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    who play this game ??? a lot of PVP, nice PVE and gathering , with no quest to LVL because used a nice system of progress --- in a lot of lenguaje to play... very nice to try

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    a lit review
    the sandbox world is divide in black/red zone where this map are PVP/PVE where you can Pk other player any time, where you can pk other players inside of the dungeon or where the other players is farming recurses !!! (always alert in pvp map) and the blue/yellow map is pve you cant kill other player but the recurses and loot is less better

    You can fight for safe zone in black territories in guild vs guild (gvg) and 1 time every months all safe zone where reset and you then try to capture in a zvz , this means alliances of many guilds vs other alliances

    and the most fun if you kill other player in black/red zone you can steal the stuff of the other player :D

    random video of guild vs guild in randon map in black zone

    randon party ganking a other party in a dungeon in black zone

    ok, to be more specific : ! balance of class ¡, all player say nerf this skill ,fix that skill , re-calculate this formula for this....for a well long time all players had said this.... well its time if you put out this heal-help in budokai.

    yeah is hard work but is necessary, when you avail the autopot in budokai saying is the only way to equiparate " THIS IS THE PROBLEM BECAUSE YOU NEED A OBJECT PAY TO WIN TO EQUIPARATE WITH THE OTHER CLASS", is obviusly.

    it may be questionable if you have senzu beans and regular pots enabled, maybe modify the use CD only in budokai or modify the percentage of healing done in budokai, or maybe only these two objects leave their use enabled since they are not p2w objects that you want for playing.

    NO autopots,senzu beans, Food Buff and regular pots in BUDOKAI, it's supposed to be a fair tournament where you only have to fight until you lose, without the use of autopots, senzu beans, regular pots and Food Buff, it's almost a joke that can still be used

    We already know that, but it is not only that, there are some errors like for example, the debuff of 10% decrease defense is not stacked and it should. 611d3168-03e2-4167-b5bf-b1a311c4e5fa.png

    Yes, that bug need fix and if the mob never call for help and dont come in groups to attack need to fix too,

    But the mob more stronger that should be verified once the above mentioned has been solved, with this verify if the damage is correct (try with partys with an upgrade from +6 to +9 maybe).

    do not lend your gear to another player if you scary for the bind, now the craft gear is questionable because in retail dbo never have this bind Mode, the solution "bind coin" drop for UD/TMQ/BID at least one per dungeon (maybe this drop in difficulty Hard) is good but should be carefully analyzed to not transform this into p2w.....

    the game is already full of player what have +15 (the majority for the bug and for having bought this for real money), other have +15 buying white stone and really upgrading without bugs(buying cash and spend time) and this is ok.

    now the Dbo Team need to work in the drop of UD/BiD so that the Drop(legendary) does not Bind when the player picked up, with this you can selling and make Zeni.

    now the token store maybe can be like the Hk/Chinese retail dbo, Example: with 300/400 tokens you buy a u70

    the nerf of skill is compressible, because all classes were never well balanced in DBO TW... this need a lot of work and time to make happy to all player, and the reality it's very difficult to make everyone happy.

    it is easy to criticize only, but if criticism contributes possible solutions to be able to have a greater advance in the game

    PD: my english is very bad but i dont care.

    Speaking of a new big update, I would see it for the PVE content, since it is true that several players have left for not having content (pvp / pve), working in tournament I do not find it so important (for now) See the game is full of people +15 +13, when this in any version of dbo retail (tw / hk / kr) was very difficult, a tournament will only make the players more uneven.

    Maybe to keep the game and generate a little gains, you could put only the budokai tournament, for people to buy cash to improve their equipment, but you must put PVE content even if it is one bid of the 3 from papaya.

    That is my humble opinion.

    the problem here is this: Dende has nothing to do in LV 70, no BID from Papaya, CC 150 or 120 at least, farm is a problem for a dende (to slow), It is assumed that the dende can do zeni with the drop of TMQ UD(selling the drop), but these do not have an adequate drop rate fix yet, so there is no motivation to go to spend time, better go to BID knowing that you can drop something lv 70 worthy to go to tmq or UD to drop something lv 60 that maybe you Take a long time to sell it.

    i am Dende lv 70 and the game suck for this class right now, no joke is boring , maybe you can say "oh lvl up another Pj for Funny" but With LVL up a dende you have enough with the time that you dedicated to leave it 70

    only can wait to @Daneos put BID or more floor from CC, i dont know men... but right now the game for this class suck when you have the max lvl.