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    Hi I would like to know if is just me or anyone RP bar not work, like goes all the way up but not save the boost? Also my HTB attack every time I press says "wrong state" and m character freezes. I'm presuming this is a bug?

    Thank you

    Also if you make the rate of success when upgrading the armor low as the lvl goes up the the stones value will keep a good balance as in terms of making some zeni.

    Not really. "Pro gear" is simply the highest tiers of weapons/armor when upgraded really high. Low-upgraded endgame and semi-endgame gear was never considered "pro", it was just your average player in the game.

    The upgrade stones (which are what make gear become "pro") won't lose value from that decision, though the equipment items themselves will, somewhat but not completely. Which is good for the economy as a whole. Too many things being overpriced and it'll set a really high bar again. I don't think it's healthy for the game to reach the state in which it used to be, where there were tons of items going for almost Zeni cap, or sometimes even reaching it.

    Destroying equipment from this is old-fashioned and a slimy/greedy thing to implement in a game, which ended up with people feeling unsatisfied and cheated. That's why MMOs started taking different routes, so that kind of thing won't fly anymore, in my opinion.

    I Agree with what you saying makes the game more interest for the average player and for the pros, as it will make things interest when it comes to the world tournament and rank battles

    Yes, because then players will be willing to keep on playing and if we can change something to make the item hunting more interest or something like that so is no so easy to get the items if you know what I mean.

    Some missions dont check complete as you done them( one is the old shoe that you have to pick up a rock, lvl 9/10, I pick up the rock but the mission doesnt check as done)
    I think this one was mention, after log off and get back in game I lost my equipment, what I realize is only the equipment that is pick up after killing a monster but if is a equipment from NPC it stays on .
    One of the cars( is the very last ones from the cash shop the round ones) that you can buy doesn't appear when you equip
    Also I think this one was mention too the kamehame skill at lvl10 in martial artist doenst do damage

    Hi does anyone have news of whats wrong or if the problem is being fixed... As I been trying to log in to buy a founder pack sinsce like 11 this morning and nothing yet if anyonr have news on this I would appreciate