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    How you pretend that a scammer is a 'nice guy' until he got your trust? When you found a day like this that i got scammed by breezyflavescent? Pls don't joke about this situation, he makes things that really critical. If some people considers a scammer 'nice', not my problem you guys will get the same situation like me.

    Did u shared your acc smh

    I want put same topic with the hope someone knows.

    Many players told me this (PureEvil, InFamous and many players).

    They have seen that breezyflavescent used another account called llllAnonymllll while he is saying to me yesterday that i have got rip and scam from him, looks like a provocation. I realized when DBOG was on cap 45 breezyflavescent meets me because i am italian and he is italian like Kibit, at start i didn't tought who he was. He said to me that he should help me, in cap 45 i have nobody to know at this i was with my kid player called SnowGoddess. This was my account until cap 55 while i decided to reach max liv with SnowGoddess (my first character on my account) then i deleted that account SnowGoddess because i got scam on my equip. In my account i was deleted all my characters then i decided to make another one kid player in my same account with a different password, breezyflavescent in DBOG game told me that he was not him. He decided to leave the game until DBOG reach liv cap 70, that's ok. After passed many times until cap 60 today, i found my kid character scammed 0 zenis and almost deleted (i want say thanks to a friend he found that my character is getting deleted). My kid character was called YuMaDaRk and now i cant even log in my account, it's hard to explain very well but more or less this is what happened. Now i dont know if he is getting zenis in another accounts, i dont know everything of him for real because the only way i found it's him, i dont know what is he doing. This is a very serious situation.

    I don't want to think what is this game if someone will not does anything but from some rumors i have got scam on my kid budokai (YuMaDaRk) and this breezy scammed me 980kk. Someone could do something for resolve this?

    I lost my +14 sword and all i got is mail transactions to who my sword was sold etc. I doubt if they can help lmao i tho breezy is a nice guy since we were friends since pob lmao

    Hi to all, i have lost both username and pass. I have try to retrieve first my username to the "dedicated button," but the site say me to check mi e-mail inbox. I explain me better. I dont have the message send me by the site. I have try to see in new message, spam and the other folders of my g-mail acoount, but nothing. I hope someone of you guys can help me. Thank you soo much

    Is your gmail linked to acc or no?

    HAHAHA, your loss pro!

    This just shows how ignorant and incompetent you are, you better keep it quiet, you look smarter. The moment you blab something, you show your true face.

    What? Shut ur fvcking bs. What are u talking about?

    Have u ever seen budokai horrid vs any sk or human? Flunda vs ma? This is beyond AUTISM, thinks karma is fine hahaha. Fvck outta here papaya grinder

    make humans stronger especially fighters , change tmqs so one person can complete it themselves , change dragonball hunt so you don't have to grind to get dragonballs instead make an adventure in which at times when you are about to get the last ball you will face an opponent aka a super character or boss who is like 3 or 5 levels above you. don't let stones break your weapons . add new races

    Lmao fighters. Nerf ulti, sk, karma and buff swordsman.