Fighter - BLEED

  • I was talking to a friend until he encouraged me to post it here, someone must have already talked about it, but I've been reinforcing it.


    Why did they remove the bleed from the fighter? This condition did not take more than 400 bleed damage every 2s, I think it would be interesting to get back on the needle skills.

    Since the fighter has little defense and does not dodge more, it would be nice to increase his chances of killing a SK in arena a bit.

  • Fighters are already strong. They don't need anymore buffs. They already got a bunch of unnecessary things already. They have high damage, dodge, invincibility, focus debuffs, stuns, etc. They are fine...... If anything they would need a nerf before a buff.

    That's a bit of an over exaggeration. Fighter crits got nerfed hard, even with some of the best available sticks in the game Fighters are - at present - doing inadequate amounts of damage to certain classes. It is almost impossible for Fighters to win against certain classes such as UM.

    They got removed because needles was made into higher crits if I recall correctly.

  • "Since the fighter has little defense and does not dodge more" u still can go full dex and dodge more, you can make op gear and have more defense, depends on your gear, problem is not in the class

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