New Upgrade System Suggestions!

  • The main problem is not upgrade sucess rate but grind. It is just not friendly for players that grind hard and thier reward is guarantee

    Lets start from grind you can grind for 2 hours and you get few red/blue stones but someone else in 1h can get 3 green and 1 purple, this is not normal and fair, someone who forcing himself to grind and trying hard will lose motivation because here's is no results.

    A Friend of mine suggested to add new crystals that will have 100% drop rate and let players exchange them for real stones thanks to that every player who grind will have sure reward.See image below


    The crystals will have bind, drop rate of them will be 100%, 1 kill = 1 crystal (of course like today from lvl 55 monster you can drop only one stone of u50,u53,55,u58)

    Now we need also add NPC where we will be able to exchange our crystals that also will have bind.

    250 X u60 = 1red/blue u60
    300 X u60 = White u60
    600 X u60 = 1 purple/green u60



    -Next thing that we need to do is remove stones from tokens.
    -Players should be able to collect 999 stones in one slot or even 9999 if is possible.


    -Next is upgrade system
    1- Give back broken card (when you selected broken card and you didnt use white stone your item is gone)
    2- when you hit broken card you getting downgrade -3(50%) -2(40%)
    3- purple/green give only +2(60%) and +3(40%)
    4- 100k zeni cost for every upgrade hit (This makes a great zeni sink for the game)
    5- Every upgrade fail decrease item durability by 25%, broken by 50% (if white stone is used) you can't upgrade without durability (this is for money balance and another zeni sink)

    please remember that upgrade system must base on RNG (3 cards) RNG keeping balance between new comers, f2p and p2w players, someone can hit +15 with 3 stones and someone can't do that even with 100.
    We just can't totally remove RNG from the game.

    Now players will complain about balance because turtle will drop way more stones than fighter, and they can't move stones to fighter here we need go back to Yardat key and make ACCOUNT BIND and not CHARACTER BIND, The Yardat warehouse key opens a bank slot that can be accessible between characters on the same account
    we should allow players to share all items between characters on the same account, cc items, dragon wish accessory. etc

  • Interesting suggestions. I really believe that these options should be taken seriously because it is a way to update the game and not leave it alone in something traditional.

    They also sound creative and innovative. Just thinking that any of these options may be implemented makes me want to re-dedicate time to the game.

    Great ideas

  • At the end of the day, the solution must be based on what the majority of the player base prefers. It will never fit everyone's needs, but the most acceptable solution is the best. I'd suggest further investigating the most appropriate suggestions together with the community before making a verdict on your own as usual, that's assuming this feedback will be considered whatsoever. Eh, don't fail whoever's left here putting their effort into this, not talking about me, I'm here to lurk around.

    P.S, flashy pfp.

  • At the end of the day, the solution must be based on what the majority of the player base prefers.

    Sucks that the majority of the players here always want it easier xD

    If you compare old DBO with DBOG, you see how ridiculously easy the game has become and how hard things got f*cked up. And yet, ppl still find it too hard and want it even easier.

    *sighs*...that's why i always hated private servers. Most of the time they turn out sh*t cuz ppl who can't take challenges are the majority that decides to make things even easier. This game here has 0 challenge.

    But oh well, let's listen to the ppl with not so much experience, turn this game into a PvP fun server where you start with max lvl char, best equipment at +15, end game accessory and CC150 title to just do PvP. Screw the PvE part, not needed cuz it's apparently too hard. No need to put time and effort into anything. Start at the maximum and ofc Daneos will add all the crazy DBS/AF/Absalom omega x5000 V2 or whatever the f*ck exists mods for you. Cuz you wouldn't wanna do PvP being an Omega-SSJGodBlue4-Maximum-overdrive-God of Destruction 2 ;(

    This is a Signature. Thanks for reading.

    You learned nothing.

    Wasted your time.

    Also thanks for reading all the way

    down here.

    Enjoy the emoticon.


    *got f*cked hard by Upgrading on July 8th 2018*


  • many comments that I see would leave almost totally out to players who can not buy cash,

    Do you know how long you have to farm to have 1 or 2 purple stones? from my experience it would be from 2 to 5 hours of farm.

    Obviously it has to be more difficult for the person who does not invest, but it does not have to be an impossible mission, do you realize all the time that you should farm to get the necessary stones?

  • TO GM

    Don't too much on Upgrade System.

    Please use old DBO HK/TW/KR System,

    when Broken ( if use white , item go back to 0 )

    when Broken ( if haven't use white , item disappear )

    why ? Because too much +15

    In DBO HK, Just few player have a +15.

    DBO HK +10 is good / +12 is strong / +15 is god.

    If everyone is +15 god, all the item will no value, no more player to farming, find a stone, game life will easy to die.

    Before open 70LV , Please change back old DBO System.

  • Remove stones from token shop is also a bad idea to do as the "bind stones". Talking as f2p, this is another good way to get some zenis for people who can't and won't spend money here. My idea is to make this game less p2w possible. I mean, for get all those stuff +15 ,you should grind like a crazy one for it ,if you won't spend money(Like i did). Do you wanna get that items faster? Spend real money on it. Also there are a lot of people with some good ideas about the upgrade system. I know that the upgrade system is alright for the moment, but if the people's ideas are also so good.. why not !

  • 1. Change the upgrade succes/fail/break formula on items depending on if they are Superior/Excelent/Rare or Legendary

    2. Finishing a TMQ will give you a fixed exp reward currently, edit this to giving exp + special tokens

    *amount of tokens you receive will depend on the TMQ and/or difficulty.

    *you can use those tokens to buy binded upgrading stones (u60/65/70) (simelar to upgrade stones in token shop)

  • Exactly what this guy above me said...

