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    I agree with you. The game has 12 subclasses, and less than half of them are META for the PvE end game content.

    Karma, SK, Ult, Dende are basically good at everything. While classes like DW, Plasma, Sword, Fighter, Grand Chef are good only for some things, ie are well restricted to the content of the game. I never got a chance to see someone calling Plasma, Sword or Fighter to party in global chat. And this is being written by someone who has a SK as main.

    I do not say to nerf the usefulness of Dende, Ultimate, SK, Karma and Poko. I say to make the other classes less restricted in the same content stirring with speed or giving some other way.

    So since prop is working properly, maybe it's an RIP for turtles at PvE party, since buffers will probably achieve greater damage with spins together with karma and poko movement speed buffs than a proper class that supposedly should have the best AoE damage from the game. As kidunseen said in another topic.

    And once again the party becomes more restricted.

    The problem of the majority of the Community (Martial Artists) is to create a PVP character and then complain that they can't party in PVE content.

    The problem of minority community (mighty majin) is to main a SUPPORT without knowing the real meaning and objectivity of your role on an RPG. So they think it's OK to have buffs that make themselves in some sort of tank with a high resistance and with healing along with two skills that do more damage than a mage (DPS) does. It is quite normal for them to be substitutes of a DPS class and assemble a party like this: tank, healer, support, support, support.

    I have a friend who currently plays only for being "Dragonball" and laugh when I tell nonsense like this. He is a veteran player of Guild Wars 2, one of the games that have more balanced PVP/PVE that exist in the current market of MMORPGs. So people who defend this logic that they put in the game should only know Dragonball Online as "RPG" or any other cheap shit like that, and are usually the same people commenting on topics about balancing: "nerf this and that".

    I would leave my opinion here, but I see that things are getting tense. What I see most here are people who rather than being objective in their arguments with the context of the topic, create texts attacking certain classes, as an argument, that has nothing to do with the context of the topic, clearly trying to push their arguments through throat, camouflaging their own intentions besides repeating the same things said before.

    I'm out.

    Let me remind you of what you wrote.

    Turning your opinion into a personal attack is just pathetic.

    Am I really using my opinion to attack someone? And so you wrote it:

    All of the people who are playing for free need to accept that they are only doing so because of the people who are contributing, stop crying.

    Really? OK, next...

    Your arguments are nonconstructive and poor, and you are completely and utterly missing the point.

    You are to caught up in your own interests to see the point being raised here.

    Really? Lets check what you wrote:

    I can't win them in WAGU, I am just throwing my money away, it is ridiculously unfair that others are winning these things and I am not. This is a massively unfair system.

    Is this a joke? Am I seeing my own interests or are you?

    I have already suggested they raise the reward for killing the boss, and also adding them to the cc loot table, You obviously scanned right past that.

    Easy to say that after reading my reply and editing your first post about 7 times.

    Selling items for zenie and then buying what you want with it is exactly the thing that has broken this game economy.

    Every f2p MMORPG that sells exchangeable items in cash stop is like that and the economy of many of them is not broken. Even some paid MMORPGs with exchangeable cosmetics is like that.

    Everybody would get bored and stop playing? Like they will anyway a few months after 70 cap. Well as things are now, people may well feel like rage quitting and charging back their purchases because they cant get what they want.

    Anyway, I'm done talking to you.

    Speak perphaps for yourself and for those who will leave because they can not charge $500 in the game and be full + 15 with max stat instantly.

    Yeah yeah... See you again in April Fools Day next year.

    Please add these in.

    I can't win them in WAGU, I am just throwing my money away, it is ridiculously unfair that others are winning these things and I am not. This is a massively unfair system.

    WAGU is a "slot machine." No one's forcing you to spend your cash points on a slot machine. It's the same as going to the Casino and complaining to the owner that you're just losing money. It's luck. If everyone put money and had everything handed down by Daneos, everyone would be bored and stop playing.

    I am not willing to pay 2kk for 1 brown box, which is what people are asking for due to the demand being hugely more than the supply.

    Then spend your cash on something else and make zeni selling to players, then buy brown boxes. Or you can simply suggest that they increase the reward by killing the world bosses. lol

    Being able to buy them directly will help the game economy as demand wont hugely outweigh supply anymore.

    Of course it's going to be great for the economy. You will be able to buy 300 of them and exchange for equipment, as the main currency of the game will be brown boxes again.

    All of the people who are making significant contributions to this server seem to overwhelmingly support adding brown boxes.

    Only in this topic have four or more that contribute to the game and do not support this idea.

    All of the people who are playing for free need to accept that they are only doing so because of the people who are contributing, stop crying.

    Good Ad hominem argument. Congratulations, you really know how to argue your ideas.

