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    You and the Chinos are the ones to umm...blame lol. If a bugger/hacker told me he quit the game if it ever get reseted then hell, I’ll break my leg for the reset. One less noob to worry about

    Saying the game will lose players and die as the result of a wipe is idiotic.

    1. The majority want a wipe, you should be able to see that yourself. Don't deny it.

    2. Isn't the game already dead as it is? Or are you satisfied with every channel being 'Not Busy'?

    ?? The channels say something different than Not Busy before? Was i alive?

    Not gonna argue with you. The Advance Stones drop rate are more or less okay but the Regular Stones....lord. I literally have 1023 (about 100kk+ in today’s economy) U60-65 Red Stones and 104 Blue u60-65 Stones (I sell everytime i have x100). Decrease drop rate on regular stones immediately.

    Especially with broken option, this is by far one of the greatest idea yet. The problem is if broken option comes into play, that would mean daneos would have to change damage formula making +6-10 weapons do just a bit more damage if an average persons’ upgrade is gonna be +6-10.

    Add Broke option. Theres a reason why the trade/LFG chat doesn’t get spammed with “hacker” anytime someone gets +15 like it used to be. I played TW for 2 weeks and +10 was like godlike. Now its for newbies.

    I did kiddo 6 months ago, i did mostly pve with my DW, i used more then 60 boxes dumb kid, i just made an example of what time it takes for a free player to get that amount of boxes, and you went ape shit, if you think that 300 boxes invested with your cash and money shouldnt give you some kind of benefit in return then you're right this game is definetly for braindead people like yourself.

    Cry to the RNG gods.

    Who’s choice was it to cash in a .50 completed game in the first place? But dw, most Wipe supporters just want their cp back.

    No disrespect but I would literally have full +15 under a month if this happened. If they implement this, then they need to make Advance much harder to get OR MAYBE increase how many you need to gurantee a +15. In many mmo with a system like that, the amount/cost needed i to gurantee the max level of an item is beyond outrageous....but thats the objective.

    I suggest the following:

    You should just have a counter that counts every upgrade stone you used on the item. Once you reached the max for one of the categories, then you should have the choice to automatically +15 that item. So For example:

    Namek Gloves:

    0/300 Advance Weapon Upgrade Stones Used

    0/900 Weapon Upgrade Stones Used

    - If you reach the max on either, then you can automatically upgrade to 15 by clicking the option.

    P.S. Not saying the amount should be crazy high but it should definitely not be low. It should be very hard to achieve. This rewards the time that only try hards would put in (Try hards arent bad...Im one)

    did i suggest that, or can you not read what i said, dumbo?

    I said that the core problem of this game is that everything revolves around RNG, every single thing, starting from combat to getting the stats to farming, upgrading, dont talk to me about the basis of RNG, it's just that you're used to playing dumb korean MMO's for so long , that you cant get the taste of that asian weiner out of your mouth. That's your problem tho. Most MMO's i've played have drops that base off of RNG even then you have items that you can acquire that can give you perks you need for the gear, this game doesnt have that, instead you get infinite amount of trash and time wasted trying to please RNG gods to be on your side. Conclusion kids. You cant fix something thats fundementaly broken, good ol' danny knew this, what he also had in mind is. "sheesh theres alot of dumb people out there that will pay for this kind of system to get an edge over the other people". I belive you happen to be one of those people or else you wouldnt make this dumb comment in the first place.

    Lol... stop playing then. No one will notice. They aren’t changing the game because some random used 60 boxes to get 2 prop and cried. Some people use 300 boxes and don’t get what they want.

    1. I only stated facts. The lack of English community in this game is one of the main reasons of its downfall. A game with divided community of bullies, scammers, cheaters and kids who misbehave is a game waiting to die.

    2.Yes it's not p2w anymore as anyone can buy the stones from token shop to upgrade. Only heavy cash users would gain advantage.

    3.because level 70 cap isn't even released yet. Lol

    You never know how much it can get there once the full game is out till 70.

    4. Just don't get me started on a discussion page. Are you gonna argue or discuss the client? Don't get yourself banned by getting carried away.