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    Go play another one game mr fantastic if you want only blame Daneos. That's not your first post with your cry about craft rate etc. Daneos is doing good job and ppl re only crying. That's make crazy everyone. Don't ve real life except playing DBOG or crying forum all the time?

    Yea MaoMao, Daneos changed TW version for the KR cus second one is free of freezes and working smoothly on WIN10 also he got right now possibility to modify almost all files so can easy to implement any new content etc. However the reason why flying system and pets re not wkorking atm is some bug in code and developer is workin about reapir it and ofc upgrade system gonna be changed aswell, atm is pure KR version with small changes so.. We ve to wait Daneos repair major bugs like random crashes for exemple when you try to throw away/destroy any items from the capsules during killing mobs or when appers on the screen any other player.. so annoying.

    Checking it rn.

    Just tried all the buffs. No crash

    Just was farming dbs on the red map. I had all the buffs of the Ultimate Majin and Turtle Hermit buffs like Spiritual Damage Breaktrough and Clear Mirror Index same my friend "Nobuffek" got all the Ultimate Majin buffs till lv54 and Turtle Hermit buffs. All was good till random crash. He was the first to get a random crash by aggro mobs i guess and can't log in on the character anymore simillar issue with me i got a crash 2-3 mins after him and can't log in on my character called "Zuzia" however i can log in to other characters in the same account. Maybe combination of buffs Turtle Hermit and Ultimate Majin causes issue with log in on the character after random crash. Dunno. Is there any option to reset my character to any place and remove all the buffs to check if this is the reason?

    Again insta crash. After i recived buffs from the ultimate majin like props etc i can't log in on my character "Zuzia". I guess buffs re the reason of insta crash. Can You do something with this? Cheers. Same my friend is playing as buffer called "Nobuffek" he also can't log in after crash.

    just installed fresh windows10 on another partition and aio-runtimes package, seems workin.. anyway i had that instant crash on my previous win10 after luncher download update with tlq3 repair, ve to check if this is connected somehow


    Upload dbolog.txt

    Also the character "Kirara" dont exist.

    1. Client.exe caused BREAKPOINT in module "E:\Program Files (x86)\Dragonball Online Global 2\Client.exe" at 0023:00805A92