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    as a tester

    within the new server I can say the server is unstable and has some bugs that doesnt exist in the current client

    for instance tlq 3 (the time leap quest that gets u dash) is currently broken

    and also flight also not working at the moment.

    another poll about wipe lol jion the 6 other threads

    also word of advice when making a poll try to avoid bias.

    Very happy. I love to start over. (your trying to add negatives to a response to try sway voters makes it too easy to see what your opinion is, if you really wanted a honest poll you avoid putting such words. )

    How about not nerfing attack speed, but instead buffing skill damage for PvE by certain %, so it could match/compete with speed? That way you wouldn't destroy classes such as Poko and Karma.

    this isnt a bad idea but

    Icemens idea doesnt destroy karma or poko class. It just forces them to be like fighter. To me this is a great solution

    thats well explained you should turn your info into a guide spat

    and yes karma needs a mega nerf class is broken for 1v1 its kinda a meme how broken it is

    For beginners humans arent good because u need good gears, majins are pretty good for beginners, especially ultimate majin, and namek shadow knight / dark warrior, I was both SK and DW main and DW is much better for pure PvE(farming), but SK is better for every PvP aspect. So I would recommend ultimate majin or shadow knight for beginners

    very good advice humans do have a harder degree of difficulty to level up and play for beginners

    Dark warrior learns its best aoe attacks at level 50 before that level dark warriors are tanky but lack decent aoe skills.

    there best aoe skill is energy siege

    best class for farming of the 3 you have listed is darkwarrior. it cant die in pve (non-dungeons) and has great aoe for mobs. I should note thou it takes some time to get its best aoe attacks thou.

    if you want pve parties like dungeons and ccbd then karma majin is the best of the 3 you have listed due to speed parties needing it for its buff.

    The ultimate majin class might be a better choice if you are hoping to do a bit of both.

    its required for pve dungeons due to its buffs and it can tank extremely well. its spins are one of the best aoe for dungeons despite the cool down and exhaust effect after using the spin attack.

    in pvp a well geared ultimate cant be killed by anything expect a well equipped crane or htb attacks.

    the consumer isnt damned. There is a poll to vote for a wipe or no wipe.

    If you dont want a wipe please vote and help your cause.

    the community as a whole is deciding if a wipe will happen or not ,the dbog team will fulfill the wishes of the community on this matter.

    That's right Iceman no one cares about what I said earlier. Everyone is selfish as and always was. The worst community I have ever seen. The worst staff among any online game. I almost stopped playing this game, now what's left for me is team tournaments and nothing else.

    yea spirtualist anti movement speed is a killer. as a crane i agree its pretty broken.

    as soon as a crane or turtle stacks 2 of the movement speed debufss with speed restrain good luck trying to move. only class that seems to do well against that combo when hit is a swordsmen with their movement speed buff and combined with movement speed boots ofc.

    theres alot of things broken in game I can name 3 things with crane alone. movement speed combo, sleep duration (too long, can be looped with cd gear), crane freeze (can be looped with cd for near 50 seconds straight of stun)

    but then again no one tackles ultimates brokenness, sk broken ness with cd gear, fighters invinciblity skill. and of course the most broken class in game for 1v1 pvp karma

    its a meme the 1v1 balance in this game.

    Now i heard that the team actually recently assigned a more qualified person to run the balance over skedar. We will have to wait and see if he can deliver.

    great idea how about one of us makes a thread with a poll on the matter to put this to rest. ^^ maybe the dbog team might consider the ideas maybe not^^ then if your right you can say i told ya so box! :) like the good ole days

    - Power leveling system should be removed.

    Dungeons should give you 0 EXP, you are doing them for gear, same for world map exp.


    agree to disagree on this idea. if level 30 bean and exp boost was remove from shop then there really would be no incentative to use cash shop. I said earlier this doesnt hurt end game pve or pvp as this is just pay for faster leveling not everyone has time to burn throught the 1-30 levels and beyond. Being force to quest removes alot of the mmo qualities out of the game.

    also this game needs to be supported. just cosmetics only will not cut it.

    although these ideas are in general great and I would love to see them implemented these ideas are only good on paper. Logistically it would take a hell of alot of time to code and reformat the game. Its very unrealistic to expect daneos to make such drastic changes to the game.

    Now adding things like weapons skins and making it cash shop only seems like a drastic change that could work cause mr daneos can make $$$


    Doing what you suggest would imply to remove bind from ccbd rewards, for the simple reason that a pvp class or even a pve class such as dw is not going to make it or will be excluded, pve is not just farm, actually farm is the less i care when i think on pve, dungeons and ccbd are the real thing.

    I would love it if ccbd rewards were account bound. This would give me incentive to make a support class other than a buffer to play ccbd. I would definitely play dende and/or poko knowing that my hard work could go towards the pvp class i care for. Im sure others would do the same make this happen Daneos!