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    for me i want the original game back
    and all this item are from the original game and have almost the same price,

    Exactly, so you could see real good players, I do not like p2win, it's pay, pay, and pay and you get "good gear, +15 upgrades, etc very easy, without any effort, I'd like you to come back like Dbo tw, although with little p2win.

    good guide friend, however there are things which I disagree, but generally I think a good guide. I'll let this be If it helps something.

    13933255_1880935022142692_1888311674_n_zpst0z7xamv.jpg Translated into English : att phy:41 , energy:13 , soul:13

    I've played Grand Majin most of my time and its my 1st or 2nd fav. class(without poor EP drain build)
    Grand Majin buffs are ok, for 70 level cap he don't need any change with them, the only thing is that his attacks (not bad/good attacks) got long cast time. Without this cast he can be as good as Ultimate. His attacks got low power - its ok, its buffer!
    But what the hell 3s. of cast + long animation of attack... = about 5s. to do damage with his most "powerfull" skill :/

    - Remove cast time from "Candy Beam Flash 180.png"or "Giant Donkey Slash357.png" or BOTH OF THEM <--

    I think the main problem of this subclass is the CD at least for pvp. But I think with a good right gear can have good DMG. I'll check everything on that subclass, now in POB.

    You can also equip a fighter very well with dex that way lol, fighters with property and con are good. xD

    I agree, I remember some partys in tw s1 used anticrit and CON mainly as stats for the fighters, and they win the tournament, but it really is logical, just that some people only think about making 1 click and everything is done. I like these new changes in the stats.

    No se ustedes, pero para mi es obvio que la utilidad que actualmente te ofrece la piedra blancas nos indica que el juego sera p2w. Hace unas 2 semanas lei por parte de los desarrolladores, que el juego no otorgara ninguna ventaja para los cashers, pero si no se cambia el sistema de upgrade el juego morirá. Espero que el sistema de upgrade vuelva a ser como el original, pero si no se puede, ojala que se le cambie la utilidad de la piedra blanca.

    No se si te diste cuenta que la piedra blanca esta bugeada actualmente, las consecuencias de cuando sale "broken" no lo aplica es por eso que, las personas que compren u70 blancas suben facilmente a +15. Por si no sabes cual es el efecto real que tiene:


    Nota: El sistema de upgrade es pésimo. En mi 2° intento logre upgradear mis pantalones a +15 (sin piedras blancas). Es obvio que diseñaron el juego para donadores.

    Hay que hacer fuerza para volver al sistemas del juego original.

    Supongo que upgradeaste cualquier cosa igual o por debajo de lvl 30 eso es facil cuando usas los tokens. Tu crees que en cualquier cap (ejemplo lvl 70) van a estar las u70s (verdes o moradas) baratas o seran facil de conseguir ? No lo creo.

    It seems to me that you don't know how to read. Daneos never said that the current prices of the Cash Shop items will remain intact.That's the whole purpose of this thread, for people to post their suggestions so that they can implement them with some slight changes.

    P.S. Hating is a bad thing when you're part of this community. Beware of the Saibamen..

    Look, I will not waste time with you. It is very easy to talk without understanding the work that Daneos is doing.

    But you're the one crying over the prices??? I don't understand some people

    Then, you are willing to pay 50 uds, for about 50 brown boxes. ?? Sin%20tiacutetulo_zpsuizcq0sz.jpg

    Did you know how many boxes need to get good stats? minimum between 100 - 200 boxs. Then you need to pay at least 150/200 uds, only one of the pieces of armor or weapons etcc ?? Are you crazy? . That's why I hate 70% of the community because they put suggestions without knowing how the game works.

    The prices are as standard as they can ever be in my opinion, but as I said I would add a gift % to each donation as a "Thank you for your support".If you want to see what I mean, check some MMORPG Private Servers and tell me that these prices don't reflect the majority of them since some are overpriced.

    P.S. People that dislike some posts should at least give a reason of doing it..

    have you ever played to dbo tw?? you get at least level 70?? . it is simply stupid, your suggestion makes no sense.

    P.S : don´t cry for the dislike.

    These prices are too expensive from my point of view.

    My suggesion as reference: 25 usd = 500 cash point. So it may be fine.