    Cashers will always be better geared than non cashers in this game. There is nothing that is going to change this. People will use the cash shop to make zenie regardless of what is in there and buy what they want anyway.

    It always will be, but there's no need to make it more p2w than it already is, correct?

    Let me correct your last sentence:

    Being able to buy them for cash points will allow people me a better chance to get what I want for a moderate outlay of cash, rather than the gambling system in place, which seems to be there solely to make as much money as possible with zero care to the balance of the game just preventing me and others from getting things easier and screwing the economy of the game by buying a lot of boxes and swapping for equipment, besides getting rich easier than already is.

    It is actually this system that has completely destroyed the economy in the game already in the past, and we are not even out of 55 cap want to bring it back.

    It's hard to drop anything good, but with boxes being sold at cash shop, it would be another way for cashers to fill their pockets with zeni while they can still try to get max stats. Don't you think?

    If they let them use buffs before enter, then it would not be mandatory to have an ultimate in group. He'd stand outside, use buffs and then the others would come in.

    The concept of the crit party part is what this game should be. I mean, where have you ever seen a buffer (support) doing more damage than a DPS class on bosses? These spins destroy even DWs and SKs...

    The only way for a Turtle to go Kraken and Cell with unknown people is if it were possible again to use buffs before enter dungeon, or if they nerf speed.

    People are preferring to take two buffers that have two spins with 1min + CD than take a buffer + Turtle with 3 AoE skills Plus defense debuff, 2 buffs, AoE Paralysis and range attacks that can kill a group of mobs while buffer waits for the CD plus Turtles can increase up to 30% damage caused by all members of the group using Weaken Defense.

    Summary: Stupidity?

    although danos doesn't have this excuse it is still something to consider when playing a game game with a different developer and publisher(like dbo original was) Bandai of Korea owned the rights to dbo. In order for a publish to support a version of dbo they had to provide upfront money + royalties( I actually negotiated with them for 2 games, but couldn't afford the upfront payment) games had to make enough money to pay for servers, staff, give bandi a chunk they are happy with and still turn a profit. Publishers are not as greedy as you think. There are a lot of cost recovery in publishing a game and if the developer isn't happy with their share doesn't matter if you are making enough for your side to stay afloat.

    I'm not talking about the publisher's side, but rather the developer's side, who creates the game, or buys the rights to do so. Publisher only gets the marketing part, customer support, store prices, invests on the servers to keep them stable and online, etc. Who creates the entire p2w system is the developer. If a game is no longer making enough money, it is the developer's fault, who thinks only about making money in the short term and does not listen to the feedback of the players.

    Cosmetic, pets and mounts take work. Why work that much when you can get money from cashers free due to their personalities.

    ^ This.

    Why use the brain to have some creativity and make the game attractive and nice to get more customers, when you can put something in the cash shop that moves the economy negatively and give great advantage for those who already are spending money?

    Nero should know what I'm talking about. There are a lot of gaming companies of which the major updates are made up of 35% playable content and 65% is some system full of items that you need to spend money or 24/7 farm to buy from some casher.

    For other people who say that have no other way to make money without giving advantage in online games: Did you know that a satisfied community are potential customers? Do you all know about free marketing? In the same way as someone can recommend something to friends when they're satisfied, they can also do not recommend when they are not satisfied, and this way you lose customers and goes bankrupt.

    As someone who has worked on many games before and played games for my entire life I've never understood why people hate a cash shop based economy. We are all adults or at least teens here and I'm sure we all understand nothing in life is free. Games need to cover upkeep cost. I'm interested in hearing what system you would implement to cover upkeep cost.

    Okay, so I'm going to put a slot machine programmed to cheat in my store with items from the store as awards, just because nothing in life is free and I need to earn money to cover costs in some way. Is that some fair way to make money for you?

    Attract customers to earn money with innovations and creativity, marketing and others, not putting a system to deceive people and make them spend more money than they should.

    This is one of the downsides of MMOs for me. The people in charge can mess with the RNG in a way that the whales continue depositing their money without notice that they are being manipulated to do this to have a chance to achieve something.

    We all know that MMORPGs are based on luck, as well as gambling on Casinos. And Casinos have people who spend up to their economies because of gambling addiction. If after that, you think a MMORPG can have characteristics of a Casino, and the whales may have characteristics of people who are addicted to gambling, remember a classic quote about Casinos that can be applied to P2W MMORPGs: The House always wins.

    I'm going to miss this game, if the team does not change the system to get brown boxes and autopots.

    I hardly use them believe it or not. My Turtle is girl so while the max RP is nice, the EP drain is a killer.

    But then you don't cancel the book buff to stop EP drain? Or Daneos changed it so that it is not possible to cancel?