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    Soap opera written all over with tremendous-ish amount of formality. Dbog's young politics strike to be the best. Gonna need some lawyers and a judge soon. Definitely (sarcasm) worth all the time. Just play or rage quit, nobody cares.

    Remove 14-15 grades entirely from the game (make it so gear higher than lvl 60 could not reach 13/14-15). For now I could say set all 15 items to 13 but some people got it legally. I just don't see 14-15 relevant anymore, they're so casual and ugly because random nicknanes have them. 14-15 at this point (at least for lvl 70) shouldn't exist till a proper gameguard comes.

    All cranes need to give them a slight advantage and not make them too powerful is simply make double gut buster poison. Like seriously, anyone with doubts should try to understand this.. Crane would still need to use 2 skills in order to stun. The thing is that this wouldn't even help cranes that much. Want to know why? Most anti bleeding accessories have anti paralysis so they have to use a 1 second cast time 25m skill in order to paralyze them when they might have anti paralysis. You already risk of getting stunned since its only 25m (poison bleed). Make double gut buster poison and cranes will still have to use 2 skills to stun and everyone could still have anti paralysis. We all know instant stunt for a crane hermit would be a lot but come on. Why not consider this suggestion. I would love to hear your opinions people who are responsible for in game skill changes. Tell me what the problem would be because skills like quick attack have no specific counters while paralysis has plenty. On top of that it wont work without poison so whats the deal? No good explanation/ignored suggestion means you got personal reasons for not changing this what I would call a mistake (poison paralysis with no poison in crane's skill tree).

    You're like a concrete that cannot be convinced to be steel. It's a metaphor by the way. All I see is you thinking that your opinion is verified and you have some fortunate ability to see the outcome all the time. You're completely wrong with all of it and you're the only one here who talks from his own opinion without seeing "the big picture" yourself. Even protecting yourself by 1 downgrade by using like 2-4 advanced stones would be too much? What are you talking about when people could waste only 1 and get a success anyway with this system, their choice. Clearly you're that kind of person who sticks with his own crappy opinion and talking with you feels like a waste of time. This is part of your character and it's a downside but whatever. You're like a programmed guy with this "+15 easy get back broken option I like rng I can see the future and my calculations of every single outcome surpass you all". Enough with you, that's your opinion and you're free to keep it as everyone else but at least keep it to yourself and stop barking that everyone else is actually not capable of seeing the outcome and that everyone is only asking for "an easy" solution. I absolutely see no problem with my last suggestion for both rng lovers and opposite people but that's because I don't lock and limit myself to one possibility like some robot. And why am I even talking with a guy who doesn't even know the principles of mmos. Don't answer because you said this was your last post. Bye felicia.

    Hey little man. Your post sounds angry.

    Basically force every single player into farming stones huh? Did you ever farm?

    Do you want me to tell you the outcome of stone bind? If you read it up to here and still don't see the problem you cause, keep reading.

    Really? Didn't notice that it sounds angry ding wong. Anyway read my post. I threw a simple thought for people like you who say it's going to be easy for cashers and etc. I never said "make them bind because this is my main idea". Why do people focus on small details? You say too easy so I gave an option for you to consider which i'm not much of a fan myself you get it? An idea for people who say "it's too easy anyway". I also gave some alternatives of how this would manifest but of course It's nothing more than a sedative for people who keep saying too easy. You were talking like it was impossible to to make upgrade system harder so i gave this idea for only "too easy" people. Get it thorough man?

    More importantly blast your thoughts about my last idea of "reducing the damage of broken cards" because you either waste more stones and get a plain success/save one downgrade or use the same amount as now to get the same upgrades or get full broken card. Can't see how wasting more stones to protect yourself from one downgrade from broken card would break the game.

