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    Actually, having a distance limit on this is also how it used to be in the old DBO. Perhaps, at one point, it didn't have that limit but then it was later fixed? A bug occurred in DBOG, where kills would count for people who would be in completely separate maps, but this has been fixed. It is more logical for quest progress to advance for people who are actually nearby.

    The current range goes around (if not exactly) the player's maximum view range and we feel like this is plenty enough. I passed your suggestion on to the big man himself and he confirmed that there are currently no plans to increase the range. Sorry.

    Ok this is my answer to what you said. If this game is going by the real life logic. Then players in the party can do the missions together even when they are apart 1.5 kilometers. Because if they need to kill something and get something from a mob, a party member could easily do that and carry the requiered item to his party member for the mission. If you have any understanding about what I said you surelly would think the same. The bug or whatever happened with that was great, and now you made the game more boring and a pain to play. Because some of the people will lose their flying jet and it will be really hard for them to do the missions. If you still think that the "fix" that you people did with this is allright then I have no words to that. I love the game, but with this change you just made the game worse.

    I have one suggestion. I think a lot of players would agree with me too! Please change this back as in old times- - Quest monster kills no longer counts for whole party. Now capped to 100m range.

    First I dont even see the reason why you did that. Second what did you get by doing that?

    It is as the subject says it is pissing me off. I killed a boss 15 times for now that my needs to kill and he didnt get it at all. In the mission it states kill huge dragon frog! My friend is a namekian and he isnt getting any credit when I defeat the mobs that he needs to kill for his missions. In the past this worked now it does not. If it is a bug or something please help and explain how can I fix this?

    I have a pretty beafy computer. But the game is just like what the hell! It is lagging like crazy! If this is due to the Dragon Ball Hunt I understand, if its not then fix it pls!

    I don't think it's necessary, but it's better than saying "boost attack speed by 5% for each multiplication."

    Speaking of Kaio-Ken, has it gone through more changes ever since the attack speed boost got nerfed?

    It is fair in my opinion. Because kaio-ken drains a lot of health and ep the more you reactivate the skill the more it drains. It puts a toll on the character so it would me normal in my opinion for them to change kaio-ken so that you get 5% movement speed for every activation of kaio-ken from 1x to 5x

    I mean think about it being in kaio-ken 5x you cant last for a long time and it is not usefull at all. If it had something like a movement speed increase it would be more usefull to use kaio-ken full power. Apart from that flying faster because of the kaio-ken should be there! But it is not. Yes it does increase the movement speed a little but that is nothing. In my opinion kaio-ken is not balanced at all I dont see the point of kaio-ken 5x if it doesnt give you a major power up.

    kaioken at max level increases attack by 30%

    and when you use kaioken 3 times it increases speed by 5%

    Thank you for the reply! Still I think it would be better if the movement speed would increase by 5% every time you reactivate kaio-ken so that in 5x kaio-ken you would have 25% movement speed increased :D

    I would really love that the kaio-ken increases the movement speed every time you reactivate the kaio-ken. And one question what does leveling up the kaio-ken skill do? Does it increase the streangth more or something else?

    Hello! I have a question regarding Kamis Lookout. Does it exist because I saw some pictures of it on DBO. If it does can someone tell me the location if not then will it be added any time sooner?

    Thank you for replying and have a nice day ^^

    Hello! My name is Blaze actually. I am 18 yrs old, male ofcourse :)

    I am addicted to training and playing games. It works out somehow.

    I do youtube as my hobby and my goal is to become someone that will get heard over the world. We need to stop these wars and the violence (It has gone long enough. I think it is time to do something about it)

    I hope you have an amazing day and please tell me something about yourself!

    To attract new players you do not have to do new transformations right away, all you need is a good server advertisement :)

    I agree with you but adding new transformations will get this game more popular for sure because there are so many people that are hooked to the transformations :D

    I personally would increase the level cap to 100 and focus on finishing the rest of the map and quests. Then adding super saiyan 2, adding super namekian (Something like a super saiyan but for namekians), adding the super buu transformation that will be before the kid buu one. All of these transformations would make the game more interesting.

    Adding new skills ofcourse because of the level cap increase (Dragon Fist,Spirit Bomb,Light Grenade).

    Also it would be nice if we could charge the kamehameha or other abilities for how much we want but that there is a point where the attack is at maximum charge. The more you charge the stronger the attack gets. It has an advantage and a dissadvantage. The advantage is that it will help you out tremendously but the disadvantage is that you will be vulnarable to the mobs. Ki clashes would be nice too! One more thing the kaio-ken should increase the flying speed too! This is a suggestion I have a feeling that all of this will never happen but I still have some hope for atleast new transformations in the future. Tell me what do you think?