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    I wonder what all those who are going to pay cash will think when they see that there are no wagu machines in the new server and what they buy from the store will be linked.

    what he means is that he wonders how people who have already invested a lot of money in the game will react if they see that there will only be scrap such as dogis, vehicles, pet boost, useless bags like z20, z24, z28, vp recovery, pet feed ect. in the cash shop and good things like the wagu, boxes, cc tickets, rare and legendary dogballs may be taken out.

    the register at the bottom of the cash shop contains hidden cash items but is not labeled. if you try to buy it u get this message: "cant find cash item"

    you also have 3 different prices for the exact same item (Dogiball x1).

    You don't know what balancing does mean like the another guy Jorge A. Tellez. Youre typical guy who want boost his class and not balance this game don't comprare fighter to sword.
    Most of fighters have same build they don't even think about max thier RP skill and change shoes to RP for a while its too much effort for them

    1 sec cas time on last lvl is nothing on kamikaze, because needle with its animation taking longer.

    Fighter players are OP they would like RP skill and skill without cast time this is totaly next lvl of autism, sk/ultimate can get RP with shoes only and you have fakin additional 19rp buff.

    and u think if u create every day some new threads and share between your friends will help. everyone know most threads here are fake. its not legit if i see in discord how people try to push it and its always the same people or there are also votes from fake accounts if u create a voting thread. your balancing ideas are also not so good and u also dont pay attention about every other class. otherwise u would be a part of the dbog staff but u are not.

    other thing i dont understand is why you answering your posts like u are angry if someone got another opinion. sometimes i think u are one of the guys who stoped playing long time ago after realizing u cant get some achivements. now u came back and saw how far others are and cant deal with it.

    all what i have done is posting my opinion about sword/fighter which this thread is about and i was neutral. i was just compared sword vs tanky class and fighter vs tanky class.

    lol 612 posts is alot but its ok i dont realy care i just told this becouse u wrote without any arguments and it just looked a little bit stupid. better lets stay on topic. we have enough threads with trashtalk. ?(

    swordsmann already got alot knockdown on his sub skills. with the rp skill u can almost spam it and u want even a blood debuff? why not other debuff? the real problem is the tanky classes are to tanky and that without using the state "% chance to block critical hits" on jacket. its look like they got it passive.

    what u are talking about fighter is not right. in 1vs1 its not stun needle stun needle. mybee vs weak tanker classes but if your enemie got almost same gear or even better crits are rare and if u wont crit and the stun duration is over u can just watch how the oppenent is killing u with their combo skills and debuffs. last hope is only the skill "storm strike". on right timing u can block attacks or even knockdown the opponent to have another chance but if u fail then u are dead. even thunder wont help becouse the opponent can run with dashing until their cd is over then start his combo again.

    fighter cant even use htb or something becouse until u get 1 rp the fight is over. yes u can wear rp shoes and charge when opponent is stuned but u loose time that u can use to make damage so its just useless.

    why u suggest kamikaze goast for fighter wich also got cast time? xD u know its one of the useless skills. why do u not suggest for fighter that they can change the skill effect of "opening róar" to increase rp by 100 200 300?

    opening roar.PNG

    swordsman would even got more rp then now since its from martial artist. You can see that you did not really think about the fighter.

    no updates, nothing what will make sure the same wont happen again. all what u doing with wipe is reset all for nothing and repeat the whole story again. best example pre open beta. if there will be a wipe these people will get rage and make more bots ect.

    I dont know if the new client can guarantee better security. sorry to say that but the staff is not so professional like real companys. what if the same will happen again after the new client? I think there is always someone who can be smarter then daneos and his team... let's see what will happen in the future.:/

    its a little bit late becouse people who got gear from ccbd over +12 will also use it in the first weeks/months of level 70 cap and i dont need to remember you that u already even changed sub class to main class which made the main cc parties even stronger becouse now they can wear both def states. that was not possible before. I think u know that the def states are not so bad and until u will reach more with level 70 items especially after the "new modification"... will be hard. just watch the "rare craft gear" wich is tradeable and the non-tradeable "legendary craft gear" from ccbd. u changed the class thing so it make not realy sens why they still are not tradeable becouse they are not special anymore with the class change. while u always get the same state after crafting in contrast to rare craft items..

    11a.PNG spiri.jpg 11.PNG

    But if then:

    - add the effect of the white stones as they were actually described. broke without white stone deletes the object. -2 is the lowest downgrade u can get and its not so risky for someone with alot upgrade stones.

    white stone effect - Kopie.PNG

    - make white stones special again and cash shop item only. soon or later people will also sell them for zenis to non cashers and u can not sell them overpriced because of the high risk of downgrade. or at least reduce the chance to drop them.

    - remove +1 from green and purple stones. I think with the original downgrade effect u can get, it sould be ok

    - the game needs security and the security also needs updates from time to time or u will always have bots ingame or people who know how to bypass them. I hope with the "new client" u will also have the possibility to add something against hacking tools, botting, bug abuse or duplication tools.

    we will see..


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    u already should know that there are people who offer real money and cash points ect. to top players to play on their account to win budokai for them because they can not do it themselves. thanks to account sharing. events everyday would ruin the game more then it is right now and we already are on the bottom of the game.

    FORBIT the ACCOUNT SHARING again as it was before. its more annooying then use multiclient becouse now u can let also friends play on your other chars. and how u can find out that the account was gifted, sold or something like that?? thats the real problem at the moement.

    i use 6 accounts at the same time and I have to admit that's too much but actually u can contorl max 2 chars in pve or pvp. the other chars can only buff your main chars. there are no real benefits except the token where u can just use the low upgrade stones for items which are tradeable thats all. so before they decide to change it, please forbit the account sharing first.

    there is one thing i dont understand about crafting items. why are craft items which u can get from open world npc and also the materials u need tradeable and can be sold while u can not do the same with craft items from ccbd? they already changed it that u can use both defs (eng and phy) for 1 class. that was not possible before. they also give always the same bad states if u craft something. now its also possible to buy tons of boxes from these machines in west city to get the stats u need.

    my sugestion would be to make cc craft items tradeable like it is with rare craft items or make all craft items bind. they also changed the class thing so i dont see any problems why it should not be like this. or change it back to masterclass only becosue it dont make really sense. The same classes have only gotten more benefits.