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    This is only a bug with the "Flying jet squirrel" you get from the gift boxes.

    Also, the yellow fuel doesn't increase speed on any vehicle. - Incorrect

    Also, changing from yellow to red on a vehicle doesn't increase speed either, you need to get off the vehicle first.

    Edit: Looks like you need to apply the fuel, get off the vehicle and then get back on to actually get the speed increase.

    Of course those who paid a lot don't complain against wipe when they will get their CP back which they will use to get where they left off right after the wipe.

    Some of the loudest wipe advocates are guys who spent several thousand USD and won't really feel any wipe effects when they start selling hundreds of kid clocks. It's so hard preaching for wipe that way...

    In either case, I for one would appreciate if devs would just end this charade, it's pretty obvious they already set their minds some time ago.

    I would also appreciate if the dev team would be more open and straightforward, give us the clear development road map every now and then (as in regularly) with concrete dates which they will actually stick up to and stop giving false promises (such as no more wipes). If nothing else, the paying customers deserve at least that much.

    Cash shop items will be bound to your character or account

    Lostcoco you put some time and thought into what you suggested. And you suggested it a couple times xD And you know that i was always against it. hizeee wrote what i wrote back then too. It just means that over a certain amount of time, server will be full with +15, 100% guaranteed xD That's just a no go. Also what i read from you know with the prices is wrong. Can't make a suggestion using prices even for an example cuz prices can change. Also the wipe thing is not 100% through so in case of wipe your suggestion would be screwed,

    Haha yeah I've been putting out this suggestion for months now xD. I feel like with my suggestion, if you make it near enough impossible to get +15 (but still make it available for the people who want to either cash loads or grind loads.) it would be fine.

    I feel that almost everyone that plays this games goal is to end up with +15, everyone who plays for long enough is going to end up with +15 anyway so i don't see why there's a need to make it so RNG dependent and not how much time you put into the game instead. +10 was considered pretty good back in the day, with +12 or higher only really seem by big cashers. Why not make it so everyone can achieve +15 even if it means that they have to grind 3-5 hours a day for a month straight just to get 1 +15 item?

    I feel that if the upgrade system is changed from luck to more of a progression system, the games life span will be longer as the players will set their own goals on how they're going to achieve their required upgrade level. For instance, my goal in this game is to get +14/15 on my main character. With this in mind, I can see that if one +15 item takes me x amount of grinding to obtain, I'd be able to set my goal and work towards it by grinding x amount of hours per day. Now, with the current system, there is no progression, it's just all luck based. I can grind my ass off for a month straight accumulating 1kkk, spend that upgrading my items and then end up with my items being +12 max. This just makes the time I spent on the game almost useless as I've grinded for nothing. With my system, let's say i farmed 1kkk in a month, If a +15 piece of armor costs 200 advanced stones (about 400-450kk) i know that i'm able to achieve +15 in 2 pieces of armor and +12? in the third piece of armor. This would make players much more inclined to farm for their stones as they see the progression whilst grinding.

    +15 is end game, and you have to reach end game at some point. If the 70 cap lasts 8 months, then reaching end game should take around 5 months. By end game I mean you have maxed out 3 or 4 sets of armor (tmq and cc armor)

    If you really want +10 to be the norm, and anything higher to be very hard to obtain, you can easily change the amount of stones required in order to do so.

    5 - 6 - 5 advanced (5 White Stones)

    6 - 7 - 5 advanced (5 White Stones)

    7 - 8 - 5 advanced (5 White Stones)

    8 - 9 - 5 advanced (5 White Stones)

    9 - 10 - 5 advanced (5 White Stones)

    10 - 11 - 20 advanced (10 White Stones)

    11 - 12 - 25 advanced (15 White Stones)

    12 - 13 - 30 advanced (20 White Stones)

    13 - 14 - 35 advanced (25 White Stones)

    14 - 15 - 40 advanced (30 White Stones)

    = 175 advanced stones (350kk-437.5kk)

    Who’s choice was it to cash in a .50 completed game in the first place? But dw, most Wipe supporters just want their cp back.

    Mate I've cashed a f*ck ton and i'm happy even if they make returned CP only able to buy stuff that are untradable

    5 hours of grinding per day for 30 days straight to achieve 5 +15 items does seem quite easy now that i think of it. I like your idea but it's basically just a different version of mine (Certain amount of stones equals an upgrade) My idea can obviously be altered to make it a higher amount of advanced stones needed to get achieve +15. It's just if Daneos chooses to use this type of upgrade system, it's just gonna be whatever is easier to code in for him.

    New upgrade system idea

    Make each upgrade guaranteed if you put in a certain amount of stones (Could keep the old system and have new system if players would rather gamble?)

    +15 items usually cost around 250kk and advanced stones cost around 2kk-2.5kk.

    1 - 2 - 5 normal

    2 - 3 - 10 normal

    3 - 4 - 15 normal

    4 - 5 - 20 normal


    5 - 6 - 5 advanced (5 White Stones) 12kk

    6 - 7 - 5 advanced (5 White Stones) 12kk

    7 - 8 - 5 advanced (5 White Stones) 12kk

    8 - 9 - 5 advanced (5 White Stones) 12kk

    9 - 10 - 5 advanced (5 White Stones) 12kk

    10 - 11 - 10 advanced (10 White Stones) 24kk

    11 - 12 - 15 advanced (15 White Stones) 36kk

    12 - 13 - 20 advanced (20 White Stones) 48kk

    13 - 14 - 25 advanced (25 White Stones) 60kk

    14 - 15 - 30 advanced (30 White Stones) 72kk

    A total of 125 advanced stones needed in order to achieve +15 - If advanced stones cost 2kk-2.5kk and white stones cost 400k a +15 item would cost from 300kk-362.5kk

    Going by my own personal experience with farming, I was farming 2 advanced stones, 4 white stones and 4kk from selling trash per hour which equals to 9.6kk-10.6kk per hour (Let's just say 10kk). So, if you're farming 10kk per hour, it would take a total of 6 hours to achieve +10, 12 hours to achieve +12, 30 hours to achieve +15. (This is going off advanced stones costing 2kk each)

    Now, let's see how much it would cost in dollars to get 125 advanced stones (300kk) - 5 dollars gets you a Level up 30, which then gets you around 20kk in game. It would require 15 Level up 30s to achieve +15, which costs 75 dollars in total. 75 dollars or 30 hours of grinding seems like a fair trade off.

    Now let's see how many days it would take you in order to achieve +15 from grinding a specific amount of hours a day.

    1 hour a day = 10kk per day, 300kk per month (1 +15 item per month)

    2 hours a day = 20kk per day, 600kk per month (2 +15 items per month)

    3 hours a day = 30kk per day, 900kk per month (3 +15 items per month)

    4 hours a day = 40kk per day, 1200kk per month (4 +15 items per month)

    and so on...

    In conclusion, +15 items should be very hard to obtain like how it was in tw/kr. So, with my idea I thought that if you make 1-10 easily obtainable and then make 10-15 incredibly longer/harder, it would make having highly upgraded armor and weapons less common and make the game way more harder in terms of spamming cc dungeons which then would prolong the games life.