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    Oi Hodar,

    os atributos mais importantes para o espiritualista e o turtle é a CON e FOC (em um terceiro lugar sería ENG como falou o suya22).

    CON vai aumentar essencialmente a sua vida (LP): essa classe sobrevive com life points e nao esquivando como os fighter. Tem que pegar CON na armor.

    FOC vai ajudar com a precisao dos seus ataques: o hitrate vai aumentar. Assim, com mais FOC (focus), é mais provável de atingir os mobs ou os enemigos.

    Nas armas tem duas opçoes: a opçao classica é pegar sempre o dano critico energetico. Essa pode ser usada no PVP e tambem no PVE. A segunda opçao é pegar speed, para fazer dano com o dps do ataque basico.

    Entao acho que o essencial seria o seguinte:

    jaqueta [PvE] : CON
    jaqueta [PvP] : FOC
    calças [PvE] : CON
    calças [PvP] : CON ou FOC.
    botas [PvE] : CON com um pouco de DEX se puder
    botas [PvP] : CON

    Luvas: e crit
    varinha: e crit

    speed para PVE em ambas

    Vai ser mais facil e completo se voce puder ler esse post em ingles:
    Turtle Guide.

    Pode mandar mensagem se precisar de mais alguma coisa.

    Cool, but I'd say it's a suggestion ahead of its time. There are other things to implement or to improve that are more feasible.

    But then that makes it harder to find good gear you can use, and it's not like you can't sell that either

    Good gear isn't supposed to be easy to get. The Auction house is another way to interact in the mmo world. You sell to buy other items you want or need. If you only could get race specific gear then the auction house would have a low amount of namek and majin gear, as the majority of players pick human. This will have a negative impact on future majin or namek players: the scarcity of items will make the price go up, thus making it even harder for them to get good gear. We want diversity and having drops from all races is needed as far as I am concerned.

    I believe people farm not only to get items for themselves, but also to sell in the auction house and/or for other characters. I would agree with the food items thing because you won't be selling that and it's mostly for personal use, but armor and weapons/subweapons I have to disagree.

    I think this should be a sticky thread. I am pretty sure that Many dbo players are new to mmos like me: the db world has lots of fans that want to live the experience in a game where you can interact with other players (apart from DBXV, original dbo was available before and more importantly, it runs in most computers so not someone with a gamer build can play it and really enjoy it). With DB Kai and DB Super a new generation is also joining, so there is plenty of players that are first timers in this kind of games or just really young. Sure, not everyone will read this thread (as many that don't even seem to have time to read a FAQs or info about the game in this forum), but I want to believe it will help. At least, you could refer to the MMO etiquette thread whenever someone is clearly unaware of this in another thread. It's a good piece of information that will improve everyone's experience. Thanks Kamekameman.

    Hi boys and girls,

    I am looking for a guild to go and level up together, be helpful and have fun. I am a level 35 spiritualist and I frankly enjoy the game to its full extend when I interact with other players.

    My IGN: Arubaru

    Whisper me!

    Welcome !
    I personally didn't manage to download and try the game when it was on "official" servers, so I'm discovering it here. So, if we come to meet ingame (Probably Syrah, my human Martial Artist), feel free to say hi, and to give me a few tips too ;)

    Have fun !!

    Sure thing, will be glad to help new players, I remember the old days, it wasn't all that easy. Anyway, you new guys are lucky, the people in dbo global are really doing a great job!

    Hi guys, I'm Arubaru!

    I'm an old player from TW SV1, my two main characters were Son Arubaru (Turtle Hermit) and Skeller (Shadow Knight) at the time I used to play.

    Maybe we've met a few times before and I'm pumped to try the pre-open beta and enjoy some more this game.

    Anyway, I just downloaded the game and I'm currently installing it, so hopefully we'll meet ingame. I know everything will be wiped out for the real open beta but still, it would be fun to find a guild or just pals to hang out with, maybe some from that same server (although I had a couple chars in server 2 too.

    Well that's pretty much it, hope to be active in the forum! :)