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    They removed the speed because it was broken and now they add that?


    Already removing the previous classic CC made 70% of the players leave, now the classic returns and they add these statistics

    I really can't understand what they want to do with DBO.

    Daaaaamn!! I started playing TW in 2012 i think, i remember the Chip System and the cool first person perspective of the scouter (they really should add this as an option), i remember a real nice christmas boss event too, that would tp the whole channel to fight a huge snow blob lol.

    Ahhh yes, that nostalgia, the truth is I liked both scouter systems, but the one that worked in first person made you feel in the game

    Speaking of the Christmas event, I still have screenshots of how much I participated, there were so many people that it is not possible to render them all together hahaha



    Hey everyone! Sup Verdant! I'm here mostly to talk to the developers and game masters about this topic, and i think this is the best place to do it. So, i've been playing DBO since TW server and DBOG since the first alpha, and i always loved the work u guys have put into this game and everything u did to keep it alive and working fine, from time to time i always come back to play but the lack of new content is something that bothers me, i mean i really like new dogis and stuff but thats basically it, end game gets pretty boring if u arent into farming and going pvp.

    So with that i went to check other DBO servers, i saw that DBO Crisis had TMQ8 and DWC and that is some of the stuff that i always wanted to do in DBO, but to honest DBO Crisis is a fucking weird server, the original game design is all torned apart, the textures and fonts are weird, the new content like dogis and hairstyles doesnt match with the game design and aesthetic, and that made me praize DBOG a lot more for keeping the essence and implementing content that didnt ruin the game design.

    But my main point is, when are you guys adding content that already exists in the game like DWC, Sky Dungeon, TMQ8? I mean, that would change the game for me, DWC even has a card collecting system that increases game time, why aren't you guys putting all your efforts in those stuff? I really want u guys to succeed and make this the top 1 server, im 100% up to donating if these stuff were implemented.

    It's always nice to see an old player, I started playing when Taiwan was level 45 and the flight system didn't exist, I remember that the scouter system was with chips

    I know the events, we play a lot of scrambles and dojowars with the guild.

    Dojowar is really a fun event, it's just that people don't know about it because it originally offers something that no one is interested in, it was very difficult to complete a war with 30 vs 30

    I don't blame people, they're really only motivated by material things, but hey, I think the gameplay of the event wouldn't need changes, just the reward in my opinion.

    the same for the sramble

    I just wish you luck

    I think the main problem is not that it lacks content, but that the end game is empty, that's why people leave

    I understand that with the 2.0 client things may be easier for the team, but the concept of endgame has to be thought about in a good way.

    I am convinced that the original game had a good natural endgame, like dojo war or scramble, I hope we can take advantage of it if 2.0 arrives;(

    mmm estoy tratando de entender aaron que esta pasando , por que no logro entender por que estarias completando los pasos de recuperacion y luego no podes iniciar secion , el navegador no te esta auto completando los campos de texto ?

    Me estas indicando que podes entrar a la seccion de actualizar/cambiar contraseña , entonces eso indica que podes logearte en la pagina por lo que entiendo , creo que se te estan mezclando las cosas con las contraseñas y demas , por que no se me explica por que podes actualizar tu contraseña y cambiarla pero despues no podes logearte

    No le encuentor sentido aaron

    Hi I wanted to ask are the guilds that currently own a dojo even active?

    Do you have the feeling that the dojo's are occupied by one and the same guild all the time and are not active at all to defend the dojo at all? Could this be revised if necessary, reset the dojo's so that only active guilds have a dojo and can defend it?

    Would I wish for a dojo extension with more functions can you generally only get the dojo dogis if you are in a guild that has a dojo?

    That's because currently the clans that took over the dojos and played dojowar are quite inactive, the event stayed a long time in its vanilla state, so they got tired of it, but any clan can take over a dojo now, they are still active to be taken over , only that the few people who played and knew how the event worked really left the gameThat's because currently the clans that took over the dojos and played dojowar are quite inactive, the event stayed a long time in its vanilla state, so they got tired of it, but any clan can take over a dojo now, they are still active to be taken over , only that the few people who played and knew how the event worked really left the game

    If you do not know the email associated with the account , it is difficult to recover it , in that case you would have to create a ticket and see what the DBO - GR capable stuff decides they can consider , which does take into account that there are also ways to recover the email.

    Lo mismo que te respondi en el hilo anterior , seguramente estas intentando iniciar secion en el juego con tu cuenta actual del foro y son cuentas separadas , para crear una cuenta para el juego , tenes que crear una cuenta en la pagina web

    Creo que tu problema es que estas usando al cuenrta del foro en el juego y en la pagina web , no te olvides que son cuentas separadas

    Espero que puedas resolver el probleam.

    Creo que tu poblema es debido a que te estas confundiendo los pasos , la pagina tiene un sistema que cuando tenes que logear tu cuenta , se tiene que resolver un captcha , no trates de logearte sin resolver primero el catpcha.

    La otra cosa que tenes que tener en claro , es con respecto a las cuentas , la cuenta del foto y la pagina web son diferentes , no podes usar la cuenta del foro para loguearte en la pagina y tampoco para loguearte en el juego , son cuentas separadas

    Capaz estas confundido y estas intentando iniciar sesion en el juego con la cuenta del foro y en el juego tambien estas intentando usar la cuenta del foro