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    How to do it and when it happens?

    This bug happens when you are flying at high speed and you land on korin platform with that speed and sometime you are bugged/stuck in that place.

    You can not die but you can not also move.

    In this majin case, he could be killed after using spin skills.

    I am not sure is it reported already but few things does not work as they should:

    1. World Boss icon or world boss does not spawn

    2. Lvl 40 Kiri Majin (Female) gives you same buff as lvl 50 Kiri Majin (Fat male) - 150 LP and 150 EP recovery per 1 min buff

    Lvl 40 Kiri Majin Female buff should be 75 LP and EP recovery.

    I am not sure is it confirmed bug or I am simply unlucky from day 1 I got access, if someone can confirm this for me, I would be thankful.

    Mystery items does not show up in rare or legendary form, mostly it is below rare like excellent or lower.

    Hey Iceman, thanks for your answer, this is really sad to read this, but i did (or made) the same observation, i'm really sad to see this... How WOW, PRO, or SWTOR can have a such good community and DBOG a really toxic commu ? I want to try my best to change this, later :)

    Thx again

    Community can be changed depending the game itself.

    That is if we meet this requirements:

    1. Balance in PVE ( Every race/class can do any PVE content without being "meta")

    2. Balance in PVP (---------------||-------------------- PVP content without being "meta")

    3. RNG is reduced ( This way everyone can gear up same as rest of people, will reduce toxic environment since everyone can beat everyone)

    4. Mutual respect/help agreement between the guilds ( This way everyone would be forced to respect any player or they wouldn't be able to find the guild and everyone would help each others)

    5. Any toxic speech, insults and other behaviours outside of channel 4 would result ban of character

    6. Korin Platform Channel 4 ( No rules, just madness - Place to "cure" the toxicity, hatred and to have fun being "the bad boi")

    This would start to cure the community and everyone who wants to be toxic without any problem, go to channel 4 aka "Toxic Channel".

    This will not be added since community is like this, they won't do any PVE or PVP content unless you are good geared and "right" race/class.

    Regarding the guilds, you can always see in-game in LFG chat that there are guilds who are recruiting, you can use that if you need guild or simply check on forum guild section.

    All in all, community is greedy, toxic and won't help newbies or anyone who does not speak their lang, simply because those newbies when they learn everything from noob friendly guilds, mostly will leave to be in "TOP" guilds and won't even thank those people who helped them to be what they are now.

    So yea, everyone is selfish, greedy and won't even greet you unless they have something to gain from you, it is reality.

    [1] Where did you crash(map name):Hotel area in Papaya Island

    [2] What were you doing(questing, farming): farming

    [3] Extra information: AOE debuff will crash you. I was using Shadow Knight and AOE stun debuff. After patching happen, this bug was fixed and you shouldn't limit yourself how much mobs you will aggro and debuff them but after short time, if you debuff/taunt more than 10-15 mobs, you would crash

    PS: I upload my dbolog.txt file for that recent crash.


    • dbolog.txt

      (370 Byte, downloaded 4 times, last: )

    Because of this bug or whatever you can call it, it cause several bugs:

    1. RP on skills will be canceled

    2. RP lost without even being used

    Character on its own shouldn't run towards the target, it should remain in same spot and if skill isn't in range there should be red text on your screen " You are not in range!",

    or something like that.

    I tested many times and many times ( Purple Skills aka debuffs) sometime fail to even show up on targets even tho they are not even resisted.

    I am not sure is this reported already, if yes, then please remove this thread.

    [1] Where did you crash(map name):Westland (Tambourine Camp)
    [2] What were you doing(questing, farming): Trying to farm
    [3] Extra information: Majin Buffer aggro mobs while driving car and tested for many times, it keep crashing you, some even doing this willingly .


    [1] Where did you crash(map name):Buu Memorial ( Near warfog at gates, lvl 43 mobs)
    [2] What were you doing(questing, farming): farming
    [3] Extra information: AOE debuffs crashing you, tested 5 times, SK AOE taunt that taunts at least 10 mobs aka lvl2 keeps crashing my client

    PS: I upload my dbolog.txt file for that recent crash.


    • dbolog.txt

      (8.89 kB, downloaded 5 times, last: )

    If by any chance you do not have revive popo and you click "Revive" you crash and if you click on respawn you also crash.

    I think this issue could be related to ranked one where win7 users do not have that "left" option ( for ranked Yes, for PVE death scenario respawn).

    There needs to be coded/added option that already exist in option - controls, way to auto target nearby targets.

    It is really pain in ass to keep clicking on mobs, if this can be added, it would be really cool.

    This bug still isn't fixed.

    I crash every time when someone aggro mobs using the car and I am in the range.

    On top of this, AOE skills does crash you too and I am not sure is it reported but auto target ( tab ) does not work.

    If some of this bugs ain't reported, since I really do not have time to scroll all this fixed ( that should be archived somewhere) and bug threads that ain't, make post instead of me or inform me and I will do it.



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