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    Hello, i wanted to ask about the status of the 2.0 server. I can't find any new updates or threads about it and I was away some time. Can someone maybe update me with the newest fixes and status of the server? Are we near the begin the hype or will it take a long time to be ready?

    This poll was made just to win time again but i guess theres nothing to do about it. So if the server starts from scratch now and i think it will. You should probably use this last weeks youve got for balancing. So that every class and every player knows what he is up to and knows what his class can and cant. I dont want a wipe and than every new week my characters will get different than the first day. Why do a wipe when its gonna be same shit different day. If you really going to wipe it than make it worth to wipe. If you just want another 4 5 months dbog hype and than 0 again you dont need to wipe it. The hype will come with the new client but players will stay with balance and change in the game itself.

    F*ck wiping or not. Bring back the old scouter system where we can scan a mob and expand it so we can see more details in it. That was the best system in the game but it just gor removed as if it was nothing.

    Please stop with this ss 1 2 3 4 999 posts. It won't happen and it should not

    I agree on this. Bosses should have "mechanics" that have to be done to kill it. Ex. Cc 100 boss should have a wipe all party members skill at 10% live that havent a certain buff on it. Or to damage a boss it must have 3 different stuns or paralyses on it or else it won't lose live. With this mechanic system even if mc is possible, it wont work with 1 player playing 5 accounts. They should have a "debuff bar" under the life bar which shows the needed debuff and how often it is stacked. This will make players play and hold together.