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    Great Namekians transformation had a downside to it on the anime I believe, where they increase drastically in power and strength but lose their speed along with the change in height and strength.. So I think it's only right that the game based on dragon ball follows suit

    actually, the transformation never affected the user's speed in the show...

    Character Proof:

    character screen.png


    I remember, years ago when I was still in middle school, I was searching everywhere for a Dragonball themed MMO. It was then that I discovered a wiki page for Dragon Ball Online. Pleasantly surprised by my discovery, I quickly searched guides on how to download this intriguing game. I finally got the download for the Taiwan version to work, however discovered a shocking truth: the game wasn't in English. Looking back, I have no idea why I would even think a Taiwan server would be in my native language, but I was disheartened nonetheless. I decided though not to give up and looked for some way to play the game and enjoy it. It was then that I learned of the concept of "patching" games. After again looking at guides (which has become increasingly frequent at this stage), I patched the game and finally logged in for the first time. Of course, my first class was a martial artist, and I planned on becoming a fighter (to be the most like Goku and Vegeta). It was when I punched a squirrel (I didn't know they were called Kowangas at the time, due to my language patch) to death with "wolf fang fist" that I realized I was gonna have fun with this game. I just loved the feeling that playing DBO provided as I fully immersed myself in an environment that I was fascinated with growing up. I was able to blast Kamehamehas whenever I wanted, constantly annoy Shenron, and even go Super Saiyan. Therefore, it goes without saying that I was truly crushed when the Taiwan server shut down and thought I would never be able to play in that environment again. But, much to my surprise, the DBO Global team has successfully resurrected the game I enjoyed so much, and I'm so thankful they did! :D:thumbup:

    Even so, a single server wipe (that's expected nonetheless) is much better than what happened to the original DBO 4 years ago...i'm just glad we can play again, regardless of the fact i'll have to start over.


    masterclass lol?

    they are not in the official ranking maybe they are devs testing out the masterclass system? (worst case scenario: they are hackers considering their names, lol)

    Edit: they are on the official list now...but they are lvl 70 (definitely testers)

    That seems to be the case, every time or... every other time, it seems shenron is summoned DBO crashes.

    on a Dragon Ball Offline server, when a person would try to summon Shenron when Shenron was already summoned, the whole server crashed. It is probably something like that (people are not patient enough and click the "Arise, Shenron" button too early"). I know it is not just summoning Shenron the correct way, because I was one of the first people to summon Shenron (after waiting) and nothing happened.

    Summary: Don't summon Shenron when he is already there...

    does it matter which server we create characters on? I know South America should go up first (from reading the other posts), but does that mean we should wait for the server we want or just get our names?