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    SK> PVP/Ranked/Budokai = It is possible to win, if you fill with items that immunize his blows.

    SK> Arena =

    42% abs+ ultimate buff

    59% ant-crit+ pants 33% / title 5% / SK buff 25%.

    25k HP+ buffers

    4k def+ 18 prop ultimate's buff.

    Friends+ who will attack you if you are dumb enough to try to kill a SK in the arena.

    = immortality.

    Let's see this in practice:

    Ultimate can be broken equally, but it does not have that giant amount of anti-crit.

    SK is one of the strongest class for pvp but its not broken at all, at least not in this cap.

    Zephyrot, if you are fighter and you cant win against any SK, well, you are just a mediocre fighter.

    I understand that Fighters need to be filled with accessories and equipment to handle other classes. The great problem of having all these qualities is the immortality they gain in arena.

    1> When they are filled with buffs, even the damage of a +15 stick becomes insignificant.

    2> critical hits do almost nothing with them, this when one comes out, seeing the absurd amount of anti-critical that a SK has (I did not know that a SK could die with hk ... wow, they can not!)

    3> If you try to kill a SK in arena ... well, I'll give you some options that he will have:

    - It will get a secondary character to stun you.

    - He'll ask his friends for help.

    A fighter has absolutely nothing to do against a SK in arena, only when they are alone, which never happens.

    pvp/ranked okay, but what about in arena? a human with +15 weapons can knock down a sk +12 with 2 or 3 crit. hits?? based on my own experience: NO.

    critical is no longer a big problem for SK's, they still manage to have 60% + anti-crit easy, wtf?

    This immortality of SK's in the arena is totally unfair, where they fill up with buffs and attack humans on purpose, knowing that they will not die, ridiculous.

    This skill of swordman release flashes forward, I think it would be interesting to increase its distance to 10M like the fighter skill. I gave up using sword for that reason: that you need to stay glued to the enemy to attack him, in arena this is a suicide.

    "But you can use the stun to get close to the enemy." by: INeverUsedSwordman.


    Shadow Knight's have a greatest defence: okay;

    Have the biggest hp: ok;

    Easily kill a human only with bleed: ok;

    It has 3 stuns: ok...

    What makes this class unbalanced is the immense amount of anti-criticism, why so much? Fighters kill SK's with HIT KILL??? NO, NOBODY OF ANY CLASS KILL A SHADOW KNIGHT WITH ONE, TWO OR THREE CRITICS. This class easily reaches 50% more than anti-critical, this is extremely unbalanced for a class that has def, hp, damage and stuns in abundance.

    -waiting for the SK's users come and swear at me because I say badly about their broken character-

    I was talking to a friend until he encouraged me to post it here, someone must have already talked about it, but I've been reinforcing it.


    Why did they remove the bleed from the fighter? This condition did not take more than 400 bleed damage every 2s, I think it would be interesting to get back on the needle skills.

    Since the fighter has little defense and does not dodge more, it would be nice to increase his chances of killing a SK in arena a bit.

    looks like trash to me and yes i could make better, the font is not minimalistic or elegant same as the button design its just bad and it looks like is made in 2000 year not 2018. only the background is good and bardock render but is from internet. If someone saying that this launcher is good or decent then i feel bad for him. the actual launcher succ also but its because the staff dont have eye for it


    I understand, I have not been designing for years, but I have tried to improve. See, you'll never do a launcher like this, buddy.

    accept the perfections of the universe and be more humble, please.

    1> yes, it would be interesting if the new client has a new launcher, let's say the current one is not very ... pretty. I'm not forcing them to choose mine.

    2> I just copied what I had in the current launcher, with the exception of "P.Notes".

    3> Ok, It does not matter to me.

    4> this also has in the current launcher.

    5> I'm not forcing them to put it, but it would be interesting to put the shortcuts to the maintenance content, rather than just spaw '' server maintenance '' on the launcher. Just a detail, whatever.

    Já devem ter falado, mas o buff "Crane discharge" não pode ser usado com o "Miraculous Protection" do ultimate, ambos são totalmente diferentes, não tem sentido um substituir o outro.


    Some should have already spoken, but the "Crane discharge" [crane hermit] buff can not be used with "Miraculous Protection" [ultimate majin] they are different, it makes no sense for them replace it self

    Today (Sunday where I live) I stayed at home all day (with nothing to do) and decided to use that time to create a more "beautiful" launcher for the game.

    I will leave the images here, I particularly liked (obvious, I did), but there is the choice of whether you use it or not... sorry for the bad english.

    yes I thought put this on the topic "suggestions" but the movement there is not so great.

    Launcher not loaded. <=> Launcher loaded.