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    We are not claiming any part of the map in any way, shape, or form. Why would me and my guild claim a place to ourselves on a game? The map belongs to anyone to farm. I think you are missing the big picture. The problem is not the players, the problem is how difficult it is to get the stones.

    This happens because Papaya is the only place to farm U70 stones, zeni even. If you check Papaya, the spots are always taken and it is difficult to find any other.

    I am sorry if my comment upset you. I would appreciate it if instead of critisism, you would provide constructive feedback.

    Thank you,

    Hello, I hope all of you are doing well today. I would like to introduce a situation that me, my guild mates, and other players have been facing.

    I would like to express that this is a suggestion, therefore, it is fair if you disagree.

    As many of you know, currently, the only passable map to farm U70 stones is at Papaya. Given that fact, the drop rate is not equitable. The probability

    that a U60 stone will drop is outrageous. Moreoever, after a while of hunting for a fair farming spot, an uncensitive brat arrives to ruin one's farming.

    The individual might proceed to take one's farming spot or lingers there to pester the one who is farming.

    The places to attain U70 stones are scarce, and the prices on the market are sky high.

    Me and my mates have come up with a few solutions:

    • Include UD6 Hard difficulty, where the drop rate for U70 stones would be higher.
    • Initiate an event of some kind where U70 stones might drop.
    • Come up with more spots on maps where U70 drop.
    • Increase the probability that U70 stones drop.

    You, the players are free to add any more adequate solutions that come to mind. Feel free to also scratch some off the list.

    Thank you for your time and consideration,