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    so after being away from dbog for months and when i come back i see this from cake times have change not going to lie like i know this has to be a joke and a troll and everything this is some thing a man that can get a woman IRL would do lmao such a sad thing i might get ban for typing this lol and cake come on man you are better than this its just sad that you went out of the way to say this for what ever reasons and that can go for me as well

    i also think white stones should be improved they just seem kind of pointless

    they don't need improving they prevent you from getting a -1 when you fail and when you get a broken it only carry it down -2 or -1 so they are good only the advance stones need changing and they need get rid of those fuc*ing pointless downgrade stones

    hi again i am here to talk about the advance stones and +1 to 3 on them in my opinion i don't like getting +1 when i use advance stone it to me it kinda beat the purpose on it this happen to me a couple of times already i was lucky enough to get the success on +7 8 and 9 (sometimes on the 9) but instead of getting what i hope was a increase of two are 3 get +1 all the time i got it 3 times in a row three times already no lie on that like +7 got success with the advance stone it take me to +8 i was fine with that so i did it again and i got the success again and it take me to +9 that point i was a little bit meh upset and just like ok +9 i got a success surprising an it carry me to +10 i ok with +10 but using and advance stone but just getting +1 kinda hurt i know you got the success yh i glad i got it but +1 on advance stones is pointless to me if i wanted a +1 i would use the blue or red to try and get it and don't come to me on that would make the game a little to easy the game is already hacked and bugged hardcore i see people soloing 91- 100 in cc and shit and people that get +15 in mins no lie ( i know that is off topic but still had to say it out) so once again poll on this its not about the upgrade system its still getting better the +1 on advance stone to me should go and just be +2 or 3

    I'll go with no. Making money with craft stuff is hard already. By lowering the craft costs more ppl will be able to craft and price for the results will drop even harder. Also crafting seems expensive now cuz it's hard to make zeni in OB. Back in POB i had no trouble at all throwing out 100kk+ into crafting xD

    Also suggestions like this are made out of pure frustration. So they are mostly not good. I've easily lost about 80kk so far into crafting. And i'm not including the crafting to increase craft lvl....also got barely anything good. And i kinda feel like that there is way more excellent than rare results. At least that's my experience so far.

    i don't mean by lowering the price by 50% i mean lower the price like a good 15 or 10% because if it goes past that people would say it would be "to easy" and just to lower it a little would keep it more balance instead of wasting millions of zeni on random useless crap and then get what you want

    Well this is a thread and we have to talk to each other about which is the best solution and discuss if this suggestion is a good idea or not so I don't give a damn about if you were talking to me or not and instead of using that brain of yours to talk to people like that, how about you use that brain to think of a counter arguement about the thread. And lastly, if you are not going to take this seriously and talk to people like you just did to me just because they said something back at your post like anyone else would do to me when I post something then how about you just not be here and peacefully play dbog like every other players. So are you going to argue back again and cause a problem or are you going to be a good person and don't be rude just because they said something back on your post?

    dawm dude that was a bit harsh but i do get your point people shouldn't be like that

    well hi again, it has been 3 months since open beta has been released so i been thinking about crafting again like i did in retail and POB so yh started back and i been say that the cost now is to high now because since all of use don't have zeni anymore (well most of us) since the wipe and crafting takes alot of zeni well because we don't get the stat we want most of the time or we get the stat we want but it does be low most of the time so I've been thinking the the cost of it should go down a bit because we don't have zeni anymore so once again poll it is pick which one you want saty the same or carry it down.

    it seems as it has come to this point that DBOG is not in anymore and you know they are great ass games coming soon for xbox one, ps4, Nintendo switch and pc and bandai just keep making more DBsuper and heroes games and the youtubers that are big in the dragon ball community like unrealentgaming, jdantastic, supersayianpual, mastatmedia, kaggyflims, gektom101 and OwtrelIP played the game and then they said the game is just to boring and doesn't have it flare anymore like it used and just stop playing like after 3 videos of the game oh and masakox (from teamfourstar) live stream the game 3 times and then just got tried of it he did some videos on the timeline and story and then done with it and teamfourstar said their no playing it themselves for their gaming channel because they said the game is dead and have nothing of interest they all said the game is just to standard.

    you make some great points there yes the game has so much big problems and the staff isn't really doing anything about it thats why some of them left like iceman and badass but they are still trying their best on it

    lets make this plane and simple turtle hermit is damage now and crane hermit is damage a later thanks to the bruns and bleeds it had and it depends on what you want to be too a pvp or pve if ou like to kill mobs in one shot pick turtle hermit if you want them to die in a painful and slow death pick crane and crane kinda has a better chance against rank because once you have the bleed and bruns you can stop there movement with immobilize or slow them down with slow and use one of the engery attacks that decrease movement spped and your good with rank crane