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    The inside thought process of these people be like"OMG! so many plebians are catching up to me! Better kick the ladder before they catch up since i am already on top! that is, since i already have all the gears i need, I better suggest it to be made harder before others catch up RIGHT!?"

    btw just to let you know, the ones with 15+ are probably cashers and not tokken farmers, I have been playing since 10th march and i don't even have a complete set of z24 yet (though I am close). so there!

    It's super unfair for melee fighters who are single targets. I spent 5 hours the other day killing mobs my level and only got 1 dragon ball.

    'I spent 5hours' the hunt lasts only 4hours...

    Anyways, one day I was just questing in yahoi fortress and got 6dragon balls on my way! I like the system and I am fine with it!
    and also you make a lot of money if you pick up all the items dropped by mobs, so you make money and farm db at the same time while if you fly, you may not even get any db and lose all your times as well. oh and you also make exp now if you have not reached the level cap already so its all win-win here!

    First off, I don't like how you people say that 'many' people have full upgraded gears by now, Actually I see very very few people with +12-15 gears and most if not almost all the people i meet are stuck at +6-8, I myself have broken my items many times, There is NO reason to make it even worse and what you are suggesting is completely bs, why you may ask? well..

    Problem:- There are too many people with +12 gears or that's what you think the problem is because it's easier for you who have been cashing or grinding like a no life since the very first day/week and even if we consider it as a problem then what your suggestion is, is a very bad idea which will just make people quit and turn away most new players and then server will die because of this and not because 'people will run out of things to do at the end game' what a thrilling experience it is to grind hours and hours to upgrade some armor/weapon (which even isn't or shouldn't even be the main focus of the game) isn't it?

    Solution:- Guess what? The solution already fcking EXISTS! if you upgrade without white stone you can easily break your item and get back to zero and the success rate is sometimes like 35% success,35% fail and 30% break, I know its not accurate but that's what has been happening to me and don't you even dare to shrug it off as 'bad luck', things shouldn't be this luck reliant. We already have a system which brings your item back to zero if you don't use white stones and its not nearly as easy as you say it is to get above +9 and the suggestion you gave is completely unnecessary.

    Suggestion:- Even though it's already hard enough to get a +9 gear as it is, let's make it so you don't only lose the upgrades that you worked/grinded so hard for(hours of grind to get all the stones) but also lose the gear that you worked/grinded for hours and hours to get(the one with good stats). The problem is, or what you are stating it to be is people having highly upgraded they should 'LOSE THE UPGRADES' and 'NOT THE GEAR' and a system is already there for it, using white stones doesn't even guarantee success, it only prevents your equipment from breaking and you still lose -2 ANYWAYS! so please stop posting retarded suggestions!

    I would "Trust in the team." if it wasn't for a certain GM thinking that this is a 'clever' idea.

    Guy who i didn't know that exist until this post telling me what i'm doing, when i will back i will write bigger post for sure.

    yeah i edited that you just cash, yeah sure you must have been playing for a long time so you already have all your sets of items upgraded and you don't want others to catch up and so is the case with people agreeing with you, so freebies will get nowhere unless they cash or become no life.

    PS: You are already giving me cancer as it is, I don't need a bigger one and I also didn't knew you existed before this post..
    ty x)

    Exactly this^

    Woah! Calm the f down! Whinning won't solve the problem! They should just increase the number of days which I have heard they are going to anyways.well or they could increase the drop rate and do something against stealing. Also remove autopots from PvP then we are good and cool.also maybe make inventory cheaper or tweak tokkens a bit. No problems after that then focus on improving the game