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    disable multiclient only make a thing: who has more than 1 pc like in some pics is not affected.

    another point is: i'm the master of my guild and when someone need buffs(to farm or to exp) i can give them to him (not only people of my guild), i understand that some players doesn't care about this but if they want to use only a character they can do it also now.

    Then ask other players to buff you. Or better, make a class that can farm good without ultimate majins buffs. A DW or Plasma for example. I farmed easily with plasma back in POB while having Kaioken on. On DW it's ofc easy af to farm with xD

    obvious if you have full +15 plasma otherwise you lies, my full +13 plasma need ulti+chef+karma buffs to farm properly and shut up with this wipe, daneos said long time ago no more wipe so stop

    a nice balance, i think, could be all the classes can use or not their own buffs, so or remove buffs from transformed human or give them to everyone and same thing for the dash, it is not balanced that ssj with their speed superiority can also dash when giant namek and pure majin can not.