same stats.

    - "Increases Dodge rate by X" On weapons and Sub-weapons? I honestly don't know what to think about that...

    - "Increase Energy/Physical Attack by X" Why even add this when you have SOL and STR?

    - "Increase Energy/Physical Defense by X" That's on armor, that's why you upgrade your armor... why does this exist?

    - "Increases resistance to EFFECT by X%" A less effective version of the % duration decrease, but I won't be mad if they stick around, I don't dislike them, they're just there.

    I think I got all of them.

    Point is, these stats are either super useless or have been replaced by better versions of those stats and, yet, they still exist. If those stats are removed, this whole "I wasted 100 boxes on my armor and got 92 Poison defense" crap will never happen again. That's a better way to go around complaining about boxes, they're good, nothing is wrong with them; it's just the existence of trashy stats that frustrates players because you keep stumbling on them.

    They randomly give you stats out of like a total of around 40 stats, 17 of those being completely worthless, and another 3-4 being very underwhelming to get (Like Energy). What do you expect to happen? 100 boxes to get a high stat out of 40 stats? Of course you'll get butt hurt...

    I think another thing with Karma is people are still discovering things with the class. What I mean by that is Karmas were never this played in any version of the game even 70 cap retail where they were needed for speed parties. So people are still discovering OP aspects with the class. People always knew the class was really good but now some of the "hidden" OP aspects of the class are now common knowledge.

    The current formulas aren't final I don't think. An SK has resisted and dodged me and I have a max hit rate trumpet and FOC gloves. Sure they don't resist as often as they did in POB but it still happens. Though the dodge can be because of the Intense concentration buff.

    Also speaking of balance I don't think Daneos wants to go about it by just buffing every class and keeping the OP class OP going by the recent update. He's going to buff the low tier/mid tier classes and we'll probably see some SK nerfs in the coming future just have to wait and see.

    that's true, I've played Karma for over 2.5 years in TW and can easily confirm to you that barely anyone else around was aiming to discover the class, rather just use what they already know is OP.

    I personally don't like that 60% accessory since it downplays Ultimates greatly. I hope for a time where every single class has their own accessory caps for specific stats to limit their overpowered skills.

    Defense rate is dead and will stay dead. No one will use it, even if it gets buffed, they might delete the whole stat itself and change it for something else.

    Guard has it's own successrate % at this point anyways, so they basically gave the skill a non-existant use as it is now.

    So if resist is being capped to 60%, so ultis only have to spend one sp on the resist passive correct?

    But if resist is being capped in % manner, i guess wearing dex is a good idea since it gives pure resistance not an increased value through % ( iceman stated). but this affects the game quite bad cuz then fighters or even plasma might have a chance which might make them the OP resist masters.

    Remember defense rate hasn't been activated in game, depending on how Daneos wants to use defense rate, cause after doing some research, apparently defense rate reduces the damage done on you and can be revealed when a blue Chinese sign appears on top of your head. From what we know the damage reduced can even be by 40%...who knows but it is up to Daneos. (THEORY)
    (this is the one that makes most sense to me,
    Since the name applies to it, `Defense RATE`

    No, Resist from accessories is capped at 60%. Resist is not actually capped, but you can only get up to 60% from accessories. This used to make Fighters an even bigger problem due to the fact you can get 56% + 56% + 60% + 60% from accessories, which is super powerful. Two 56% rings made fighters resist Gods, more than they already were, so that was nerfed. ALWAYS MAX THAT 302%!

    Like I stated TheProdige , I would be really sad if this whole "caps" thing was just an illusion for people to spend money and to fix the level 70 cap bugs.

    I would personally not mind 2018 without level 70 cap at all. I don't know about you, but I would personally love to see every cap play to its fullest potential and look awesome when the next cap comes.

    Stating "We have to wait to level 70 to balance" is definitely not what I nor everyone else wants to hear. Of course there will be a re-balance, but that is by no means a reason to not balance this cap. I don't want to have a game balanced after level 70 for half a year that it isn't AT level 70. How long do you think balancing would take? If there are good minds to help Daneos figure this out, making PvP "semi-balanced" would be a 1 or 2 week job by max. Making it perfect is by no means what I'm asking for, but the bullshit needs to be taken out, we can ALL agree on that no matter how you define this "bullshit". Whether it is you thinking that Bold Strike does too much damage or that Karma have too much to work with, it doesn't matter, everything needs to be looked at!

    I am not here to complain, I'm here to propose a future for this game. As it stands now, I am 100% sure this server will look exactly the same as it did in PoB; in other words, I know for a fact that people who play the game will last only a few months and desert the game from boredom. Those who played PoB will never want to go through the same trouble again knowing it wont be a fun road; however, if you span these level caps half a year each, all while maximizing the potential of each, you will 1- Earn more money through it because people will want to seriously get better and ENJOY the game to its fullest and 2- You will have a game that lasts a long time and be lovable.

    I'm right about done here,

    Have fun.

    Both to stay on topic and a slight bit off topic to bring something to the table that I tested today more closely.

    Karma are an incredibly powerful class no matter what everyone wants to say. Effective in all aspects of the game and does everything better than what people consider the best class at doing whatever those classes excel at. I've said it multiple times before and I don't think it's vague at this state of the game, Karma are simply the best class in the game and will probably continue being so no matter how hard the nerfs come; however, they definitely need nerfing.

