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    I have windows 7 64 bits.

    Already checked that the files are read-able. They are... I tried moving to another HD, compatibility mode too... idk what should i do...

    Sorry, i dont have any character created yet, Kirara was the name i used to comment in the development server access request.

    Here it is my txt

    Well, about the Zeni exchange for Cash, it was already proposed for Daneos. I think it would be something like ''EV Cash'' which can be used to buy things like EXP Boosters, popos, etc.

    Also, some equipment to do quest would be a really nice plus, atleast until level 60.

    Al juego claramente le hacia falta un reinicio, No solo por su cantidad de jugadores; si no también por el abuso de bugs, Es algo que les tomo mucho tiempo solucionar, Las bases de datos no son sencillo mover de un cliente a otro, por el simple hecho de que muchos códigos no coinciden de igual manera y esto puede generar mas errores y crasheos de lo normal. Ahora a los latinos jamas se nos tiene en cuenta para nada, en el Reinicio a los mas antiguos no se nos tiene en cuenta ni siquiera 1/4 parte del tiempo invertido, pues muchos llegamos a mas de mil horas jugadas.
    La recompensa de ser lv 30 luego del reinicio es mediocre y sin sentido (igual se agradece no tener que levear desde lv 1) Fácilmente podrían dar premios por cada 100 horas jugadas previamente o algo por el estilo... Cosa complicada de que pase pues la comunidad jamas es escuchada y muchas veces ni el staff es tomado en cuenta.
    Para terminar el reinicio era algo seguro así perdiera en la votación, era algo que ya estaba planeado y de igual manera se iba a realizar.
    pd: fui uno de los que regreso por el hype de que los frezeos se terminaran y por eso no me importa mucho levear de nuevo.

    Si lo hicieran de esa forma los pjs que eran creados sólo por los puntos T se verían muy beneficiado, lo que recaería en una venta masiva de cuentas en sitios como ebay.

    La mejor forma de compensar al jugador es a través de niveles.

    Maybe not a priority, but change the login screen background back to the TW Korin Tower one.

    Or even better, perhaps add a feature where people can choose the login screen background?

    Actually, this one is refreshing... That login isnt that good, its easy to get tired of it. Personally, i prefer the OOLDER one, with the drawing of Goku and Original Dbo characters.

    Actually it won't be for a few days. If they do what you suggested + lvl 70 cap release, it'll be a mess until lvl 70. Instant mob respawn won't help then. Try to imagine how it'll be. If i do,i see (for example) 10 channels. Meaning that the best spots exist 10x. Now add the players into this. Would be too many even if you have instant respawn. Sorry dude, but i see no way of what you want happening. It all goes down to one option: Wipe completely.

    Well, if it is like you say.. then a wipe is needed for every cap level added. Even if there is not any kind of wipe, everything will be a mess the first days because there is A LOT of people waiting for the new cap to play again. Sorry but i dont see that as a valid argument to delete the characters.

    Your point about the items wipe and getting a standard equipment is that it would be ''trash''. My question is: why? If the gear is good enough to do quest meanwhile we get something better... it should be okay.

    People read it, they just don't like it i guess lmao. Also i also said that it'll be too much of a mess. Having all lvl 60 ppl farm with trash gear at all farm spots in every channel will be madness. Even if they add 10 extra channels. Ain't worth it. A 100% wipe is way easier. Will that be messy at the start too? Yes, but ppl literally rush to 30 fast so others would be able to quest in peace. Can't do the same thing with lvl 60 ppl. You can't rush with crap equipment on papaya island lmao. Also some ppl are used to Multiclient so hard, they will literally cry in RL cuz they realize they can't play the game solo lmao.

    Its that hard to deal with that for some days? Really? Daneos can just put instant respawn papaya monsters for some days until the thing calms down and some extra channels, it would be harder to do some farming, but in party you should be able to do quests.

    The problem with wiping everyone's gear is that everyone would be left with a "naked" lvl 60 character that wouldn't be able to farm for new gear. At least by restarting at lvl 1 you can gather materials and zeni as you level up and have quest gear to work with in the mean time.

    When i read those responses its clear that they didnt read my propose to deal with that problem.. God...


    Isn't the game already dead as it is? Or are you satisfied with every channel being 'Not Busy'?

    More than 6 months without a single update, what do you expect?... Almost everybody is waiting for the new client to play again.

    I don t agree with you , people who had high lvls chara will be avantaged because they can farm a new gear faster then others so they can will get stronger in short amount of time , everyone who had a lot of 60 lvls charas used multi client to lvl up them , understand that we need a fresh start understand and admit it . But , about resating chara to lvl 1 and keep the unsurnames would accepteble and ok

    ?? That is what always happens when a new cap is added, that's a stupid argument to do a wipe. Also the multi-client thing is something to be changed and maybe it will be limited, not removed.