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    First of all, that fighter has a very low e. def. How do I know? The gear that quests give always has a higher p. def and that being said, we can clearly see that this particular fighter was rather poorly geared. That is the reason why you did so much damage.

    Now in the second video, your gear isn't all that great tbh and getting 7k dmg with that kind of gear while being level ~50 is pretty decent. That mob probably had a higher e. def than that fighter in the first video. The update fixed everything and now its harder to play the game, yes. However, damage calculation is the same as in the original TW DBO.

    It was way too easy to play compared to the original DBO and I'm glad Daneos fixed everything. Stop complaining, gear up and you'll do decent damage. The only class that can deal a buttload of damage in one hit is crane hermit. You could reach even 500k dmg with good gear ;)

    P.S. only now did I notice that this fighter dealt ~3k dmg with crit on you. His gear was so poor that I am guaranteed you'd do decent enough damage at lvl 40 on him.

    I would definitely agree with level caps. Although, a bit different from original.
    They could be orientated at UD's and Dungeons. Or, every lvl cap could be increased by 5 lvls. (e.g. lvl 20(clearing first map)>25(getting UD1 and TMQ1)>30(getting Master Class and adult)>35(getting TMQ2)>40(getting transformations/farming UD2)>45(getting uh... TMQ3?)>50(getting TMQ4)>55(getting TMQ5 and 6 if I recall)<60(getting TMQ7)>65(well.. I dunno much about this)>70(end game fun with Bacterian and etc. I don't know lvls of other UD's)).
    Now let's imagine that one cap would take around 1 month or a bit more (higher level cap - higher the duration of it). That would mean that devs would have aprox 1 year to work on something new and unreleased content.

    I want to make this quick.

    My opinion about Closed/Open Alphas and Betas - nonsense. This kind of thing is not for this kind of a project. You should have made that Closed Alpha silent with a few players and then release public release (while not stable, for example Aura Kingdom private server, Ninja Saga. These games came directly to Open Alpha state and were updated from time to tame. Basic structure was tested in so called "Closed Alpha"). Now you are just teasing people. I know you want more fans but releasing server for everyone to come is the best choice.

    You should pick lvl caps and use the time to update the game and fix the bugs. The first lvl cap could be lvl 25 or something close to this. You could have this cap for 2 months if you want. People would be happy. You would have enough time to fix stuff. And then you could raise lvl caps by 5 lvls from time to time.

    Also, a lot more people would report bugs. Of course it would be harder but your community would grow stronger.

    If anything, exp rate might even be decreased (I'm talking about quests). Mobs should give the same amount of EXP. DBO wasn't hard. It never was boring for me to level up to max level any character.

    Some keys could be distributed to ppl depending on their country. I mean a country can get 2-3 keys. Now this way ppl could check how stable is server for people from all around the world aaaand a variety of players would be big + it seems kind of fair to me.
    Another thing is that I agree with you. Tho keys should be distributed to the most active users with most posts made (admins have an access to this kind of info).

    So did i.. i used 49 on my armor and only got crap.. I saved one box and when i got that ring, i thought to myself screw it i'm gonna use it.. and bamm there it was.. Stupid thing was that DBO was closed 2 weeks later.. :rolleyes:

    You've got the best thing when you didn't really need it. Never expect good things in DBO and they will happen ;D I mean, I was just leveling my Human at like lvl 23 and got 3 dbs out of nowhere :D

    ehhh, just one thing - implement those green skill reset books (the ones that resets your skill points) into merchants Skill Reset masters so everyone could buy them. Because in original DBO you'd only be able to reset your skills if you are a casher or if you baught them for insane amount of money. Like, if you are lvl 30 you can reset skills for aprox 40k zeni and after that (if you let's say are level 31) you need to buy a damn green book for real life money or for ~130kk zeni. THAT"S MILIONS OF ZENI. And lots of players later regret their builds but they just don't have enough money for that. That.... was a dumb idea. Everyone should be able to reset their skills. Of course the price would range depending on level.

    There should be some kind of a repeatable/daily quests to get wagu coins. Also bosses should drop one always. The difference between original server is that it will be easier to get wagu's and items from wagu wagu machines but the chance of getting good item should be lower. That way prices won't be that high in AH. Plus everyone will work hard so they don't need to buy everything or cash. We could get wagus for completeing secific quests and such.

    Some cheap, not really nice or rare in original DBO dogis could be given as rewards for completing story line of each map.
    A chest that contain better dogi items (hats, back items and etc) could have a small chance to drop from bosses of TMQ's, UD's, CC.
    Rarest dogis should drop from event bosses, or could be optained during event from token shop, Wagu Wagu and that kind of stuff.
    hmm and finally some rare dogis could drop from lets say Bacterian, Cell-X and Kraken. Those could only be obtainable that way like end-game hell kind of stuff. Because if speed will be capped those dungeons won't be as easy as in original servers.
    The same way goes for mounts.

    I saw similar stuff in another MMORPG. Actually it is kind of fun.

    Those who say that speed is good uncapped - you are lazy. It's just too simple. Have you ever tried completing any of those end-game dungeons without att.speed? Srsly you don't even need to have good more than +10 gear to complete them with speed. It doesn't make sense. It's an end-game dungeon so how can people complete it in less than a minute? Just grow a pair and you won't need any att.speed at all. Caping at 50-60% is the best thing. However I've seen in other MMORPG's that att.speed not only increases how fast you move but also decreases the duration of skill casting, skill animation and in some decreases CD (but we don't need that because there is a seperate stat for that).