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    That's right Iceman no one cares about what I said earlier. Everyone is selfish as and always was. The worst community I have ever seen. The worst staff among any online game. I almost stopped playing this game, now what's left for me is team tournaments and nothing else.

    yea spirtualist anti movement speed is a killer. as a crane i agree its pretty broken.

    as soon as a crane or turtle stacks 2 of the movement speed debufss with speed restrain good luck trying to move. only class that seems to do well against that combo when hit is a swordsmen with their movement speed buff and combined with movement speed boots ofc.

    theres alot of things broken in game I can name 3 things with crane alone. movement speed combo, sleep duration (too long, can be looped with cd gear), crane freeze (can be looped with cd for near 50 seconds straight of stun)

    but then again no one tackles ultimates brokenness, sk broken ness with cd gear, fighters invinciblity skill. and of course the most broken class in game for 1v1 pvp karma

    its a meme the 1v1 balance in this game.

    Now i heard that the team actually recently assigned a more qualified person to run the balance over skedar. We will have to wait and see if he can deliver.

    great idea how about one of us makes a thread with a poll on the matter to put this to rest. ^^ maybe the dbog team might consider the ideas maybe not^^ then if your right you can say i told ya so box! :) like the good ole days

    - Power leveling system should be removed.

    Dungeons should give you 0 EXP, you are doing them for gear, same for world map exp.


    agree to disagree on this idea. if level 30 bean and exp boost was remove from shop then there really would be no incentative to use cash shop. I said earlier this doesnt hurt end game pve or pvp as this is just pay for faster leveling not everyone has time to burn throught the 1-30 levels and beyond. Being force to quest removes alot of the mmo qualities out of the game.

    also this game needs to be supported. just cosmetics only will not cut it.

    although these ideas are in general great and I would love to see them implemented these ideas are only good on paper. Logistically it would take a hell of alot of time to code and reformat the game. Its very unrealistic to expect daneos to make such drastic changes to the game.

    Now adding things like weapons skins and making it cash shop only seems like a drastic change that could work cause mr daneos can make $$$


    Doing what you suggest would imply to remove bind from ccbd rewards, for the simple reason that a pvp class or even a pve class such as dw is not going to make it or will be excluded, pve is not just farm, actually farm is the less i care when i think on pve, dungeons and ccbd are the real thing.

    I would love it if ccbd rewards were account bound. This would give me incentive to make a support class other than a buffer to play ccbd. I would definitely play dende and/or poko knowing that my hard work could go towards the pvp class i care for. Im sure others would do the same make this happen @daneos!

    i do like your suggestion about full party exp + lower xp rate slightly and item drop rate like 50% lower. +vipe with some gifts for founders and gifts for ppl who spend money, (lvlUp30 stone, cool vehistle, dogi of the choice, Z32 inventories some zeni BUT NO WEAPONS OR ARMORS, NO XP BOOST, nothing to crazy but more money you spend, more rewards you can get).

    meh exp boost and lvl 30 bean is fine its pay for faster leveling. it doesnt give any advantage to final pve and pvp game play.

    heres what im gonna say.

    Syren won a budokai. we dont see all the matches so its up to interpretation on what happened in the final bouts. I have seen syren's skill he is quite capable of beating pro sk's ,utlis, fighters with a crane. Pro swordsmen and pro karmas well no crane can truely beat those.

    the games 1v1 balance is horrendous always has been even before dbog existed. Classes completely counter each other to the point where you run into your counter class and they know what they are doing your class wont win.

    due to the current balance

    DBOG class system for 1v1 pvp is more like pokemon than a true competitive mmrpg competitive experience.

    It was my guess syren made this thread to celebrate a rare occurrence. A Crane winning budokai.

    sadly this thread has devolved to racial slurs and the typical toxic crybabys jumping onboard. Im honestly appaulded that the team hasnt permanately bann these folks

    lol that sk xaing doesnt even have movement speed boots. thats why he cant move Syren outplayed him with ease it wasnt even a close fight. lmao.....

    Spot on, Everyone knows Crane vs Karma is impossible fight and pretty much is the most unbalanced match up in the entire game. Yes its possible to beat unskilled karma but vs Horrid is impossible might aswell walk out the ring lmao. Isnt meant to be deceiving i just thought why show a fight where it would 1: be boring asf 2: Waste of my time and yours ^^


    fair enough. Well you pulled something off that isnt a common thing in this game (crane winning budokai) regardless congrats is in order. Correct me if im wrong but this is your 3rd class winning budokai or 2nd? if theres a hall-of-fame for open beta players you would be in it thats for certain

    syren congrats on your win first crane to win at 60 cap.

    I would note that you didnt face horrid. if so we both know you would not win with crane.

    xiang wasnt really a challenge tbh hes just a stupid +15 sk with no movement speed boots and no cd gear.

    the rest of your fights I enjoyed watching and even picked up some tips.

    nice stragedy using full ccbd gears to get max cd and spamming freeze likaboss :)

    ok, to be more specific : ! balance of class ¡, all player say nerf this skill ,fix that skill , re-calculate this formula for this....for a well long time all players had said this.... well its time if you put out this heal-help in budokai.

    yeah is hard work but is necessary, when you avail the autopot in budokai saying is the only way to equiparate " THIS IS THE PROBLEM BECAUSE YOU NEED A OBJECT PAY TO WIN TO EQUIPARATE WITH THE OTHER CLASS", is obviusly.

    it may be questionable if you have senzu beans and regular pots enabled, maybe modify the use CD only in budokai or modify the percentage of healing done in budokai, or maybe only these two objects leave their use enabled since they are not p2w objects that you want for playing.

    ok then easier said then done.

    give suggestions to fix all classes so they are 1v1 balance and i will try rebuttal them. :)

    I agree removal of healing objects is a good idea i just dont see it happening in the current state of balance and were the game is at.

    as iceman said squishy classes wouldnt be able to survive for many reasons.

    ultimate and sks can kill humans with reflect.

    sk's can easly kill fighters with 2-3 hits

    fighters can 2 ht all dps classes

    you need autopots and senzus to out live the extreme damage outputs of classes if your squishy.

    the only way chiptoxp plan would work is if damages of all classes got overhauled extremely. I dont see this happening without the braindeads crying

    your missing what im saying. In europe, australia, north america and even south korea you can easliy use the second connection provided by your internet provider to have 2 separate ips. only places im aware of that doesnt do this is South America, Japan and of course China.

    you live there welp buy a vpn or use virtual computers

    those food buff ideas frankly are too high of values in my opinion. class like grand chef majin and ultimate majin would be completely replaced by food buffs if the values were that close. I think at max lp% and con % should be limited to 12%


    5. Food buffs should be in play there ( would last 5 min only) soo without buffer to buff you, you would use food buffs but would cost zeni too or you could craft them with materials + zeni (good zeni sink) or way to earn money cuz you could sell them


    Interesting idea there iceman!

    I would add my spin to it.

    food buffs would have to be like you said 5mins in adjuration also I would recommend adding that they should be weaker than buffs you would receive from any class. for example the best food prop you can get is 7 props vs the grand chefs 14 props or ultimate's 17 props.

    another example would be food prop that only give 12% lp regen. So ultimates lp% buffs would be still top dog but there would be other options.

    I would make food buffs a pve exclusive item only so it doesnt break pvp anymore than it currently is.

    with syren now in charge of balance team and cosmic angel there representing turtles i trust the balance of this game will be fixed.