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    I have a different opinion about vehicles (*please note my opinion only represents me and not the dbog team on this manner)

    having the vehicles and fuel as not a permanent fixture is a good thing as it works as a forum of zeni sink for the game to the non casher maybe add red fuel in token shop.

    as for the cashier I think fuel is fine as it is.

    yes box I talked about the cash because that was what came to my head first haha xD

    tokens can also be used for liquid fuel S3 (permanent) is perhaps a more "viable"

    Daneos it would be possible to leave the Liquid Fuel by cash (pernament) just like the motorcycles / cars because I think it's a bit sad to always have to buy several times .. as long as it lasts up to 30 days (that's enough) I in my opinion could be permanent could even increase prices but make them permanent

    How could it be an abuse if a player is buying it? No one is forced to buy, and moreover if there is actually a way to obtain it with quests. The Flight Quest Chain isn't hard (only a tad long) and it costs nothing.

    I know but could not change from cash to tokens in case?

    and you know that there are many players that prefer buying rather than doing the quest so I said that it is "hard" in my point of view .. for me who sells and as much as for those who buy is a form of "abuse "although it is not forced the person to buy but even then I do not see the need to have this option to be sold a skill understand?

    is a personal opinion mine .. because in the case ja by tokens the person would have to play to get the skill if not do the quest

    sorry if I'm being offensive but it's my opinion.

    add Flying skill (all class) fLY_SKILL.png?1505697362 price maybe 3k or 3,5 like dogis

    sorry but I think it's an abuse this is a skill bought for cash or even be sold by other players for "prices" rather high.

    in my case I did the "hard" mode that many think would be doing the quests but additional tokens would be a good idea

    and EV. potions (STR/ENG/SOL/SPD/CON) EV._POTIONS.png?1505696799

    First of all, sorry if I'm talking bullshit I have not yet seen how it works .. but it stays ON at all CH?

    because I believe that it can be equal to the DBO TW / Kr a specific channel just listen to this event or 2, because basically scramble is a "PK event " so if it is in all the CHs will always have the sluts that kill others just for "fun" and there will always be complaints about it, so if it is in a specific channel the player who is in that channel will know that he can not complain about being killed by someone already would be a "CH PK"

    Sorry, but in which GMT?

    Freezer in anime but this one is another person who looks like freezer and he is called "Freeza".

    Back to topic: Anyone has suggestions about schedules?

    not well a suggestion but could say what differentiates the items from the normal spheres for these

    I'm not saying of rare or legendary or level but rather in status

    "Example" with the sheron stick you get 7% crit dam.

    Does this shenron's stick do the same thing as standard or not?

    and the rings and earrings

    a tradução PT-BR ta "old" comparada com a atual ingles

    ja esta no "update 10" de tradução e enquanto a BR ta 3 ou 6 se nao me engano por isso crasha por ter arquivos ja "corrompidos"

    OK, LET'S GO
    U60.png?1505696757 Upgrade stones until U60 MAX (because until 50 it's easy to drop at least I think so)

    popo_tp.png?1505697324 CheckPoint TP

    EV._POTIONS.png?1505696799 EV. potions (STR/ENG/SOL/SPD/CON)

    fLY_SKILL.png?1505697362 Fly Skill (for lazy people who do not like to do the EASY quest) and also to stop this abuse of selling this skill

    exp_bosst.png?1505697297 Scroll EXP 30% (31- 49 maybe)

    pet_xp.png?1505697156 Pet XP YES (there between the medium and the high there you choose :P)

    popo_self.png?1505697500 Self Popo (PLEASE xD) / Popo Candy

    carro.png?1505697555 Other vehicles (I suggest these cars xD)

    And finally other dogis (I suggest the old dogi that were made by recipes released almost at the end of the game before it was closed) who is old school knows what I'm talking about :D

    about CCBD coupons it is better to place F51 or F51 + floors on CC machines than to sell by Tokens so as to "mater the difficulty" of getting them still

    como deleta char atualmente tentei fazer no modo antigo que eu mesmo havia postado a algum tempo mas não é mais desse modo xD

    antes que me perguntem ja tentei as senhas