    The only ones scared of others getting +15 are those who already got it via easier system.

    Now they're afraid they won't be special snowflakes anymore. Boo-hoo!

    Claiming that game will become boring after getting full +15 is just stupid and again, refer to above (petty comments because of being afraid of not being a special snowflake anymore).

    You still need somehow to get the stats you want and obtain the necessary stones for the upgrades.

    There is content to be conquered, there are titles to be sought and chased after, new dungeon levels and, ofc, titles and budokai.

    If YOU will get bored, that's really your problem. I know I would never be bored to have +15 pants while pressing Z to power up.

    I, for one, would like to be able to use white stones to prevent from losing any upgrade level, regardless of drawn card. So for example if I get failed or broken, nothing happens. To compensate, the rarity of the stones should follow the increased upgrade change. And if someone wants to risk without white stones, the current system takes place.

    There is really nothing wrong in everybody persistent enough to have full gear maxed out and this game has enough RNG without it as it is already (stats you get from a drop/craft, race it fits, RNG in crits, etc...). The only ones losing from this would be - those less persistent. The ones who have +15 already would lose nothing - they would just get more competition and would have more players on their playing level. Nothing bad about it.

    And if someone will say - it's not fair towards us who upgraded before on old system - well, this way it helps newcomers and your hard effort paid off by being on the top this whole time.

  • Well, you're not exactly right about people wanting it to be easy. You see, people like me see the current and "old dbo" upgrade system precisely easy. You either play for months and remain an infant, or you reach the highest ground in a couple of hours spending way less time and game currency. That is not how progress works, your character's equipment development cannot rely on simple randomly generated numbers and it must therefore be properly awarding for all the effort you put in it. It may seem as an appropriate solution, but it is merely a regression to what was never ideal. The only difference between this and the previous upgrade system, is that the previous one was more focused on removing all the progress you've wasted a tremendous amount of time on, rebooting everything to give you a false occupation and serve the same purpose as tickets did, earn real life currency. However, even back then there were people successfully reaching highest grades by barely putting any effort. I wouldn't call it a challenge, but merely a lottery where you can either instantly rise or fall. Instead of progressing, you let the randomness decide what happens, not hard nor easy. That's my point of view.

    Now speaking of why this game turned out to be so easy, is because there are so many causes. Not just the poor management which is obviously major, but also advanced technologies. It's the 21st century we're talking about, the modern age. As technologies used for exploits evolved, this game remained the same and now it's more vulnerable than ever, wide open for exploits with no protection whatsoever. That's another story though, but you get the point.

    Well, I find discussions rather enjoyable even if the subject isn't big of importance to me. If the new client isn't just a bad joke and will indeed open up this game to new possibilities, then why focus on the old, when embracing the new will become more possible than ever? If anyone can make this system as equal and challenging as possible, it's the community discussing it together. I've got my ideas, but I haven't seen any player feedback properly dealt with and treated as relevant, so I'll just keep it all to a minimum talking to folks here. If old system appears to have the most votes or something completely new, then everyone will have to adapt and live on with it, whatever it is. That's assuming the Dan squad won't make a verdict themselves. Didn't think I'd expand myself this much, but chatting here can be interesting at times.

    Still, I feel like a wipe in a different form (only certain things getting erased) will come anyway as it's a big mess now, but this should have been discussed much earlier. Peace out for real, I prefer reading than writing.

  • Let me tell u what is the issue, just read below and u will get what should be done... I hope almost everyone will accept this-

    In my opinion, the upgrade system should be made somewhat simpler, because everyone should get a chance to get that +15... Many players here don't have 24 hrs. to grind them all and upgrade them with a high risk of failing and getting broken... RNG is unfair... Remove stones from that cash shop... Get some new ideas for upgrading them... Lot's of players here gave excellent ideas for upgrades... So, its better to remove that RNG system...

    Now let me tell u what we actually want...

    We r playing this game... Most of the time pvp... And u all know that pvp is the reason that we r grinding for... To compete with others... By getting gears and upgrading them...

    Now, I and u all too, see only the same players winning those budokai and all... Shouldn't we get equality for at least these gears???...

    The rest is talent and combos made by the player for which he/she shall win... And not by getting a very good advantage among all those attack and defense bonuses and winning everytime...

    So, we need more experiences in fights... And Not getting our whole time grinding and upgrading gears...

    People themselves say that +15 is nothing because most of the players can one shot them... Then what should be the reason to make these upgrades difficult?...

    So, I would like to conclude that, don't take this upgrading system very deeply... Just work for players' equality and rest the players will work for themselves...

    What exactly u need to do is make the fighting system more like fighting... And not just doing one shot and winning...

    Mobs can be one shot... But pvp should be something like u r playing the game... This is what I wanted to say... I may be wrong but this is what can be done in my opinion...

    Also, by saying that, "everyone should experience +15", I mean that just remove that RNG system... And I'm not telling u to get this simpler... Get this hard but for everyone... Randomness is not good for all...

  • I don't think a wipe is good, since some people do spend a long time to be lv60 and they may also spend a lot of money. A wipe may lose those players. I would suggest if the upgrade system becomes easier than before, the previous upgrade items should be kept. On the other hand, if the upgrade system is harder than before, the upgrade items should be downgraded. e.g. +15 become +12 or even lower, depends on the difficulty of the new system.

    Btw, I have a very different kind of suggestion on the upgrade system: The strength of an item depends on the number of usage. More you use an item, higher exp and level it is. The level and exp will be reset if you trade or sell that item. I don't think dbog can do this, but I think it may be interesting. 8o

    Declare of interest: I do not have any +15 item ;(, but I do have several lv60 char.

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