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    I´ve actually played it on all the servers that are currently available (like Joymax (or whataver it called now), AeriaGames and the korean versions too.) I spent likely most all of my Summers in there, but one day i was actually bored that there were no PvP on the european version, no New events ecc, so i stopped.
    It was a good game,IT WAS.

    The recent developers (Gameking) seems doing their best to resurrect this game, they held new event in every month, release new dungeon (xuan raid and zhuqi raid) and this sept 6th they will release new dungeon baihumon raid, and they promise to add susanoomon and PvP (kaisergreymon and magnagarurumon is already released)

    What server do you guys play on?
    EDIT:And what character do you guys recommend to start with?

    im from barba, but every server is good i think, it has their own community and interesting people
    for now i think keenan krier is the best tamer for his tamer skill, and if u ask about starter digimon...well... i dont recommend using starter lol :dlol: once u get a good digimon like X-veemon, raptordramon+ryuudamon ( can be joggres to Alphamon Ouryuuken the best digi so far), impmon (beelze has the highest DPS), or whatever digi u want, stop leveling starter :dlol:

    hahahaha ok ill be honest :comcom12:
    this game is already lost lots of players, its cuz the new owner right now (gameking) is really money oriented, every event they held is about cash items. players hate that and one by one start leaving the game
    also cash items become so expensive its unaffordable by newbie, its cuz players rarely buy cash items
    if gameking wont do anything to repair all of the damage they've done, im sure DMO will be gone in the near future :dcry:

    I use to play it but got bored of it, mostly because there was no PVP mode.
    What you could do there, is do quests and do everything you can to get a lot of "new" digimons you like.

    for me i still have long way to go, im lv99 already but im still aiming for the top
    my equipment is enough to get 1st rank on devimon raid, but im still aiming higher XD
    and in these recent months gameking added new dungeon with good equipment drops

    idk if this is the right place to ask,
    i already installed new english patch but it seems quest in korin village (quest lv20-23) havent translated yet
    some quest didnt give pointer or direction so i dont know wut should i do to finish it...

    There's korean version of the game called kdmo, but i recommend global one
    This game is free to play and only need pretty low spec pc
    Go hunt eggs, hatch, evo, powerup ur digimon and become the best tamer in the digimon world :D

    anyone here playing Digimon Masters Online? its a good game, i've been playing it for 2 years and still active
    here's some screenshot of the game in case u wanna try it XD