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    i want to know something why you cant active dragon's buffs during ssj i know that you can transform after you active them but i want to know is there a specific reason i mean you can do it in kaio-ken because sometimes it gets annoying ex i dont use all of the dragon's buffs at once i just use what i need first then if the majin's buff runs out ex in cc or a long ud and we dont have a buffer inside i cant active them if am on ssj so i hope you get my point there are lot of examples but these what frustrates me sometimes

    wow kid you need to get checked or something in order for them to get the money i have to play right so if the game is broken i wont play it thats it and they will lose this business you speak of if you are such a good person go open a restaurant and work your ass off on it without getting anything in return in order for them to keep the game alive they need income and btw you went out calling people retards yet you cant understand how business works in the world we live business men doesn't care about you they care about your money how will they get that money if the product is shit and no one is buying it kid stop destroying keyboards i think you lose your iq each time you type if you have any

    Well if it is a test, why nerfing white stones?

    is a test right, whats the point of it?

    im sorry bro but ur argument doenst have any sense or logic

    ya nerfing white stones to stop the bug you yourself said that before it was 10 bucks now its like 200 bucks to get to + 15 that sounds like a solution to me and am sure its a temporary one too until they find a way to get rid of the bug the plus 15+ you see now wont be there in the open beta and what do you mean if its a test you think this is official dude you are a tester now why do you care so much about those buggers these kind of stuff are meant to be in the beta so they can get it fixed if they didnt care they wouldnt have nerfed white stones or fixed any bugs for that matter they could have just give us the game and said enjoy these people are working their ass off the least you can do is appreciate what they are doing being salty because you dont have what those buggers have and saying that i dont have any logic yet you are sad that the white stones got nerfed to help the situation seems like you wanted to be one of them

    Exactly without them knowing that was the point of the beta for you to play and find bugs this is how the beta should be so when the game gets to the official release it will be bugs free i dont really care about the buggers because there will be a server wipe heck am glad they are there because they help this game become better dont frustrate yourself man its just a test

    Soooo true