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    That's cool.

    Most of the people didn't know for voting and voting time even got reduced in the end.

    The claim that the wipe will make things different is quite bold, especially since announced wipe actually just wiped the live-server community.

    People who voted wipe said a lot of people ("their friends") that quit before, because of "unfairness", will come back. Those people will MAYBE come back and then probably leave again after a month or two. If they come back.

    Those who really liked the game, played it no matter what. Problems could have been remedied without wipe, especially if they were addressed sooner.

    Last time I was logged in, about 4 months ago, the live server wasn't overcrowded, but it sure had more players 8 months ago before the wipe was announced. My guess is there is even less people know. The players that get into this game now are getting a wrong picture of this game being dead, all the while nobody wants to invest time in playing a game just to lose everything afterwards.

    If the devs already wanted a wipe, they should've just announced via in-game system (via the same guy that announces DB start and end?) that the poll regarding wipe is taking place on forum.

    And no, you cannot say that everyone was talking about it in in-game chat, because a lot of players just turn off chat so they don't see idiots spamming and writing immature writings over and over again.

    For the end of this somewhat long post - despite being a joke at first, it seems we have to wait at least "winter 2019" (4 months to go). Considering how things are moving "fast", maybe even longer.

    I don't care what "you need", and I know what I paid my money for and this is not it. Period.

    If you can't understand simple facts and need "we promise" in a sentence to see you've been duped, then I really feel sorry for you.

    Edit: Oh, and if you want to throw random accusations and generalize, you better provide some hard evidence or go crawl under the rock from which you emerged. Otherwise the posts you make are nothing but calumny and shamming.

    in one week you are lvl 70 with only farming mobs in ud3 with 200% exp boost

    and you need 3-4 week to lvl 70 only by doing all quests

    so all people can reach lvl 70 in one months without problems if they have lvl 30 up or not xD

    200% boost... Aren't you funny... And who will sell it to you when nobody will have any Zeni to start with?

    "3-4 weeks" - not everyone can live in their basement and play DBOG all day.

    @arwe2793, Hey kid, you do understand that certain promises were made just to be stepped on in the process?

    "There won't be any wipe after the open beta." -

    "We are happy to announce the release date of the new client" - no actual date was given, but we got this - "The first test will begin at the end of this month where you will be able to download the new client from our website and have access to the development server." -…-new-client-release-date/

    Soooo, the wipe is supposed to take place about a month after the new client is released (you can conclude that by what Hardlock wrote in 1st post regarding the level 70 reward).

    The new client will be released some time after the public test client is released (that period is also still undefined).

    Test client was announced with the thread called "DBO Global New Client Release Date" and subtext "We are happy to announce the release date of the new...". The actual date was never given and 20 days later we still have no actual date.

    The current state of the game is catastrophic because no one is playing it anymore due to the possibility of a wipe and all the progress being lost.

    According to chats in-game it seems that some of the players are quite unaware of the situation and every new player that comes in this period will be quite struck with this awesome "activity". How long do you plan to keep this status quo? (Considering that wipe is what, at least 1 and a half months away?)

    Oh, right, every wipe voter is an altruist all of the sudden and everyone wants to make things better for the horde of the new players that will swarm the servers once the old players get the boot. Yes, how could I have forgotten this, new players are not coming in the higher numbers as old players are leaving just because of the disadvantage seasoned players have and because of some issues in the past. What hypocrisy!

    Lets wipe the whole server with every single change and whenever there are more than 5 people logged in with +15, so those who are lazy to farm or want to join the DBO train late, can be on the same level after the wipe. Brilliant plan!

    This Waris guy is either a complete moron or just a bad troll.

    I am curious. Lets say it is decided to go with wipe now and people decide to give DBOG another chance.

    How many more wipes do you think people can handle and how can people be certain that there won't be any more wipes in the future and that their effort will not be in vain? I for one am questioning myself if I should continue playing in a case of wipe, because I really do not want to do tedious and repetitive tasks over and over again (CC anyone?) to get good gear, good stats on it, upgrade it and then just to see it gone, again, some time in the future...

    It would be 30+, but I'd level to level 31 just to be sure.

    -Beka, DBO G Team

    Now you sound like Pythia.

    I asked what 30+ means? Does it include level 30 or not?

    I have 3 characters level 30, but I stopped playing few days ago like most other folks did and I really don't plan to play a minute longer if not needed before the wipe. All I ask is some kind of transparency...

    Of course those who paid a lot don't complain against wipe when they will get their CP back which they will use to get where they left off right after the wipe.

    Some of the loudest wipe advocates are guys who spent several thousand USD and won't really feel any wipe effects when they start selling hundreds of kid clocks. It's so hard preaching for wipe that way...

    In either case, I for one would appreciate if devs would just end this charade, it's pretty obvious they already set their minds some time ago.

    I would also appreciate if the dev team would be more open and straightforward, give us the clear development road map every now and then (as in regularly) with concrete dates which they will actually stick up to and stop giving false promises (such as no more wipes). If nothing else, the paying customers deserve at least that much.

    Yes, if the wipe takes place, all of you will have the following rewards.

    • If your character is level 30+ (at this stage), you will get a Level UP 30.
    • If your character is level 30+ (at this stage), you will get your class passives (Guard, dash, RP charge & Flight).
    • People who reach the maximum level (Lv 70) in less than 1 month will get some (unknown) rewards.

    Just to be clear regarding the part in bold - does this mean that chars have to be minimum level 30 or 31?

    The devs will go through all 27 pages of suggestions?

    I somehow doubt that they will cover all, but in case they do, and since they already made the decision.......I hope there is still time to reconsider wipe conditions, so if we decide to return to game, to at least get to keep the starting dogis which we got from Mystery Capsule from LVL2 Popo Box. I really like the ones I got and some chars I re-made several times until I got what I wanted. I wouldn't be too thrilled if I got stuck with Yardrat outfit, but I really do like businessman and Gohan ones. Obviously, if level 30 items will be given away, they won't be given away to a re-made character...

    Keeping the Dragon buffs and Transformations would also be nice, but something tells me I am hoping too much even with the request above.