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    Will do. I personally dont really like long ranged classes, I rather be up close and stay on the offensive as this is a playstyle I enjoy a lot but maybe the long ranged classes in DBO will change my opinion. :)

    Hello Ayame,

    As I mentioned in the introduction thread I made, I am a big fan of your work so it would be an honor to use one of your original creations as my avatar. :D

    Request: Avatar form
    Size :: 192x192
    Character or person you want on it :: Vegeta SSB (Big fan of Vegeta)
    Link to picture you want used if you have one (If not I will find one myself): I did some searching last night but sadly I haven't found anything good maybe you have better luck?
    Text you want if any? : "Brechtts" in the first main line. "Power of a God" in tiny format under the name if possible
    Anything extra on it? : Nah, just an epic picture xD

    THANKS and take all the time you need :thumbsup:

    Since you still haven't chosen the master class, I would recommend you go DW because the bugs seem to support them much more than SKs (Also Bold Strike isn't as strong as it was)

    Hm, I see. Well like most new people I read a lot of forum Posts to see which class had which task and weapon. After reading through a loot of comments I chose to pick SK, SM (trunks fan) and fighter (Even tho fighting with a stick is less appealing to me)

    I was like yes I am new to this game so lets use this pre open beta to learn jouw to play AND get some knowledge of THE classes I am interested in.

    So sure SK being one of my fave I hope these bugs get fixed before open beta because SK class Is more appealing to me and I would always choose a axe over claws. This pre open beta is like a rehersal to get used to to them before open beta starts xD but ay thanks for your advice, Ill be sure to check DW out aswell :D

    Yo man,

    My Ign are Brecht (namekian) and Sbrecht (Human)

    I have only been playing for like a week now so my friend list is still a bit empty aswell... Hopefully I'll see you ingame mate :thumbsup:

    Hello everyone, I've been playing this game for almost a week now and I LOVE it. While playing it, I've been closely reading the different posts on this forum, only to see that you guys are so nice and friendly. So this morning I was like "Hmm, let's make my introduction official". So yeh, here I am rocking a Shadow Knight at the moment and hoping to catch you all online some time to play! My IGN = Brecht (Hehe Belgium names are always available xD)

    PS: Ayame, yesterday I stumbled upon your shop while scrolling through the recent posts and I just wanted to say "GREAT WORK!!!" :D