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    And the 4 years I played TW, farm, learned all skill's in the game, the best way to farm and quest with all classes
    The best gears, how to get it, how to craft
    all the effort people put into learning the game itself
    What happens with that if you change the game so it fits new people easily?

    First off, why do people even play this game? its 2018

    I can only think off nostalgia, this is a 2010 game after all

    This game does not reflect what the anime is anymore

    Neither does it reflect how the game series has developed in this 8 years

    Só why are people quitting?

    First off, this isn't the game we wanted to play

    Most of us

    -I can't say for everybody, but I can say for everyone I know IRL that gave up on this project-

    Its been 2 months since I last care about the game itself

    I'm not a good player, I never did budokai

    But I have every character available in the game, but only one character lvl 60

    So I think I'm the right mood to give my honest opinion.

    Why is it that I can't enjoy playing?

    I tried every character in the game, but none of then seens to suit me well, why is that?

    Because I'm not playing Dbo Taiwan anymore.

    And that was the game I really liked in this first place, not DBOG

    All the changes the staff made to the game, are for the most, great for developing the game

    But, is only good for newcomers.

    I don't think anyone that plays right know wants to play another game, Sendoku itself fits this example
    He stoped playing Crane, because right now, this class isn't what he used to be.
    and he already quit the game.

    I used to play a fighter in TW, that only had one skill "Strom Strike"

    he's only purpose was to farm U-stones

    and if you inded kept reading until now, you already know why I stoped playing

    this fighter is not the character I wanted to play

    and all those changes aren't good for the game

    making changes is all about getting new people to play the game

    But, this isn't going to work

    as the fell who still playing now

    Problably play since Tw or maybe even since Kr server got released

    I don't know If i made a good point as my english is not that great, but I'm sure if this game keep changing that drastically

    In a fell months all people that are left, will problably stop playing as well

    Basicamente tudo está funcionando, a CC funciona até o andar 90
    Porem, o jogo já está morrendo, afinal já tem 2 anos que começaram o projeto e depois do reset muitos br's abandonaram o jogo

    Com a ultima atualização o evento de esferas do dragão se tornou diário e com horários diferentes em todos os dias (exceto nas quintas)

    Horários do Evento
    Segunda-feira: das 07:00 h às 11:00 h

    Terça-feira: das 11:00 h às 15:00 h

    Quarta-feira: das 15:00 h às 19:00 h

    Sexta-feira: das 19:00 h às 23:00 h

    Sábado: das 23:00 h às 03:00 h

    Domingo: das 03:00 h às 07:00 h

    Vale lembrar que os horários podem ser alterados sem aviso prévio.

    Te garanto que o problema é seu pc, eu mesmo tenho esse problema, como resolvi ? Não resolvi
    A causa do problema é o Antivírus, como eu tenho 3 pcs, jogo em 2, e o que uso pra trabalho não jogo, porque não posso deixar sem antivirus, se você usar o Avast, te garanto só desinstalando pra resolver

    Ok. Which class are u and also once i summoned shenron and he gave me amazin armor

    The game have quests that give you the Dragon Balls,
    But, its like a tutorial for it
    You have to actually drop they from mobs,
    Dragon Ball Hunt Event: [Guide] Dragon Ball Wishes!

    I'm lvl 56 Fighter

    And lvl 46 Swordsman
    and Lvl 42 Poko

    Btw, i starter Swordsman (Because i has lvl 40 Swordsman on Tw)
    And them startet again on fighter because i didnt like the playstyle of SM

    Anyways, you can play which one you like better, SM's are cool asf

    Swordsman isnt a bad class, but its too much focused on Pvp, if you dont enjoy PvP a lot, or is starting to play now, i think you should play Fighter, its an easier class, and its stronger than Swordsman right now
    Btw, you have to get the 7 Dragon Balls and call shenglong for Ssj

    Ah, and you have to be lvl 40

    my profile pic. looks better then this s***. No1 judge passive dodge its life saver vs every class if u faill on kd spam. Here have some fun killing some maggots…0040400101510144501340040

    Not everyone lives for Pvp, i dont care about pvp
    So if you want to show how good you are at the game
    Try doing this by teaching newers to play
    Its better than being an asshole
    Thank's for the build opining though