Recommended DBO Global New Client Release Date

Hello Dragon Ball Online Global Community,


We are happy to announce the release date of the new client. In this thread I will try to explain all the information you need to know about this new client and all the stages that we will have.

The first thing you should know is that this first stage will be just a test, where all of you will have access to the development server to test the new client, keep in mind that there are still many bugs to be fixed and missing systems such as the scouter system / pet system and may take time to be completed.

Once the test is done and most of the bugs fixed, we will release the new client in the official way to the normal server (you will no longer be able to use the old client to enter the server). From there we will keep working on the bug fixes and add the ideas that Daneos posted in the following thread. New Client Change Log and Ideas

It may be that some systems will change, such as the upgrade system, the craft system, among others. I'd like to remind you that thanks to the new client, there will be a lot of possibilitys to add new content.

The first test will begin at the end of this month where you will be able to download the new client from our website and have access to the development server. In this test you will have some special commands and infinite cash points so you can test the cash shop / cash items. More information soon.

Here you can ask about all the things that you may doubt or want to know about the new client and we can discuss it together: DBO Global New Client | Feedback & Discussion

If you want to collaborate you can report the bugs that you find here: DBO Global New Client | Bug Tracker List

I hope to see you there!

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DBO G Staff

  • un link para descargar el nuevo cliente

  • help me please, i downloaded but cant run. always checking the version :(

  • what about "In this test you will have some special commands" ? at the moment there are no commands for normal players in the test server 2.0. will you fix the crafting system soon or give us the passive skill "dash" at least?

  • En día exactamente sale?

  • Can anyone please tell me if there will be a server reset please??

  • It's April now. You guys are so useless when it comes to communicating that it's not even funny.

    • My sincerest apologies, it seems that it will take a bit longer.

  • Today is the last day of the month?

  • Slightly confused is this new client testing gonna be based on a private server cause what you said of the server wipe those who uses CP will get it back cause from this to the poll now got me a shit ton of confusage

    • The testing of the new client will be on a separated server, so this means the progress of the normal one won't be affected. And in case the wipe happens in the normal server, all CP will be refunded to the players.

  • Thread says you will announce a release date, I don't see a date. Where is it? When is it? Winter 2018?

  • I have one question when this new client is released are we gonna lose all our preveious character slots, or are we gonna be able to keep them

  • Una pregunta no me deja entrar al dbo y tampoco descargarlo .... desde ayer es por que ya esta el otro server ? o que ... respondanme plis

  • En

  • Ay rubius no seas maloo

  • Do we keep the cash points

  • there will be a wipe?

  • Cuando sale el nuevo cliente

  • Las cuentas ya existenetes así como su contenido ¿Seguirá igual o se borrará todo??

    • Para el servidor de test podras usar tu cuenta pero no tendras los pjs, aunque tendras cash infinito, comandos de gm etc. Pero cuando salga oficial podras usar tus pjs normalmente.

  • So, it has taking this long to even get any info on the progress of the client. So it went from releasing new client Christmas 2018 to releasing a ‘test client’ LMAO. This shit just never changes.

    Assuming the actually client will be out next winter LMAO. Am done with this

  • Please include the Korean version. I beg you

  • I’ve read a lot of blah-blah but couldn’t find the release date.

  • :O a test sever thank you all so much I will be there to report any bugs that I find. Y'all are the best for making a sever for all of us to test on. Thank you. :)

  • Not to come off mean but

    are you guys ever gonna add like something new to the game once you're done with



    Fixes and all that
    maybe some new forms like ssj3?

  • all accounts will be deleted ??

  • Ja era pra ter lançado !!!!!!!!!!!!! q agunia kkkk


  • hi guys me brazilian mas queria falar que como posso baixar o novo client

    • You need wait for the release in somedays.


    • Detalhes todas as contas sera excluidas

    • All accounts will be working in test server.

  • Great. GAMBATTE!!!

  • Thanks for the info.