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    as a tester

    within the new server I can say the server is unstable and has some bugs that doesnt exist in the current client

    for instance tlq 3 (the time leap quest that gets u dash) is currently broken

    and also flight also not working at the moment.

    Umm im not sure if daneos can give new races and new systems. ie mount race, but I like your wishful thinking.

    you should be a mod mate your good at conveying messages clean and precise to the public! if theres an opening i recommend u apply thats my opinion thou

    another poll about wipe lol jion the 6 other threads

    also word of advice when making a poll try to avoid bias.

    Very happy. I love to start over. (your trying to add negatives to a response to try sway voters makes it too easy to see what your opinion is, if you really wanted a honest poll you avoid putting such words. )

    How about not nerfing attack speed, but instead buffing skill damage for PvE by certain %, so it could match/compete with speed? That way you wouldn't destroy classes such as Poko and Karma.

    this isnt a bad idea but

    Icemens idea doesnt destroy karma or poko class. It just forces them to be like fighter. To me this is a great solution

    thats well explained you should turn your info into a guide spat

    and yes karma needs a mega nerf class is broken for 1v1 its kinda a meme how broken it is

    For beginners humans arent good because u need good gears, majins are pretty good for beginners, especially ultimate majin, and namek shadow knight / dark warrior, I was both SK and DW main and DW is much better for pure PvE(farming), but SK is better for every PvP aspect. So I would recommend ultimate majin or shadow knight for beginners

    very good advice humans do have a harder degree of difficulty to level up and play for beginners