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    "This game is shit, but I look forward to it" is what ur saying. Already enough threads about litteraly the same thing. You should make this thread only if the new client will be disappointing.

    En hi all ...I donate a lot of money ...what is going to do daneos whith that case...the people can get the cash point ?or bring back the money spended. ? Daneos has some ideas from that.?I hope if he has a New client take the game and do the same game play like Was the original...Check the crane and skills whith rp atack has some problems like 0 damage no agro..or nameks :"why the nameks has damage like a fighter?what function does a tank have? Hp and defense NO MORE..AREA OR ZONE ATACK CHARCUTER IS COOPERATIVE. ..please Check this and try to do the same dbo like tw hk ...remember you have rivals like progect dbo rpg and xenoverse 2 uploaded and xenoverse 3 and New universe...the y try to do the same damage calculation by races and characteristics. ..DANEOS I hope u can do the best... thanks

    Never seen such a clear image.

    This a poor inocent player withot zeni, multi-client is for poor players that farm for hours for get zeni in the game, without multi-client, only p2w and bots can get good zeni in this game.

    bad idea remove multiclient.

    It's a good Idea ,the players that are that broke may find a party finally once, also daneos could add an anti-afk or bot system after the new client, where you would have to click on screen 4 random places, therefore it would be too fast for them to react, like every 15min. or smh.It would be funny if they would not surrender even than and would create a machine learning program to beat that system too.. And if u want to farm just create a dw, no need multi client.

    Don't know if this thread was creating before ,but I think the wishes could have a change (for example adding flight to wish for). I don't nessasary think it would be too easy to get it ,cuz you can already buy it, so why not add it, what u guys think?

    My idea is just to simply make the flying dragon dealing more damage and less lp ( as others say) and the melee dragon dealing less damage but a lot more tankier. Just simply make using the flying dragon would be more valuable in pvp, and the melee dragon in pve.

    Don't get too emotional, you might put yourself in a depression. By mentioning your name i evaluated your own intellectual capabilities to see if you can keep up with me discussing something. Then again, you were talking about cranes dealing more crit dot damage, even though I clearly said more than once that I'm talking about dmg without crits. Now show me a video of a crane lvl 60 dealing more dot with 1-2 skills without crit and rp balls, cause a sk doesn't need to use those. It's longer indeed, but I was talking about damage, which you find hard to understand. Also i do defeat sks mostly, but that's because i actually think. Sk takes more than half lp by bold strike's base dmg, then bleeding is what kills you if you don't have autopots or your enemy stunted to recover yourself. Obviously tanks can't have both good dps and defense, and if you think otherwise, you're a delusional figure who has no idea about coding nor general balancing both in games and other areas. Said my piece, bark all you want but i was here to discuss, not fight over "tough guy's" title. Peace out. ;)

    Get yourself psychologist because your clapped.