    Every class has between 1~3 cc skills, whether those are Stun, immobilize, sleep, paralysis, etc.. the list goes on, but they always have between 1 and 3. The only true exception to this rule is Karma, who end up having around 7 different CC skills, most of which have a different effect. They have a Paralysis, an immobilize, a petrification, a stun, a skill lock, and 2 confusions.

    Looking closely at that, the only things you can remotely anti are paralysis, confusions and the petrify. No one goes for the petrification because that would be a dumb way to end your life for not having the other two put down. even if you knock all those 3 out of the park completely (just to show) Karma still stands strong with "3" cc skills, which is the most any class can have without anti-cc accessories applied.

    When you're in a match against a Karma, they're the ones dictating the pace, not you. It's up to you to try and find an opening, but usually end up in a combo vortex that leads to your death for one mini-mistake.

    Another thing (which I tested today) is this: If your skill's animation is not fully done for some moves, the effects simply do not apply. Taking Dende's super Antenna beam (slightly different from the other 2), their staff slash, and their paralysis from antenna beam as an example, they can all be stunned/CC'd through if the animation is not fully finished. You (the user of the character) would see your skill fully hitting, doing the damage (sometimes you see it fully hit and you see on your log that you did the damage, but the opponent takes none at all), but not applying the effect -.- For skills that consume RP, this is incredibly frustrating! Many skills are like this for other classes, but every Karma skill is simply INSTANT, with an almost 0.2 sec animation time, not enough to do anything through. You are likely the one to be interrupted rather than interrupting them. If this doesn't get fixed, playing against karma is going to be a pain in the ass ALL the time.

    Too busy bringing all those dogis put in Mateo's video to bother too much with the balance :P

    Also, isn't Open Beta now? I thought Open Beta was the time when balance changes are gonna happen. Guess not.

    The thing I fear the most is knowing that this cap system" served nothing other than urging people to spend more and to shut people who said "We want Open Beta" up so Daneos has time to fix bugs :( These caps are supposed to provide excellent and fun gameplay, but as of now they are simply stepping stones to discover more bugs, spend more money, and fix old bugs that weren't fixed before.

    a total of 13 boxe a day so in 10 days 130 boxe , then xD in one mounth no one would farm , go to instance's xD !

    for mee the best solution to make it fair for all iis to make the quest stackable ( like u finish a quest , u can take another one ) and make it 1 gold coin for 1 boxe + x amount of zenie ... we will get like 3-4 boxe's a day wich would bee way better ...

    I have no idea how you got 13 boxes everyday. I dont think anyone can actually farm dark devil coins that quickly. 90 everyday seems way too insane, idk how many hours of farming that would be but definately wouldn't be something anyone can do in 1 day. Not to mention that this is a way to get rid of the ugly brownbox market we will eventually end up having like in POB. I am not sure about what you mean stackable. Because if you turn in the quest you can take it again. I think I've had my Dende retake that quest 3 times in POB just for fun. 3-4 boxes for 80 coins sounds like I'm wasting my time trying to farm, especially with how unreliable dark devil coin drops are. Took the 30 fat majin quest, by the time I finished it, I had +7 dark devil coins in an hour of farming. If you can farm and be lucky, that would be like 8-10 hours of farming for 3 or 4 boxes. Might as well not farm.

    The only actual reasonable idea suggested thus far to try to make this widened Casher vs. Non-Casher gap that people always talk about is making it an Boss NPC thing. I saw the idea of lowering it to 1 Gold Coin for 1 Brown Box, but I think that you need to farm way too hard (Especially since even the drop is luck based) to get all of that. Thus far I have made a total of 150+ Silver Coins through almost farming the entire 45-51 road + 54-55 with my Dende, I think that shouldn't amount to 7 or 8 boxes in total, sounds like a pain in the ass.

    I see the idea of 5 boxes for 1 gold coin, but I feel like that's excessive? I don't know, I just see it that way.

    The way I saw it is:

    1 Gold Coin = 3 Brown Boxes (Bound or unbound is not my issue as of now, but I'm thinking that it will most logically be Bound)

    10 Silver Coins = 1 Brown Box (This is for those who farm coins and end up getting like 90 or so, they can transfer those tokens into 4 Gold coins and still use their last 10 Silver coins for another box for a total of 13 Boxes from a day or two of farming... IDK how much hardcore farmer can make, but if they are hardcore enough, I think it's fair to give them what they deserve for putting in effort into the game)

    You want to make people donate for them from time to time at least, so not to make it too advantageous nor useless.

    What about being a full CD? Would that help?

    I mean, to a certain degree yes. but going full cd means you are ignoring some essential focus. For AOE, having 2-3 seconds is great as it is, with max cd it wi have 1 second of cooldown but you actually want to give yourself some breathing room to heal and such every now and then.

    AoE Refined into a much better version (at least for this level cap).

    Magical Ring's CD RP Allows the skill to have around 2-4 seconds depending on your own CD. A static 3 Sec CD decrease.

    Have Fun Dendes

    Dende Priest Adult Quest has been fixed; in other words, make your Dendes people.

    I added another build to the level 55 section that revolves around doing more dmg, that should be your "Go To" build if you're leveling and doing quests.