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    agree to disagree.

    Cranes need to be able to stack dots since that is the only way they can do serious damage to a target. If you are having trouble with bleeds use anti bleed gear it nutters a crane pretty good. It also stops dodon ray barrage.

    Sleep duration I will agree is long just like karmas skill lock, confusion dark beam.

    Slow down skill can be countered with movement speed boots.

    Spiritualist have the major weakeness of not having a true stun. all you have to do is get close and its ez pz gg.

    The main problem is not upgrade sucess rate but grind. It is just not friendly for players that grind hard and thier reward is guarantee

    Lets start from grind you can grind for 2 hours and you get few red/blue stones but someone else in 1h can get 3 green and 1 purple, this is not normal and fair, someone who forcing himself to grind and trying hard will lose motivation because here's is no results.

    A Friend of mine suggested to add new crystals that will have 100% drop rate and let players exchange them for real stones thanks to that every player who grind will have sure reward.See image below


    The crystals will have bind, drop rate of them will be 100%, 1 kill = 1 crystal (of course like today from lvl 55 monster you can drop only one stone of u50,u53,55,u58)

    Now we need also add NPC where we will be able to exchange our crystals that also will have bind.

    250 X u60 = 1red/blue u60
    300 X u60 = White u60
    600 X u60 = 1 purple/green u60



    -Next thing that we need to do is remove stones from tokens.
    -Players should be able to collect 999 stones in one slot or even 9999 if is possible.


    -Next is upgrade system
    1- Give back broken card (when you selected broken card and you didnt use white stone your item is gone)
    2- when you hit broken card you getting downgrade -3(50%) -2(40%)
    3- purple/green give only +2(60%) and +3(40%)
    4- 100k zeni cost for every upgrade hit (This makes a great zeni sink for the game)
    5- Every upgrade fail decrease item durability by 25%, broken by 50% (if white stone is used) you can't upgrade without durability (this is for money balance and another zeni sink)

    please remember that upgrade system must base on RNG (3 cards) RNG keeping balance between new comers, f2p and p2w players, someone can hit +15 with 3 stones and someone can't do that even with 100.
    We just can't totally remove RNG from the game.

    Now players will complain about balance because turtle will drop way more stones than fighter, and they can't move stones to fighter here we need go back to Yardat key and make ACCOUNT BIND and not CHARACTER BIND, The Yardat warehouse key opens a bank slot that can be accessible between characters on the same account
    we should allow players to share all items between characters on the same account, cc items, dragon wish accessory. etc

    ultimate is the better class overall, they are by far tanker than grand chef due to their insane props, lp% buff and resistance (when stacked with full dex gear)

    grand chefs candy balls are way better for mass crowd killings compared to ultimates spins. but I should note ultimate does tanking, aoe, and pvp extremely well.

    Its the best class in this game currently if you wish to try everything out.

    the games current population is very low at the moment.

    i believe it will rebound when daneos releases the new client.

    right now the games bug health is in the same situation as it was since 60 cap was release.

    many people have noted the balance is still on going progress and some people who have support this game has either continued to voice there frustration or have left to find another game that suits there fancy.

    I only hope for the best but right now we are seeing dbog in some of its darkest times.

    I like the idea of prelims to allow kds as a kill. This would allow classes like swordsmen, karma, crane, and heck maybe plasma who have a fair bit of kds to utilize them to score kills instead of having the same generic 3 classes going to the round of 32.

    shadow knights bleed is quite counterable with anti bleed.

    shadowknights para and fear both can be reduced with anti paralyze and anti fear.

    if humans use tmq7 gears or ccbd spiruatlist gears it makes shadowkinghts damage quite manageable.

    I should note alot of shadow knights are exceptionally well geared in contrasted to humans.

    Althought I admit their 45m stun has practically no cooldown, Most of shadowknights moves can be easly countered with energy def gears and accessoires I wouldnt say they are broken.

    I would say thou you do need to be prepared with appropriate gears if you wish to tackle an sk in pvp.

    for humans get tmq7 gears all con unless you fighter then go dex and upgrade them to at least +11 or +12

    get a mixture combo of at least 75% anti bleed, 50% anti fear, and 50% anti para

    and you should be able to go toe to toe with sk

    Shadow knights do get energy def walled by ultimate majins, grand chef majins, dendes and pokos due to their heals and defenses being way higher they shadowknights damages.

    I hate arguing with ya mate but I will point out problems with your arguements

    3) insane resistance require sacrifise of CON/LP %/PROPS


    dude other classes gives up stuff inorder to reach their full potential in a particular stat this point is just aimless.

    for instance a sk may give up reduction in a particular stun on accessory for props to max out damage.

    or an sk could go full cooldown but then they sacrifice good damage and sucess rate

    4) Dende/Poko/Karma can remove debuffs (and buffs)

    yes they can remove buffs but buffer can replace the buffs at a similar rate they can remove the buffs so this isnt a true disadvantage, just a pain to deal with, its just like scranes having their bleeds moves completely removed by mighty majins banishing breeze

    on top of that karmas skill is complete rng 76% chance of removing buff

    I think that turtles it's fine, because can make all in the game, have better damage or area, crane only can play pvp 1 vs 1 without stuns and without 1000rp in 1second. If you want more advantages for turtles is because 80% of people use this class and always have more aproves.

    0-0 You make it sound like our class is shittest 1v1 class in game. I dont believe so, Plasma, Chef, Darkwarrior and Poko Priest have worst struggles in 1v1.

    I'll list classes that crane does well against and ones that they struggle or have no chance against see if we agree. I will list them in order and category from easy to wins the match to moderate difficulty to win the match to hard to win the match near impossible to win. This is assuming that the opponent and crane both know what they are doing and are well equipped. Feel free to bash my list @dbog community

    Easy Win



    Dark Warrior


    Moderate difficulty to Win in pvp as a crane



    Ultimate Majin

    Hard difficulty to Win as a Crane

    Shadow Knight


    Near Impossible to Win



    rolis idea for a wagu coin is asweome love it. I think it should be higher price in token but im a jerk so meh.

    I would like to add that for cash shop that lp pots and ep pots should remain,

    token shop should reduce the prices of these items so free to play folks have better access to them.

    cash shop should do as roli said allow us to buy non-rare dogis without wagu, It took me a while to get the particular cosmetic i was looking for via wagu machine and to be honest when it comes to cosmetics (non-rares)the customer should be able to pick and chose via cash shop instead of gambling.

    adding a dogi capsule could be an option for token shop. and adding a better dogi capsule cash shop with an rng chance of getting rare dogi might make it a good cash shop seller.

    when daneos gets new client i would recommend him investing in the idea of weapon skins and make it cash shop only could be a possible way to make monies

    below is aportion of an old meme I took from the meme contest I held a long time ago, its just for laughs not to be an insult to daneos or team