Recommended Open Beta


today we are going to announce the level cap for the upcoming open beta.

The open beta will begin with a Lv 29 cap.

The Lv cap will be for 1 week (from 1st March until 8th March).

After that we are going to have the following Lv caps:

Lv 45

Lv 55

Lv 60

Lv 70

Level 45 cap is expected to stay for 1 month. After the Lv 45 cap, the duration for the Lv 55 cap will be announced.

The open beta will be finished once Lv 60 cap has been reached.

There won't be any wipe after the open beta.



  • When the new cap. coming

    We can have a free reset ?

  • does that mean my character will be erased

    • no, down at the end he says no, you say it because when they went from the pre open beta to the open beta the characters were deleted, but not now, do not worry