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    Believe me i'm as excited for the update as you all are, but you have to give the man some slack, some chance to breath it's not easy to do what he does and especially not easy when he's alone doing it.

    We waited Years for the game to eventually come back and you guys are acting in a childish way concerning the Master Class, he said Soon, it may be a day, a week , a month or even a year.

    When i started the game and i logged in i saw that 1 server wasnt there any more does someone know why?

    You probably man a channel was removed.

    Probably alien invasion. Saiyans are back.

    I couldn't agree more, let's just hope it's Gohan that invaded us , that weak brat wouldn't stand a chance even with his Weak ass super Shitty-Ayan

    Now the thing i actually want to say is that, you guys actually made it to the point where we can discuss something without having a fight over the smallest thing, so big up for that.
    By far one of the best posts out there, very litterate and the long texts make it even more enjoyable , let's continue this way.
    I think this is how the Dragon Ball Online community is supposed to be, heck the whole Dragon Ball community should be like this.

    If you didn't like Dragon Ball Super , then you're not a true DB fans.
    essentially, DBS has done everything right this far, bringing back the old Dragon Ball spirit which is tournaments and challenges WHICH follows the way of the Original Manga.
    You're approaching this matter in 3 case way ( Animation/ Characters / Power ) which are not in even the slightest way the criteria you judge an anime for.
    When you're talking about Vegeta not having his pride anymore, i can tell you that His pride has never been Up to this point, Vegeta at some point in the Anime was equal to Goku before revealing the Super Sayain God Super sayain KAIOKEN x10 ( and yes i'm approaching this in its technical name.)

    About Videl, Have you ever had a baby ? do you even know how much sacrifice you have to put in them ? For me it's god damn right that she has that kind of character, basically you're telling me that she should have the same character that she has when she was a teenager, without responsibilities, without a wife duty ? the same thing happened with Chi-Chi, but we all know that Chi Chi had a bad temper from the start. ( For Fuck sake even GOKU is afraid of her ).

    Now the point i'm agreeing with you in , is the weakness that Gohan shows, man is that the same Sayain that has beaten Cell ? NO WAY , that new Gohan Brat is making me so angry each time i have to see his dumb ass face , you're saiyan FFS go fight not teach.
    Even VEGETA admitted that between all the sayains Alive, GOHAN has the most potentiel yet he's wasting it all, i wouldn't be surprised if he can't hold super saiyan for long.

    And then finally there's Beerus, In a 1 vs 1 combat against Goku , Goku doesn't stand a chance, statistically Goku has around 50-60% Power that Beerus has, he would destory him if he shows his true power and true potential, He's a GOD OF DESTRUCTION, i don't think Goku will ever be at his level if he himslef doesn't become a God.

    DBOG => Exists ( constant updates, ACTUAL PREOPEN BETA,Excellent community ...etc )
    DBOR => Doesn't exist ( Nothing )

    that pretty much sums it up

    Again, one of the stupidest posts here, Asking the SAME questions at different times, with a hope of a different answer.
    NO, for the F-ing 12639775 Billion times, it's just an update and your account will not be erased for the moment ( but i certainly hope it does get erased BECAUSE THIS POST GAVE ME CANCER ).

    Thank god there'll be a wipe, it's bullshit to keep chars from a bugged version of the game, we're supposed to test and ya'll are crying about wipe etc when you don't even test and report stuff, u guys aren't useful at all

    Even if we did report stuff , Daneos is working on specific things right now such as MC, TLQs , TMQs , UDs .
    it'll only be distraction if we post about it , i already wrote down a bunch of bugs i've found with skills especially the KAIOKEN, yet i'm waiting for the right time to create a post and talk about them IF it hasn't been done before.
    Don't judge people only becuase you do a little part of the job, we ALL do in a way, even the one that doesn't report at all he IS participating in the developpement of the final version of the game.

    Since it'll be a big update, i don't think it'll be available in the next hours, even days, my interpretation of Daneos's "Soon" is something like a week or two , since he still have to work on TMQs.

    Ok so half of this forum is either dumb or they're joking.
    The server that Orizon Gaming is working on is a complete different server than DBOG.
    Of course it's not related to DBOG, the open Beta will start when Daneos says so, please stop posting about everything you hear or see.

    Petit récapitulatif , elle sera peut etre dans la Pre Open Beta , pour l'instant Daneos travaille sur les bugs importants, le serveur est assez stable , s'il finis avec les bugs sa sera le tour des UDs je pense.

    I don't know what these people expect from a pre open Beta ? you guys should be grateful that the server is up running, a week ago there was no such thing as DBO for 95% of this community, atleast now you get to see the progression of the game and help the Devs with bugs.
    Shut up and thank god.