    Hey little man, surf the internet for a definition of "antisocial personality disorder" and you'll see that i couldn't talk with emotions even if I wanted to. Account bind stones actually and not stuff. That was a thought for you people who say "cashers get +15 easy anyway". You wanted the hardest solution I gave one so what up? So best excuse to luck system is "you want everything easy?" No just something harder with definite results. Simple as that how can you not get it?

    idk what u mean there are no stones in cash shop.. you just make zeni by cashpoints and buy stones in AH..

    or you just want to bind stones which are dropped by monsters? trust me you dont want that. would have to farm 500x more than right now :D

    "Too easy". I'm supporting the idea and this was for people that say "cashers will get easy anyway". I wouldn't mind cashers spending like 400$ to get a piece of +15 (being able to buy stones with zeni earned through cashing).

    yeah maybe that change would be a good idea if you just make everything from cashshop bind.

    but do you really think that will happen?

    they wouldnt earn any money with this game cause most players just donate to make zeni so cash shop without bind will be always part of the game

    You wouldn't need to touch the cash shop just those stones that aren't in cash shop.

    What's wrong with you people? This isn't tw anymore don't be afraid of major changes. Now if there was a guy that farmed for like 6months and used like 500-1000 stones and ended up with +8 gear would you actually dare to say "yes, it is fair my friend"? That is way pass normal. In most mmos you actually end up not losing everything you've achieved but here you can completely destroy your hard work worth of months in a matter of seconds. Making this system would make it harder so what is wrong with you? Something like "account bind" could come to reality so that cashers couldn't buy +15. How perfect that would be trust me. Everyone would be farming to get upgrades, cashers couldn't get away with this either. It would be messy when everyone would be farming but that's another story and there are other alternatives to make farming more available to others. Hell even dungeons could become special when you would have to actually grind them hard with strong bosses. That's not the topic anyway. Game rips off your progress and you're just "better luck next time" like it was some spirit that sometimes supports you and sometimes doesn't. It's random and it sucks. Come up with other idea of not having your work destroyed in seconds and then talk about "too easy" when some guys can get +13+ with 10stones.

    thats suggestion is like 99% the same what i said in mid of pre-beta.

    a lot of players did like the idea but staff did not even comment it and i doubt they gonna do that.

    but hey, almost every change has positive and also negative effects, the bad thing on this change would be that it becomes just more easy for donators,

    some ppl would just donate like 300 bucks and be full upgraded but with the current system they still need luck doesnt matter how much they donate.

    Only way to prevent that would be making those stones bind but it would be so much harder. People complain it being too easy like this guy above me so why don't we bring the hard version for them that would be fair to everyone.

    I will break down every attempt on making this damn Game easier. Be it a little suggestion/change or a big one. Or a medium one. Or a less medium one. Or one betweena little one and medium that tends more to medium.... xD

    Watching y'all....

    Upgrading is a gamble here. Purple/Green stones are the same gamble attempt like red/blue stones. Only difference is that we have the chance to get a +2 or even +3. That was made to speed things up a little if you are lucky. But at the end of the day it's gambling. And gambling is not meant to be easy.

    You know gambling isn't hard or easy It's just random. You think it's fair when one guy tries to improve his +12 weapon and ends up with +7 after weeks of farming? While one guy gets +13 in less than an hour. Not to mention those idiots who have random nicknames and instantly get full +15 a.k.a buggers. They never say a word anywhere too just get +15 in a matter of minutes. If it's soo easy, let's make the real upgrading system that lostcoco suggested and make stones bind so cashers couldn't buy it easily. Would that count as "not easy" or "too hard"? Something must be done about rng not getting +1 instead of 2 or 3 from purples/greens. Ending up with nothing after so much effort is garbage. Better ask for much more stones than as for one and downgrade all the time with broken cards.

    Best idea ever on upgrade system. Even if the amount of advanced upgrade stones were higher than he posted then it would still be better than this.. You can spend 100 purples and downgrade your weapon from +11 and effort is lost. Definite system where you'd work harder but with actual results every time would make the smartest thing to do. But sure players love this random system. So stupid.. Random people get +13 ez and say its too easy and some people get brokens. Community of dbog is so messed up and lost.

    Oh and it would probably stop these buggers with random chars full +15 from acting.