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    We can, it's not too high a priority though. I've been avoiding most website changes because I just want to rewrite the entire thing later.

    well your focus is in the right place. The game seems nice and stabil, and translations and updates are great. Love the new added content, so thanks for everything so far ^^ Im about to open the game to test the sound, however last time it also worked right as i installed the game. So i guess ill write tomorrow?

    Hard to say, people have sooooooooo many different versions from various points in the Daneos run downloaded. I just updated the links on the website, so if you do a clean install from there, everything should just work.

    Is there any difference to the downloads? Seems the file sizes of the 3 links are all different. Im atm downloading the Direct Download #1. After that ill see if it begins to patch. If not i guess i can download the file you posted earlier to update ^^

    But still though. I dont think we should expect the server to come out today or tomorrow. it seems like daneos would've probably said something

    He might and he might not. For now just expect as much as you want really. Won't harm you to say "Okay, tomorrow is the day" makes you get out of bed motivated, and you won't go to sleep disappointed cause they have already said that the game will be in Pre-Open Beta within the 1-2 weeks. Whitch is... Yeah in about 2-3 days time xD

    So Expect all you want my child! Let the world hear of your excitement!

    Yes i hope it'll have a bright and success future even these days many people often to play games that they can even get crazy of these games..Anyway Dragon Ball is really popular anime, so im sure that many players will join this full of adventures game.I'm waiting for it too.
    I reached only level 26 with one character in Taiwan Dragon Ball Online and then it shut down.Im pretty new to whole Dragon Ball Online i guess.See you around in game, as everyone else.

    i feel there will be many people playing since its a amazing game. got 2 chars to max level and i miss just relaxing at Kokarra or craft gear or just fly around kicking ass xD

    Its been so long since I've played DBO that I've actually gotten nostalgia from the old open alpha

    (remind you I never played the real original dbo cause it shutdown in 2013)

    Never played the original? You will then have a great time when the game releases. It is a game that will forever be close to my heart. And a game that was a huge mistake shutting down.

    Im Just Excited as all hell. Might be tomorrow when i get home from wok and training. Or in 3 days! Been waiting ever since the game shut down for the day i would be able to play again.

    Now getting the chance to help the Dev team with bugs and other things, only makes everything better. I see a bright future for this game. I hope you all do so too :3

    Can't wait to play with ya all in game, and feel the nostalgic feeling for the first time in... Years really xD

    I used to be a DBOR fan, problem was i did not even know of DBOG. If i had i'd have bought a founder pack. But when the game is out, i'll find some other way to support it :3

    All i can say is, let's not hope for perfection. Let's instead jump in on the game on release of the Pre-Open Beta and help them make out game perfect :3

    Does this mean i can go download the game now so its ready for the launch of the pre-open beta? or should i wait for a while?

    Also a general question. will it be possible to somehow in the game to get acces to the dogi that the main char is wearing in the original DBO trailer? or will we not be able to see that Red with black tiger stribes dogi in the game ever?